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Racy Pamela Anderson Ad Banned In Britain – Video

Pamela Anderson-blue_eyes2

Remember Pamela Anderson, the gorgeous blonde bombshell who starred as a hot lifeguard in the TV series Baywatch. The former Playboy Playmate of the year is now 46 years old and still riles male hormones into a-churning overtime.

Lovely Pamela recently starred in a TV commercial for in which she displays her still remarkable body clad in tattoos, a bikini and cream cascading down her incredibly supple body parts.

The United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has dutifully banned the commercial from Britain’s airwaves claiming the ad contains what it calls offensive content.

“…we considered the ad was likely to cause serious offence to some viewers on the basis that it was sexist and degrading to women,” the ASA ruled.

Naturally, Pamela and her publicist must now be reveling in the subsequent publicity that the ban has created. The ASA has turned an innocuous commercial that would have quickly faded away into a gold mine for Pamela and

Because the vid is hosted by YouTube, we apologize for any advertising you may be forced to watch in order to view the video:

The old Hollywood axiom, “any publicity is good publicity” obviously still holds true.

Funny Commercials You Won’t See on US TV

We all know that rules for TV commercials in the US are far more uptight than most other countries. Maybe it is because of the political clout of the religious right or maybe it is because of MAFC (Mothers Against Funny Commercials). I don’t really know.

But I do know that US audiences are missing out on some very funny commercials because of it.

At McCafferty’s Pub we purchased one of those really huge, high-powered satellite dishes that brings in TV from all over the world. So when you stop in our pub you do not have to worry about TV censorship.

And remember that we always warn you if anything we present approaches the raunchy grade. None of these commercials do.

Our first video is a commercial for air conditioning in a Toyota Corolla, but do not hold your breath waiting for this one to reach the US. It just is not politically correct enough to satisfy the US censors. Please watch:


This is one Nissan commercial starring Andy Richter I have not seen in the US, but I wish I had because it is quite funny. Give a look:


If you never understood what independent front suspension was on an automobile, you will after watching this Nissan commercial. Please watch:


Redneck TV Commercial
Japanese Bikini Car Wash and World’s Shortest Runway – Video
Redneck Treadmill
Not Enough Headroom?

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Eva Mendes Naked in Banned Calvin Klein Ad – Full Video

A completely naked Eva Mendes is featured in a Calvin Klein commercial that was planned to be shown on US TV. The ad shows the 34-year-old Eva sprawled on a bed with rumpled sheets strategically covering her crotch and breasts except for a short little snippet where one nipple can be seen for a brief second.

Naturally, the major US networks have declined to show the ad to the US viewers and have banned it from being aired altogether.

Fabien Baron, who is the creative director for the ad campaign, has feigned outrage and claims to be flabbergasted that the commercial has been banned.

Said Baron, “You must be kidding me. This country really needs a new president — this country is so messed up. It’s such a joke and it’s quite upsetting, frankly, how hypocritical this country has become. It’s OK for children to see people killed by guns? Spreading a little love right now would be a good idea.

“She is being a little sexy, but they (the commercial spots) are not provocative. They are really well done. The spot is really beautiful — I really can’t believe this is happening.…I don’t know what else to say.”

If you are familiar with Eva Mendes, a shot of the actress completely covered in a snowmobile suit would be provocative because the woman has a hot, sultry quality about her that just brings out the “T” in testosterone in men.

Of course, the decision makers at Calvin Klein knew the ad would be banned and planned their complete ad campaign with that in mind. Calvin Klein will run an abbreviated version without the “outrageous” nipple exposure, and it will receive more publicity from the banning of the commercial spot than it could ever have purchased.

After all, we are talking about the same USA that was outraged when Janet Jackson briefly flashed her breast at half time during the Super Bowl. The folks at Calvin Klein will be flabbergasted about this banning all the way to the bank.

The following video has one very brief moment of nudity, so proceed at your own discretion.

Japanese Bikini Car Wash and World’s Shortest Runway – Video

Our first video comes straight from an air show where the pilots perform tricky maneuvers that make you wonder why they don’t get killed. This pilot lands his plane on a moving runway that is not much longer than the plane itself. Quite Remarkable.

I guess that pilot skill tells it all, and this pilot lets his skill shine through.

Now that is some remarkable flying, but can he do it in a Boeing 767? Seriously, that must be the shortest runway ever, and the only other moving runways I can think of are on aircraft carriers.

Learning how to perform that trick might place you in harm’s way because you would have to make the landing on your first try.

This next video comes from an auto commercial that was supposed to play in the US, but I have not seen it yet. It adds an entire new twist to videos with scantily clad beauties washing your car in the school parking lot.

It has the plenty of water fights and very little clothes worn by the washers, but…well, you pretty much need to see it to understand. Watch.

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Alice Cooper, Richard Simmons Make it to the Super Bowl

These are two more Super Bowl ads that received a 96% favorable rating from the viewing audience, which made them two of the more popular ads shown during the big game. The first ad shows a business using carrier pigeons instead of FedEx to ship merchandise and is quite clever and very funny.

The second ad shows Alice Cooper and Richard Simmons, not a very likely combination, in a Bridgestone tire commercial. Simmons behaves at his usual level of maturity, which is slightly younger than a prepubescent 16-year-old.

His voice alone is hard to take, let alone his personality, but despite all of that, the ad comes off well anyway. Whoever created the ad presented Simmons as an annoyance, which is what he really is, making the ad that much better.

Whatever Simmons was paid for his work in the ad was too much. If I were driving the vehicle, not hitting Richard Simmons regardless of the tires involved would have been a major challenge. Ah, from my lips to God’s ears.

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More Funny Super Bowl Ads with Justin Timberlake and Naomi Campbell

Pepsi came up with two terrific Super Bowl ads that are both clever and funny, although recommending the product they are touting in the first ad would be a challenge. The ad is pushing Diet Pepsi Max, which includes ginseng extract and an increased amount of caffeine, all of which is designed to keep you awake.

Basically they are selling uppers, which is not illegal, but is it ethical for Pepsi to advertise that its product gets you slightly high?

But then again, do most of us care? Nah! What the hey! Life is short. Drink Diet Pepsi Max and get high.

Diet Pepsi Max is featured in the first video.

The second video is also a Pepsi commercial and features Justin Timberlake. There are some very funny moments in this one.

I especially like the part where Justin’s crotch is repeatedly bashed into the mail box post. Watch.

Naomi Campbell is the star of the third ad, and that alone makes it worth watching. The music is a take off on Michael Jackson’s Thriller, which is somewhat of a surprise because Jackson is not exactly a welcome name in many US households lately.

The ad seems to work though, is very entertaining and was one of the higher rated ads aired during the Super Bowl. The cosmetic teeth job on the one lizard is especially good.

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Redneck Treadmill

Even a treadmill can be a redneck. Watch this commercial and you will know why. This kind of day can be funny when it is happening to the other guy and not to you.

This video is short and sweet and worth your time.

Sometimes this is the result when you go with the lowest price. There is a reason why some folks opt for quality.

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