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So Cute it Can’t Be Legal


A baby and puppy that are so cute together it just cannot be legal. The baby’s name is Eisleigh and the puppy is known as Clyde. Together they give a whole new meaning to the term cuteness.

Their video has gone viral on YouTube, on AOL and all over the rest of the world. Somehow these two just naturally know how to pose for the camera.

And yes, the puppy is a pitbull. Let’s hope this pup keeps its gentle disposition on through to adulthood.

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Can these two possibly be any cuter? I just don’t think that’s possible.


Painfully Cute Joey Powling Jr

This ridiculously cute pic of Joey Powling Jr has gone viral, and you can understand why. Poor little Joey! I have the same scar from heart surgery so I can empathize with lil’ Joe. Hope he’s not in too much pain.

A real pic of New york from outer space on 911. Amazing!

Baby Twins Talk in Funny, Animated Conversation – Viral Video

Two baby twins are caught in the act of conversing with each other in a pleasantly animated fashion. It is hard to believe that these two do not understand at least some of what they are saying to each other.

Make no mistake about it, each is intent upon conversing with the other twin. Their arm and foot gestures are so believable that this vid has gone viral in a very short amount of time with over 23 million views in less than three months.

Well, those two certainly convinced me. I am not sure what point they were trying to make, but I believe that they believe it.

Pandas Live the Good Life – Video

It really doesn’t matter where these pandas are at. What matters is that they are living the good life–just lying around, having a ball and looking good while doing it.

But for those of you who really want to know where such major cuteness resides, it’s Zoo Atlanta, where management proudly announced the public debut of their newest giant panda, Po, along with his mother Xi Lan and older brother Lun Lun. And yes! The cuteness all comes naturally.

It doesn’t get any better than this. Ah! The Good Life!

First Photo of Darcey Freeman – 4-year-old Tossed from Australia Bridge

This is the first photo released of Darcey Iris Freeman, the four-year-old girl that Arthur Freeman, her father, allegedly tossed from the West Gate Bridge in Melbourne, Australia last week.

The family stated that Darcey was a beautiful, carefree, spirited youngster who “loved to sing and dance.” Young Darcey was murdered on what was supposed to be her first day of school, and her father had promised her to get her there on time. For whatever reason, he did not keep his promise.

Tim Barnes, one of Darcey’s uncles, told of Darcey’s strong will and determination and spoke of the “extreme sense of loss and emptiness” which has gripped all who knew her, including family, friends and many well wishers around the world.

“She knew her own mind and was prepared to always stand up for what she believed in. One memory that stands out in my mind was her choice of clothes,” he reportedly told the Melbourne Herald Sun.

“She would wear what she wanted to wear, end of story – even if it meant wearing pink Wellington boots to tennis.”

Joe Barnes, another of Darcey’s uncles, said, “She’s given us a lot of fun. She was into everything. She will never be forgotten. She had an effect on everybody.”

Both uncles said that the emotional outpouring from people from around the world in the wake of the death has been overwhelming. Both of the Barnes uncles said they hoped the death of Darcy would remind all parents everywhere that their children are precious and irreplaceable.

Darcey’s maternal relatives have traveled from Western Australia to Victoria to be with Darcey’s mother and to help with funeral arrangements.

Arthur Freeman, the father, has not spoken to anyone. He is detained at the Melbourne Assessment Prison’s acute psychiatric ward, where doctors said he is suicidal and they are keeping a 24-hour watch on his prison cell.

See original story and video: Australian Father Drops Daughter Off Bridge – Video

I taut I taw a putty tat

If you thought you saw a putty tat, you did see a putty tat. I used to do a lot more animal videos and somehow got away from it. But it wasn’t deliberate, so let’s try a few more.

These kitties are smart, resourceful, clever, and unpredictable. In the first video we look in on one very resourceful kitty, who knows how to get what she wants. Of course, we end up with a funny result. This is one thirsty little kitty cat. Let’s see how she quenches her thirst:

You will have to admit that we have one smart little kitty here. She was not short changed when they handed out the brains in her family.


Despite being bigger than his opponent, our next feline is a little on the cautious side and wants to make certain that he doesn’t get into something he can’t handle. So he sort of feels his way into a disagreement. Once he is sure, he…well, see for yourself:

I think it did not turn out quite the way he expected despite all of his calculations prior to making his move. That’s life as a cat, kiddo.


Most cats hate the water, but this kitty proves that the term “most cats” does not mean all cats. This one gets an “A” for the cuteness factor, so get ready to get cuted out.

Was I right? Cute, huh?

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