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Icy Finger of Death and Killer Whales Coordinate Hunt for Prey – Videos

The Frozen Planet series on the Discovery channel has posted the above trailer on its web site, showing how frozen salty sea water, or brine, will freeze ocean water on contact forming an underwater “brinicle” or brine icicle. The brinicle will freeze any sea creature in its path instantly, which is why it’s called the icy finger of death.

Icy Finger of Death

It’s amazing that ice can form deep underwater like that.

The second video, which is also from Frozen Planet, shows killer whales coordinating a group attack while hunting seals up in the Arctic. The whales swim in unison causing waves that knock a seal off of the ice floe it is desperately clinging to for life.

The video clearly proves that killer whales are highly intelligent.

Killer Whales Coordinate with Each Other while Hunting 

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Funny Photos

George Bush demonstrates his new mobile satellite dish.


Vladimir Putin thinking: “Look at that putz! He’s the leader of the most powerful country in the world, and he can’t even work an umbrella. Where did mother Russia go wrong?”

I wonder where he learned that? Sometimes they learn some things a little too fast.

“Yeah, lady! We’ll put it out in a minute. We want just one more photo.”

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