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Nasty Dude Urinates on Drug Store Cough Drops – Caught on Video

A big, scary nasty dude is caught on CCTV video urinating on Walgreens drug store cough drops right out in the open. The public urination appears to have occurred around 10:30 PM local time in Sanford, Florida.

Be careful buying cough drops in Sanford, Florida, although the police have apprehended the alleged desparado and identified him as Larry Donell White Jr., who was arrested after Sanford police received a tip from someone who saw the story on the news.

White allegedly caused $301 in damage by choosing the drug shelves for relieving himself ruining about 100 packages of cough drops in the process. White was arrested on charges of criminal mischief and culpable negligence.

It seems that White refused to inform the police why he chose to urinate when and where he did. Maybe he just had to go?

Wheelchair Bound and Mugged by Teens

Two teens in the Miami, Florida, area take turns mugging and beating Celedono Carrera, 66, who is wheelchair bound and helpless. The police released this video, which is from a surveillance camera nearby, in hopes that someone would know the two teens involved.

Sure enough, the video led police to two young Miami teens who fit the description, and they were arrested. Miami police charged Royce Simmons, 17, and Xavier Hyland, 13, with strong arm robbery and battery on an elderly person.

The two muggers took Carrera’s wallet and necklace. Fortunately, Carrera suffered only minor injuries during the incident.

It takes all kinds of folks to make the world, but these two deserve a special place near the Devil’s right hand when their time on Earth is done.

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Police Officer Deliberately Pushes Woman Down Stairs – Video

Caught on Video: An Orlando, Florida, police officer allegedly appears to deliberately push a woman down a flight of stairs, after which he then files a criminal complaint of battery against her.

Officer Fernando Trinidad said in his police report regarding the incident which occurred at the now defunct Club Paris in April of 2007 that 27-year-old Jessica Asprilla twice spat in his face, pulled away from his grasp and then lost her balance and fell. The video clearly proves that is not how the incident went down.

Trinidad had charged Asprilla with battery, but Orlando police dismissed that charge after the video of the incident surfaced.

Asprilla, who is suing and reportedly wants Officer Trinidad fired, said “This officer wanted everyone to exit the club, and I told him I’m going down the stairs, and I’m leaving, and before I knew it, he pushed me, and I was on the ground.”

“He never grabbed me. I never turned around and stood and faced him aggressively, and I did not spit in his face,” Asprilla said. “Then he says I lost my balance and fell, that’s exactly what’s in the affidavit.”

The nightclub’s surveillance video showed Asprilla falling six steps and injuring her ankle. When Trinidad and another police officer reached the bottom of the stairs, neither officer checked to see if Asprilla was OK. Instead Asprilla said the officers walked right past her.

“I’m very, very, very lucky that there was a video to prove my innocence,” Asprilla said.

The Internal Affairs Department of the Orlando Police investigated the incident, and the department took away eight hours of officer Trinidad’s vacation time, claiming his actions are unbecoming of an officer.

Asprilla is not satisfied with that, however. “I don’t think he should be on the force,” Asprilla said.

Asprilla is also suing for medical bills and damage to her reputation and career as a social worker.

Orlando police Chief Val Demings said that Trinidad could now face criminal charges for his role in the incident.

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Woman Caught Poisoning Baby Food in Supermarket – Video

50-year-old Shirley Ybarra was allegedly caught on video while injecting poison into jars of baby food and juice containers in a supermarket in the Tamarac, Florida area, which is near Fort Lauderdale.

Broward County Sheriff’s detectives said Ybarra was spotted by a shopper allegedly mixing a black liquid that smelled like ammonia into the jars in a Publix Supermarket. The shopper notified store employees who detained Ybarra until authorities arrived and arrested her.

Store video shows Ybarra wearing rubber gloves standing with a shopping cart in the baby food aisle for about 15 minutes while she allegedly mixed her noxious concoctions while other shoppers and employees are walking by. Shoppers complained that Ybarra’s black mixture smelled of an acrid odor

When Publix employees asked Ybarra what she was doing, she replied that she was mixing the baby food for her son. Ybarra’s only son is 21 years old and lives outside the Fort Lauderdale area.

Ybarra had allegedly brought the substance she was mixing into the store inside a body splash container from Victoria’ Secret.


After the store discovered Ybarra’s actions, all of the store’s baby food was removed from the supermarket’s shelves, while the tainted jars and bottles were sent to be tested at the Food and Drug Administration. Authorities contacted other stores in the area but now do not believe that Ybarra contaminated any products in any other stores. Authorities also stated that the public is not at risk.

Ybarra had been on probation for a stabbing in 2006. She was initially hospitalized for a mental evaluation and subsequently arrested for poisoning and for probation violation. She is currently being held in a South Florida jail.

Initial reports said that Ybarra did not place any of the contaminated products back on the store shelves, but ABC News has reported that she allegedly had done so

The following video is an ABC News report of the incident:

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Video Interview with Victoria Lindsay – Gang Beating Victim

Victoria Lindsay, the Lakeland, Florida, high school student and cheerleader who was allegedly ambushed and gang beaten by her fellow cheerleaders and classmates last March 30th, recently gave her first video interview since the beating.

ABC’s Good Morning America interviewed Lindsay at length, and we have embedded the interview for you here. The alleged teen age perpetrators video taped the beating, which lasted for a half hour, so they could post the film on YouTube and MySpace.

Lindsay was allegedly beaten in two sequences by her so-called friends, and the Polk County, Florida, Sheriff’s department released the film of the beating in two parts. The first film that was released by the Sheriff actually contains the latter part of the beating but has the highest quality of the two films, which may be why the Sheriff released that film first.

After Lindsay was ambushed, she was beaten until she received a concussion and lost consciousness. That early part of the beating is the second film released by the Sheriff.

News reports after the beating stated that Lindsay had suffered vision and hearing loss; however, she discloses in the interview that the hearing problem has healed, but she still suffers from vision impairment, which may be corrected with glasses.

Lindsay’s alleged attackers have been charged with assault and a more serious charge of kidnapping. The trial of her alleged attackers has not yet been held.

Following is the video interview with Victoria Lindsay:

The callous attitude of Lindsay’s alleged attackers shocked the world when news of the beating first hit the media. Cara Murphy was initially charged along with the other defendants in the case, but charges against her were later dropped, at which time she sort of apologized in an interview by saying, “I guess I’m sorry for all that happened. I’m glad the charges got dropped though.”

Oh yes! That certainly sounds remorseful.

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The following blogger posted a transcript of the second Lindsay film because much of the conversation is garbled and difficult to understand:
Transcript of 2nd Victoria Lindsay Video

Police Close Adam Walsh Case and Name Killer – Video

The Associated Press is reporting that the Hollywood, Florida, police department announced in a news conference that police have closed the case on Adam Walsh, the son of America’s Most Wanted TV show host John Walsh. On July 27, 1981, 6-year-old Adam went missing from a Hollywood mall which is directly across the street from Hollywood police headquarters. It was later determined that the boy had been kidnapped and murdered.

Two weeks later local fishermen came upon his severed head in a canal in Vero Beach, which is 120 miles north of the mall; however, the rest of Adam’s body never was found.

A clearly choked up John Walsh appeared with the police at the news conference, and he appeared to be holding back tears as he asked, “Who could take a 6 year old and murder and decapitate him? Who?”

At the news conference Hollywood police Chief Chadwick Wagner declared that young Walsh’s killer was Ottis Toole, a drifter and serial killer who died in prison on September 15, 1996, while serving five life sentences. Toole had twice confessed to killing young Walsh, but afterward he later recanted his confessions.

In October 1983, Toole claimed that he had abducted Adam from the mall and then drove for about an hour to an isolated dirt road. That is where Toole claimed he decapitated young Walsh.

But he had also claimed responsibility for hundreds of other murders, and the police eventually determined that most of his confessions were fabrications.

Toole’s niece told John Walsh that Toole admitted to Adam’s murder while on his prison deathbed, but even a deathbed confession was suspect because of Toole’s previous confessions.

Police investigators removed bloodstained carpet from Toole’s white Cadillac. But DNA testing in the early 1980’s could not determine if the blood belonged to Walsh.

Because of advancements in DNA testing, however, in 1994 a detective tried to order further DNA testing on the bloodstained carpeting, but both the carpeting and the car were then missing.

Police claimed that Toole was always their prime suspect in the Walsh case, and they had conclusively linked Toole to Adam‘s murder. However, the police refused to be more specific about their evidence.

The police stated they had no DNA evidence proving Toole was the killer, but they said that an extensive review of the Walsh case pointed only in the direction of Toole, who is the one that John Walsh, himself, has always suspected too.

“Our agency has devoted an inordinate amount of time seeking leads to other potential perpetrators rather than emphasizing Ottis Toole as our primary suspect,” Chief Wagner said. “Ottis Toole has continued to be our only real suspect.”

The New York Times reported that Chief Wagner stated that the police conclusion was not the result of any new evidence, but rather the result of an accumulation of circumstantial evidence over the years. “What was there was everything that was in front of our face for years,” said Wagner.

The Video is courtesy of CBS news:

The publicity surrounding the Walsh murder and John Walsh’s subsequent hosting of his TV show America’s Most Wanted changed the way America viewed strangers.

Mount Holyoke College sociologist and criminologist Richard Moran told the Associated Press that John Walsh “ended up really producing a generation of cautious and afraid kids who view all adults and strangers as a threat to them and it made parents extremely paranoid about the safety of their children.”

John Walsh said at the news conference that although he and his family would never fully get over young Adam’s death, they could finally move on.

But, Walsh added, “it’s not about closure; it’s about justice.”

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3 Victoria Lindsay Defendants Get Off Scot Free – Charges Dropped Against Gang Beating Defendants – Video

In a dramatic turn of events in the notorious Victoria Lindsay teen gang beating case, three of the eight teen age defendants in the case had all charges against them dropped and the prosecutor has no additional plans to charge them further.

Victoria Lindsay is a 16-year-old Lakeland, Florida, cheerleader that was ambushed by a gang of her classmates and severely beaten until she lost consciousness. Once she regained consciousness, she was beaten again.

Lindsay suffered a concussion, eye and ear damage along with bruises and lacerations and recurring nightmares about the beating. The startling part about the entire incident was that the defendants had filmed the beating so they could post it on YouTube and MySpace.

Polk County prosecutors dropped charges against the three defendants because of insufficient evidence against them. The three were Cara Murphy, 16, Zachary Ashley, 17, and Stephen Schumaker, 18.

When the eight defendants were initially arrested, the Polk County Sheriff’s office had stated that Ashley and Schumaker had stood guard outside the site of the attack, which was the home of Mary Nichols, the grandmother of defendant Mercades Nichols, who lived with her grandmother. Lindsay was living with Nichols and her grandmother at the time of the attack.

The Sheriff’s office had also initially stated that Murphy, the single female defendant whose charges were dropped, was the teen filming the beating. A female voice can be heard on the video from behind the scenes saying, “Ooh, yeah, baby. Ooh, yeah!” The Sheriff’s office had stated that voice was none other than defendant Cara Murphy. Watch the original video released by the Sheriff’s office.

The Sheriff had also stated early on that it was Murphy’s voice on the video letting the other girls know that the video was running out of film. “Seventeen seconds left,” the voice said while the beating continued. “Make it good.” Watch the second video released by the Sheriff’s office.

Neither the Sheriff’s office nor the prosecutor gave any indication why charges against the three were dropped other than lack of evidence. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd had even said early on in the case that one of the boys stuck his head in from outside and told the girls to quiet down because neighbors were able to hear the fight.

Why the evidence against Murphy and the two male defendants had evaporated remains a mystery, although Murphy’s attorney has said that she has agreed to testify against the other defendants.

Usually prosecuting attorneys strike deals with a single defendant to testify against other defendants in exchange for a lesser charge or perhaps charges being dropped altogether.

It is unknown whether any deal was struck in this case although it certainly seems like one was.

Said Cara Murphy after the charges against her were dropped, “I guess I’m sorry for all that happened. I’m glad the charges got dropped though.”

Murphy said that she never realized that the incident would turn into a national controversy. After she apologized to Victoria Lindsay, the victim, on the air but not in person, Murphy admitted she could have done more to stop the beating.

“During the time I definitely can say I felt scared for her. Once I saw the video, I realized this was a bad thing that happened.”

Her attorney, Melodie Lopez, said, “My client and I are happy this is over. She should not have been charged. We feel vindicated that the charges have been dropped. I think it’s wrong that all the kids there were charged as a group. Their involvement was not the same.”

Let’s see…Victoria suffers a concussion, permanent vision and hearing loss plus numerous bumps, scrapes and bruises, and Cara realized “this was a bad thing that happened?”

And what about remorse…was there any on Cara’s part?

“I guess I’m sorry for all that happened,” said Cara.

Oh yeah. That sounds like remorse alright. She guesses she’s sorry. What she really meant to say was “My attorney made me say I’m sorry.” What she’s really sorry about is getting caught in the first place.

But she’s “glad the charges got dropped though.”

I’ll bet she is! Cara goes from facing 15 years to life in prison one day to getting off scot free the next. Who wouldn’t be glad?

Does it sound to you like she has learned anything from this ordeal? I’ll bet next time she will cover her tracks better.

She must really like prison orange because she’s not just wearing it in the slammer. She’s even wearing it on the outside.

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Victoria Lindsay Poll – 23% Favor Death Penalty for Teen Defendants

In a totally unscientific poll taken over the Internet, 23% of the respondents favored the death penalty for the defendants that allegedly beat up Victoria Lindsay for the now infamous reason of filming the beating to post it on MySpace and YouTube.

Another 22.5% of respondents favored a sentence from 15 years to life in prison, which means that 45.5% of the respondents felt that the offense was serious enough to warrant serious prison time and even death.

Victoria Lindsay is the 16-year-old cheerleader from Mulberry High School in Lakeland, Florida, who was lured to her then residence and allegedly beaten by six classmates and cheerleaders until she was unconscious. Then, once she regained consciousness, she was beaten some more.

Victoria suffered a concussion, vision and hearing loss, a chipped tooth and numerous abrasions from the incident.

The Polk County Sheriff’s office released two videos of the beating. The first video was released not long after the beating incident, which occurred March 31, 2008. The second video was released about May 22nd.

20% of the poll’s respondents favored a prison sentence of 5-15 years, while 23% favored 1-5 years behind bars.

9% thought that six months in jail was justified, and 3% favored probation.

Here are the exact results of the poll along with the wording used:
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Victoria Lindsay Teen Gang Beating Victim 2nd Video Released May 2008

The Polk County, Florida, Sheriff’s office released a second video in the teen gang beating of the Mulberry High School cheerleader, Victoria Lindsay. We have posted a copy of the beating video here.

Lindsay, who was 16 at the time of the beating March 30th, suffered a concussion along with hearing and vision loss from the attack. The Sheriff’s office has said that the most vicious part of the beating was not filmed. See the first video.

The eight teen age classmates of Victoria had planned to place the video of the beating on MySpace and YouTube in retaliation for Victoria saying some unpleasant remarks about them on her MySpace page.

The second video shows April Cooper, 14, one of the alleged attackers, and Victoria arguing in a bedroom of the home of Mary Nichols, the grandmother of Mercades Nichols, 17, another one of the alleged attackers. Mercades had invited Victoria to live with her and her parents after Victoria felt uncomfortable living with her father and step-mother.

After the argument in the bedroom escalated, April Cooper allegedly appeared to begin punching Victoria in the face, pushed her onto a bed and continued punching her.

The Sheriff’s office also released several photos of Victoria after the attack, and the photos clearly showed blackened eyes and numerous other marks on Victoria’s face, arms and legs.

Mary Nichols, Mercades Nichols’ grandmother, told police detectives that she was shocked when she saw the video. “I was shocked that she (Mercades) didn’t intervene and say, ‘Hey, enough is enough,” Mary Nichols said.

“You know you hit her once, that’s it. Let her go.”

“I don’t care what anybody does. Nobody deserves to be beat like that,” Mary Nichols told investigators.

The grandmother also said she knows that her granddaughter has anger issues, but she has also shown a compassionate side by helping stray dogs and rabbits.

The video that was released by the Sheriff’s office had about one minute and 35 seconds in the middle that was almost totally black. We have enhanced that section the best that we could. The Sheriff’s office also inserted beeps over the many expletives in the video.

Victoria Lindsay’s 911 Call – Teen Gang Beating Victim

Victoria Lindsay is the 16-year-old cheerleader from Lakeland, Florida, who was gang beaten by six other teen age girls from her school so they could post a video of the beating on YouTube and MySpace. Lindsay’s 911 call to the police after the attack was released by the Polk County Sheriff and is included below.

Here are the mug shots of the alleged perpetrators:

Police have said that the “animalistic” ambush on Victoria lasted 30 minutes during which Victoria’s head was brutally beaten into a wall until she fell unconscious. See the actual video of the beating.

Victoria told People magazine in her first interview after the beating that she was in “a lot of pain” after the attack.

Victoria is also quoted as telling People, “Your No. 1 friend is your family. Don’t trust anybody,” and if “you put it on the Internet, it will live in infamy.”

Obviously Victoria feels betrayed by girls that she thought were her friends including Mercades Nichols, whom she was living with until the day of the attack. Mercades was allegedly one of the attackers.

At her tender age, Mercades already has a violent legal record. Last fall her boyfriend at the time filed a dating violence injunction against her.

Blogger and YouTube videos have sometimes been slow to start lately even on a high speed connection. Sometimes you must click the start button twice. Please be patient; the video will begin eventually.

YouTube removed this video from its site because some wuss flagged it as inappropriate. YouTube has been removing any of my videos that are the least controversial. The folks at YouTube seem to confuse “Community Standards” with censorship, thinking one automatically follows the other. I now have it set up elsewhere, so watch knowing that YouTube thinks you are not capable of making your own decision about what you should be able to watch.

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Six Teen Girls Gang Beat 16-year-old for YouTube Video

Here is the much sought after video of six Florida teen age girls gang beating another 16-year-old girl and video taping the incident just so they could post the video of the beating on YouTube and MySpace.

The victim is Victoria Lindsay, a Lakeland, Florida, high school student and cheerleader, who suffered a concussion during the beating, along with hearing and vision loss. Lakeland is near the Tampa metropolitan area.

The six alleged perpetrators are from age 14 to 17 and all attend Mulberry High School together. The six, along with two 18-year-old boys who stood as lookouts during the attack, will be tried as adults.

All are being charged with felony battery and felony false imprisonment. Brittni Hardcastle, Brittany Mayes and Mercades Nichols, all 17, also are charged with felony kidnapping and felony witness tampering because the three girls allegedly drove Lindsay around after the attack and threatened to beat her even more if she reported the beating to the police.

Eventually, they dropped her off at an intersection near another teen’s home.

Prior to the video shown here, the six girls allegedly beat Lindsay to the point that she lost consciousness. Once she awoke, the alleged attackers began the video taping and continued the beating.

Patrick Lindsay, Victoria Lindsay’s father, said during a news conference, “When I saw my daughter in the emergency room, I didn’t even recognize my own daughter.”

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said, “They lured her into the home for the express purpose of filming the attack and posting it on the Internet. This is outrageous behavior.”

It is being reported by the media that the motivation for the attack was retaliation for things Lindsay posted about the other girls on her MySpace page. However, the page had virtually nothing posted on it on 4/13/2008.

The attack and the video taping of the attack is taking cyber bullying to a new level.

The battery and false imprisonment charges could result in a 10 year sentence, while the kidnapping charge could add another 15 years in prison.

Police Deputy Caught Abusing Quadriplegic

Deputy Charlette Marshall-Jones became a reluctant celebrity this past week because she was allegedly caught in the act of being herself while deliberately tossing a handicapped quadriplegic man from his wheel chair onto the floor of the Orient Road jail in Hillsborough County, Florida, which includes the Tampa Bay area in its jurisdiction.

The incident occurred on January 29, 2008, after the victim and also alleged traffic offender, one Brian Sterner, 32, was arrested for a traffic violation. Sterner became a partial quadriplegic when he broke his neck in 1994 in a wrestling accident.

Blogger and YouTube videos have been slow to start lately even on a high speed connection. Sometimes you must click the start button twice. Please be patient; the video will start eventually.

He does have sufficient use of his arms to enable him to drive a car legally, although it seems that at least one Hillsborough County Deputy felt that Sterner’s driving was not performed legally last January 29th, the day he was arrested.

The only reason that Deputy Marshall-Jones was caught misbehaving was because of the closed circuit TV cameras in the jail. If the cameras had not been present in the jail, Deputy Marshall-Jones would have gotten off scot free.

When reporters questioned the Hillsborough Sheriff’s office initially, the office spokesperson denied any impropriety had been performed by any of Hillsborough’s finest.

When confronted with the act on video tape, the Sheriff’s office soon changed its tune however. A warrant was issued for Ms. Marshall-Jones’ arrest, and she has been charged with Abuse of a Disabled Person, which is a 3rd degree felony in Hillsborough County.

Marshall-Jones has been suspended from duties without pay, and three of her supervisors, two corporals and a sergeant are on administrative leave with pay.

The video of the incident has been seen around the world, but many in other countries have dismissed it as part of America’s inevitable fall from grace.

Sheriff David Gee has issued a press release that this was the act of one deputy, but that does not wash. Other deputies were in the vicinity of the incident and none of them even blinked an eye. That tells me that this is not the first time something like this has happened in Hillsborough County.

The victim, David Sterner, spent five days in jail before posting a $2,000 bail.

Deputy Marshall-Jones spent only 90 minutes in jail before she posted a $3,500 bond.

And what was Mr. Sterner’s crime against the community of Hillsborough County that warranted his incarceration in the first place? He was reportedly seen driving 5 mph in a 30 mph zone, while waving his arms around inside his car.

Hillsborough County has a spokesperson, Debbie Carter, that handles complaints or compliments from the public. Her email address is Ordinarily I would not release an email address, but I believe that sending the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office a note about how you feel about this incident might be warranted.

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