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Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca Start Fist Fight at CFL Luncheon

Joe Kapp Lands a Right to Angelo Mosca’s Jaw

Joe Kapp, 73, a former NFL quarterback with the Minnesota Vikings, and Angelo Mosca, 74, a former CFL defensive lineman and a former professional wrestler under the names of King Kong Mosca and the Mighty Hercules, got into a fist fight at a recent CFL Grey Cup luncheon in Vancouver, Canada.

Kapp and Mosca hold a grudge against each other for a hit Mosca landed on one of Kapp’s teammates 48 years ago. Talk about holding a grudge!

Here is a video of the actual fight as it occurred:

The two septuagenarians have held grudges against each other since the 1963 Grey Cup, which is the CFL’s version of a Canadian Super Bowl.  In the 1963 game, Mosca laid out Kapp’s teammate, Willie Fleming, with a controversial hit, knocking Fleming out of the game. Now, nearly 50 years later, the two still do not get along.

You would think two seventy somethings would have gotten all of the fist fighting out of their systems by now, but not these two.

The Grey Cup luncheon, where the fight occurred, had a goal of raising money for retired CFL players, so it is possible that the altercation might not have been entirely spontaneous. After all the incident did reach news outlets all across North America.

Comedian Ron James, the luncheon’s host, insists that the fight was not staged; however, it would be interesting to learn how much money the event raised for its cause.

MN Vikings Get Speeding Tickets – Adrian Peterson at 109 MPH, Bernard Berrian at 104

Minnesota Vikings’ star NFL running back Adrian Peterson received a speeding ticket recently for driving at 109 mph in a 55 mph zone in a Minneapolis suburb. When the police officer pulled Peterson’s BMW over, Peterson told the officer he was traveling at about 85 mph.

The policeman corrected Peterson telling him he was clocked at a cool 109 mph.

“You Sure?” asked Peterson.

“Yup!” replied the officer, and he handed the NFL running star his ticket.

The following is a local TV station report of Peterson’s incident:

There may be no speed limit on the gridiron, where Peterson regularly speeds past opposing defenses, but if convicted, Peterson will automatically lose his driver’s license for six months.

Just two days after Peterson was caught breaking the speed limit, Vikings’ wide receiver Bernard Berrian was apprehended on a Minnesota highway doing 104 mph in a 60 mph zone. It seems that these two Minnesota Vikings have a need for speed both on and off the field.

So far Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress has remained mum on the issue. However, when Childress came to the Vikings as head coach, he made it clear that he prefers his players to make headlines from their on the field exploits, not off the field.

But Adrian Peterson is the Vikings star player, so the coach must walk a thin line between puninshing the player and alienating the fans. Times will tell how Coach Childress handles the situation.

Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Beats and Kicks Pitbull Puppy to Death Before Game

A Pittsburgh Steelers fan was so upset at his pit bull puppy not behaving that he beat and kicked the poor animal to death right at the start of a Steelers game.

22-year-old William Woodson is being held in the Allegheny County Jail in lieu of $25,000 bail, pending a preliminary hearing on animal cruelty next Monday. Mr. Woodson and his live-in girl friend, Christine Gielarowski, who appears to have purchased the dog without consulting Woodson, have argued more than once recently about the dog.

It seems that Woodson did not particularly like the 13-week-old pitbull name Flip. When the dog caused problems for him before the Steelers-Kansas City Chiefs game last Sunday, Woodson allegedly picked the puppy up and threw it down quite hard on the pavement in the street.

A witness told Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, police they saw Woodson kicking Flip down the street shortly after 1 p.m., which is when the Steelers game began. Police said Woodson was supposed to be walking the dog, but apparently he was angry that he was missing the start of the Steelers game on TV.

The witness said that Woodson kicked the dog so hard that he launched Flip into the air and the dog skipped on the pavement. The witness tried to help Flip, but it died in his arms.

“It needs to be told that stuff like this will not be tolerated, whether it’s in Bridgeville or whatever community,” said Bridgeville police Officer James Lancia. “It’s not going to be put up with. You can’t just run around abusing animals.”

The maximum penalty for cruelty to animals is five years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

The following is an Associated Press report of the incident:

Perhaps the pit bull puppy was not enough of a Steelers fan for Woodson. If this is how angry Woodson gets before the game, imagine how he must get after a Steelers’ loss.

Lawrence Taylor Mug Shot

Former NFL great for the New York Giants, Lawrence Taylor, considered by some to be the best linebacker ever, was arrested in Miami for leaving the scene of an accident with property damage, which is a second-degree misdemeanor.

Naturally we have provided you Taylor’s mug shot from his hit-and-run accident. Taylor was released on $500 bond, an amount that tells you this was not a high profile incident; however celebrity mug shots are high profile incidents regardless of the bond amount. Now LT’s mug has been forever added to the mix.

A Florida Highway Patrol spokesperson said that Taylor was involved in a hit-and-run accident on Sunday in Hialeah, Florida. CBS News Crimesider has reported that Taylor told the cops that he thought he hit a guard rail. State troopers reportedly did not conduct a sobriety test.

LT will be one of the first to tell you that he was one of the greatest linebackers of all time, and he was inducted into the NFL football Hall of Fame in 1999. He had also recently been featured on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.”

Brett Favre Moved His Cheese – Video

A Minneapolis, MN, radio station has deliberately played on the recent tensions of the football rivalry between the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers. On Saturday night, August 22, 2009, KDWB radio station hired an airplane to fly over Lambeau Field during the Packers-Buffalo Bills game.

The plane hauled a message behind it for Packers fans that said, “Hey Packers We Moved Your Cheese.” Have a look at a video of the event (there may be an ad in the vid that I was not able to remove):

Naturally the message was a reference to the recent hiring of Brett Favre as the Vikings’ number one quarterback. The reports are that the Packers fans at the game were none too pleased with the prank that was played at their expense.

Favre had been the Packers quarterback for about 17 seasons until he retired at the end of the 2007-08 season. He came out of retirement last year to play for the New York Jets, and now this year he again came out of retirement to play for the Vikings.

Perhaps a Green Bay radio station will now reciprocate raising the level of this friendly rivalry even further?

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All Star Ball Girl, Human Billboard and Sports Bloopers – Videos

We have some remarkable sporting feats and bloopers in both photos and videos today. Naturally some are obviously staged, but even the staged ones are exceptional. Now, most of these folks cannot be labeled as rednecks, but a handful can. See if you can guess which ones are the rednecks.

Imagine a human billboard with the participants playing either football or soccer, depending on what part of the world you live in. The location is somewhere in East Asia (who can tell Japanese writing from Chinese? Not I).

It’s not a new idea. Microsoft had a similar billboard for the opening of Microsoft Vista, and we even found a similar billboard in a movie musical from 1929. But believe that you need remarkable athletic ability to play soccer with your body parallel to the ground high above the streets below.

This type of stunt provides a mountain of publicity, as you can see from the crowds in the streets beneath the billboard. But this one qualifies as a “Don’t do this at home.” If you try it at home, we never heard of you.

No, no, no! You’re supposed to hit the ball with the bat, not with your face. Well, at least that is a good start to our bloopers, although that had to hurt. But the best bloopers are on video, so let’s take a look.


Our videos are all short, so try not to worry about your time commitment. The first one is a terrific example of an incredibly talented girl baseball player. Even Tori Hunter could not make this catch any better.

Hopefully, you caught on that the video is fake and is for an upcoming commercial. But real or fake, it was fun anyway.

The next video shows you a side of fatherhood that none of us aspire toward.

Oooh! Litle girl! If you only knew what you just did. I can really feel for that poor guy. You women will never know how incredibly painful that is.

Video No. 3 shows how juvenile delinquency can go so very wrong and never turns out the way you planned.

That kid was ever so lucky because he could have been burned so much worse. I remember doing some dumb things as a kid, but I was never that dumb.

Our final video proves that, despite the best of intentions, accidents do happen.

Now that is one understanding mother. How she ever learned to be that good natured is beyond belief.

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Max McGee Green Bay Packer Great Dies

Max McGee, a Green Bay Packers legendary wide receiver of the 1950’s-1960’s, died Saturday, falling from the roof of his home in Deephaven, Minnesota. McGee was clearing leaves from the roof of his home when he fell from the roof to his death. He was 75 years old.

As a wide receiver for 12 seasons with the Packers, McGee caught a pass from Bart Starr and ran for the first touchdown in Super Bowl history. He played in two Super Bowls and five NFL Championships.

During his 12 seasons with the Packers McGee had 345 receptions for 6,346 yards and 51 touchdowns. He was also a member of the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame.

As a member of the special teams, he punted 256 times for 10,647 yards. After retiring from football, he served as color commentator for the Packer games from 1979 to 1998.

Defendant: Guns Were OJ’s Idea

Charles “Chuck” Cashmore told NBC’s Matt Lauer on the Today Show that OJ Simpson is the one who asked his co-defendants to bring guns with them when Simpson and a few associates allegedly robbed two sports memorabilia dealers at the Palace Station Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas in early September.

Cashmore was one of the “associates” who accompanied Simpson on the botched mission to rescue some of OJ’s memorabilia that he claims were rightfully his. The accompanying photo shows a football that was one of the items that OJ allegedly stole from the hotel room.

OJ claims that the memorabilia was stolen from him years ago, and he was merely retrieving his own property. The Las Vegas police have a different view of the “retrieval” and have charged Simpson with two counts of robbery with a deadly weapon, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery and burglary with a deadly weapon and kidnapping.

Cashmore claims to have only met Simpson that very day saying, “I did not know Mr. Simpson before that evening. A mutual friend of ours asked me if I wanted to meet the gentleman. I just had a cocktail with him and it went from there.”

NBC reports that Cashmore has pled guilty to being an accessory to a robbery and is cooperating with the prosecuting attorneys. If Cashmore testifies that the guns were OJ’s idea, that could prove to be one important nail in Simpson’s coffin. Simpson initially claimed that there were no guns involved in the alleged robbery.

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