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Two Great White Sharks Gang Attack Surfer – Video

Two Sharks Gang Attack Surfer - Video

Imagine you are surfing the waves at the famous Nahoon Reef on the East coast of South Africa near East London. The surf at Nahoon Reef is legendary as is the swimming at Nahoon Beach, which is merely a stone’s throw away. The uncrowded pristine sands of Nahoon Beach stretch on for kilometer after kilometer, and the sea at Nahoon is clear and unpolluted. This is an ocean paradise for both swimmer and surfer alike, and the remarkable waves at Nahoon Reef are so exhilarating and challenging that top surfers flock here to ride the waves.

Suddenly, two great white sharks attack you simultaneously. The attacks are so coordinated that you are convinced that the sharks are working together because how could such an attack be just coincidence?

You believe that the sharks are attracted to the shiny dark color of your wet suit, which may make you appear like a seal to the sharks. Great whites often come to Nahoon Reef to dine on sardines and seals, so today you are merely one more meal for the sharks.


The first shark knocks you off your surfboard and into the air. As you splash back into the surf, the same shark bites into your right hand pulling you under the surf toward the bottom of the ocean floor. Ocean predators, such as great whites and killer whales, often use this tactic on seals to drown them.

Meanwhile the second shark makes a move for your head and shoulders. The sharks’ movements appear so choreographed that you cannot believe that this attack is really two separate independent assaults rather than a planned gang attack. Only the sharks know for sure and, naturally, they aren’t talking.

Of course this attack never happened to you, but it did happen to Shannon Ainslie, who often surfs Nahoon Reef with his brother Brandon.

Watch the video to learn how Shannon survived this remarkable exploit:


Autistic Boy Gang Beaten, Robbed, Kidnapped

A 16-year-old Saint Paul, MN, boy with autism was gang beaten, handcuffed, robbed, kidnapped and finally shot in the face with a bb gun at point blank range by three adults and two teens.

Tiffany Ann Clock, 21, Anthony Martin Ramos, 24, and Trenton Eugene Johnson, 22, were each charged with one count of aggravated first-degree robbery and kidnapping for the purpose to terrorize. Two other defendants in the case, ages 17 and 15, were likewise charged in juvenile court.

The 16-year-old victim remains unidentified to protect him.

One of the teens lured the victim to a secluded area where the five surprised the victim and then took turns repeatedly punching, beating and knocking down the disabled boy. They also stole his CD player, camera, phone and money.

While beating him the five were also telling him they knew where he lived and would “return and hurt him and his family” according to the criminal complaint on file at the Ramsey County courthouse.

Anthony Ramos allegedly then shot the victim in the cheek and the left side of his head with a BB gun at point blank range. After a few more threats to his family, the group then reportedly “made the victim run around in circles and laugh out loud” according to the complaint.

The five finally left their victim face down in the snow bleeding. The complaint states that he told police that “up until he was shot with the BB gun he thought the gun was a real gun and he thought he would die.”

The following video is a local media report of the incident:

“This was an outrageous attack on a most vulnerable victim. This office will prosecute these cases vigorously,” said Ramsey County Attorney John Choi.

Each felony count carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. No word is available on the condition of the 16-year-old victim.


St Paul Somali Gang Films Assaults of Pedestrians and Posts on YouTube

 A group or perhaps even an organized gang of Somali men from St Paul and Minneapolis have been filming assaults they made against people unknown to them. The gang assaulted passersby, runners, bicyclists and even children, apparently solely for the purpose of filming the assaults.

Once they had accumulated a sufficient number of assaults on film, they then made a video out of the film and posted it on YouTube. They even filmed themselves, identifying themselves in the process and bragged that more videos were to come.

St Paul police have already identified all of the gang’s members, but now they need the victims to come forward to press charges in order to prosecute any of the Somali perpetrators. At this point none of the victims are known to the police.

The first video is the local FOX affiliate’s report of the assaults:

The second video is the actual video posted on YouTube by the Somali gang:

The quality of the group’s film making leaves much to be desired.

Derrion Albert Uncut Video – Chicago Teen Beaten to Death

16-year-old Derrion Albert was a Chicago honors student at Christian Fenger Academy High School on Chicago’s notorious South Side who was beaten to death Thursday, September 24th, during a gang fight only three blocks from school.

Derrion was not a gang banger, but it is understandable why he was mistaken for one because he was wearing clothes similar to many of the gang members. Although none of the gang members were armed with guns or knives, some were fighting with long boards, which appears to be the weapon that took young Derrion’s life that fateful Thursday afternoon.

In the following raw uncut video of the fight one young teen in a red jacket can be seen swinging an especially long 2×4 piece of lumber hitting Darrion square in the head. A loud crack can be heard as the plank strikes Derrion’s skull, and he then falls to the ground immediately.

Once he is on the ground other teens begin punching and kicking Derrion, while another youth strikes him with another wooden post. Derrion’s mother is quoted by WFLD TV, the local FOX affiliate in Chicago, as saying he was “trying to help another student and kind of got mixed in with the crowd of the fight and he was hit.”

Other students and workers from nearby Agape Community Center intervene on Derrion’s behalf removing him from the scene of the fight, but he had already suffered sufficient blows to end his life.

The following video is raw uncut footage taken by a student’s cell phone and is embedded from WFLD TV. Be forewarned that the footage is violent and graphic:

Police have arrested three young men and one juvenile thus far for Derrion’s murder. 18-year-old Eugene Bailey, allegedly the teen who delivered the knock-out blow to Derrion’s head with the long 2×4, has been denied bail and currently remains in jail.

In addition, three other teens, Silvonus Shannon, 19, Eugene Riley, 18, and Eric Carson, 16, are also being held without bail for their alleged roles in the fight. It is not clear at this time whether Carson will be tried as an adult or as a juvenile.

A spokesperson for the Cook County prosecutor’s office said that the melee stemmed from a shooting earlier in the day between two groups of students from different neighborhoods. The melee broke out after classes ended for the day.

Funeral services were held Saturday morning for Derrion at Greater Mount Hebron Church on Chicago’s South Side.

Gang of Children Caught Roasting Live Puppies Over Bonfire – Video

A gang of children from age 10 to early teens were caught slowly roasting two live young puppies over an open bonfire along a canal bank near Manchester, England. The two adorable puppies were clearly shocked and had huddled together for each other’s protection.

They were yelping loudly in both panic and distress while their fur began to burn, and the pair was desperately struggling to escape from their tormentors.

Fortunately for the young pups 32-year-old Melanie Johnson was walking nearby and heard the commotion. When she came upon the scene the woman ordered the gang to release the puppies immediately, which they did.

Said Johnson, “I just could not believe the cruelty being shown by these kids. If I hadn’t turned up, I think they would have burned the dogs alive.”

“I was ripping mad and still am to think that anyone, least of all children, could do this.”

Johnson first took the puppies home, wrapped them in a towel and then brought them to an animal shelter to be examined by a veterinarian. Surprisingly, the cross-bred puppies were found to be in relatively good condition considering their plight.

Jean Spencer, the shelter manager, said, “the puppies are only seven weeks old and still smelled of smoke from the bonfire when they arrived.”

“The fur on one of them was singed and the other has a small hernia. Fortunately, they are going to be fine.”

“To think that children could be so cruel is really disgusting,” she added. “The puppies are absolutely gorgeous. Everyone here has fallen in love with them.”

The male puppy was named Guy, while his sister was named Cinders, apt names for a duo who were rescued from certain death just in the nick of time.

The police have not arrested any suspects at present.

The following video is an account of the poor puppies’ misadventure presented by the Manchester Evening News:

Note: Because the nature of this story is so provocative, we sourced the story from several newspapers, including The Advertiser and the Mail Online to insure its accuracy.

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Video Interview with Victoria Lindsay – Gang Beating Victim

Victoria Lindsay, the Lakeland, Florida, high school student and cheerleader who was allegedly ambushed and gang beaten by her fellow cheerleaders and classmates last March 30th, recently gave her first video interview since the beating.

ABC’s Good Morning America interviewed Lindsay at length, and we have embedded the interview for you here. The alleged teen age perpetrators video taped the beating, which lasted for a half hour, so they could post the film on YouTube and MySpace.

Lindsay was allegedly beaten in two sequences by her so-called friends, and the Polk County, Florida, Sheriff’s department released the film of the beating in two parts. The first film that was released by the Sheriff actually contains the latter part of the beating but has the highest quality of the two films, which may be why the Sheriff released that film first.

After Lindsay was ambushed, she was beaten until she received a concussion and lost consciousness. That early part of the beating is the second film released by the Sheriff.

News reports after the beating stated that Lindsay had suffered vision and hearing loss; however, she discloses in the interview that the hearing problem has healed, but she still suffers from vision impairment, which may be corrected with glasses.

Lindsay’s alleged attackers have been charged with assault and a more serious charge of kidnapping. The trial of her alleged attackers has not yet been held.

Following is the video interview with Victoria Lindsay:

The callous attitude of Lindsay’s alleged attackers shocked the world when news of the beating first hit the media. Cara Murphy was initially charged along with the other defendants in the case, but charges against her were later dropped, at which time she sort of apologized in an interview by saying, “I guess I’m sorry for all that happened. I’m glad the charges got dropped though.”

Oh yes! That certainly sounds remorseful.

Six Teen Girls Gang Beat 16-year-old for YouTube Video – first film
Victoria Lindsay Teen Gang Beating Victim 2nd Video Released May 2008
Victoria Lindsay 911 Call Video
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3 Victoria Lindsay Defendants Get Off Scot Free – Charges Dropped Against Gang Beating Defendants – Video

The following blogger posted a transcript of the second Lindsay film because much of the conversation is garbled and difficult to understand:
Transcript of 2nd Victoria Lindsay Video

Victoria Lindsay Teen Gang Beating Victim 2nd Video Released May 2008

The Polk County, Florida, Sheriff’s office released a second video in the teen gang beating of the Mulberry High School cheerleader, Victoria Lindsay. We have posted a copy of the beating video here.

Lindsay, who was 16 at the time of the beating March 30th, suffered a concussion along with hearing and vision loss from the attack. The Sheriff’s office has said that the most vicious part of the beating was not filmed. See the first video.

The eight teen age classmates of Victoria had planned to place the video of the beating on MySpace and YouTube in retaliation for Victoria saying some unpleasant remarks about them on her MySpace page.

The second video shows April Cooper, 14, one of the alleged attackers, and Victoria arguing in a bedroom of the home of Mary Nichols, the grandmother of Mercades Nichols, 17, another one of the alleged attackers. Mercades had invited Victoria to live with her and her parents after Victoria felt uncomfortable living with her father and step-mother.

After the argument in the bedroom escalated, April Cooper allegedly appeared to begin punching Victoria in the face, pushed her onto a bed and continued punching her.

The Sheriff’s office also released several photos of Victoria after the attack, and the photos clearly showed blackened eyes and numerous other marks on Victoria’s face, arms and legs.

Mary Nichols, Mercades Nichols’ grandmother, told police detectives that she was shocked when she saw the video. “I was shocked that she (Mercades) didn’t intervene and say, ‘Hey, enough is enough,” Mary Nichols said.

“You know you hit her once, that’s it. Let her go.”

“I don’t care what anybody does. Nobody deserves to be beat like that,” Mary Nichols told investigators.

The grandmother also said she knows that her granddaughter has anger issues, but she has also shown a compassionate side by helping stray dogs and rabbits.

The video that was released by the Sheriff’s office had about one minute and 35 seconds in the middle that was almost totally black. We have enhanced that section the best that we could. The Sheriff’s office also inserted beeps over the many expletives in the video.

Victoria Lindsay’s 911 Call – Teen Gang Beating Victim

Victoria Lindsay is the 16-year-old cheerleader from Lakeland, Florida, who was gang beaten by six other teen age girls from her school so they could post a video of the beating on YouTube and MySpace. Lindsay’s 911 call to the police after the attack was released by the Polk County Sheriff and is included below.

Here are the mug shots of the alleged perpetrators:

Police have said that the “animalistic” ambush on Victoria lasted 30 minutes during which Victoria’s head was brutally beaten into a wall until she fell unconscious. See the actual video of the beating.

Victoria told People magazine in her first interview after the beating that she was in “a lot of pain” after the attack.

Victoria is also quoted as telling People, “Your No. 1 friend is your family. Don’t trust anybody,” and if “you put it on the Internet, it will live in infamy.”

Obviously Victoria feels betrayed by girls that she thought were her friends including Mercades Nichols, whom she was living with until the day of the attack. Mercades was allegedly one of the attackers.

At her tender age, Mercades already has a violent legal record. Last fall her boyfriend at the time filed a dating violence injunction against her.

Blogger and YouTube videos have sometimes been slow to start lately even on a high speed connection. Sometimes you must click the start button twice. Please be patient; the video will begin eventually.

YouTube removed this video from its site because some wuss flagged it as inappropriate. YouTube has been removing any of my videos that are the least controversial. The folks at YouTube seem to confuse “Community Standards” with censorship, thinking one automatically follows the other. I now have it set up elsewhere, so watch knowing that YouTube thinks you are not capable of making your own decision about what you should be able to watch.

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Six Teen Girls Gang Beat 16-year-old for YouTube Video

Here is the much sought after video of six Florida teen age girls gang beating another 16-year-old girl and video taping the incident just so they could post the video of the beating on YouTube and MySpace.

The victim is Victoria Lindsay, a Lakeland, Florida, high school student and cheerleader, who suffered a concussion during the beating, along with hearing and vision loss. Lakeland is near the Tampa metropolitan area.

The six alleged perpetrators are from age 14 to 17 and all attend Mulberry High School together. The six, along with two 18-year-old boys who stood as lookouts during the attack, will be tried as adults.

All are being charged with felony battery and felony false imprisonment. Brittni Hardcastle, Brittany Mayes and Mercades Nichols, all 17, also are charged with felony kidnapping and felony witness tampering because the three girls allegedly drove Lindsay around after the attack and threatened to beat her even more if she reported the beating to the police.

Eventually, they dropped her off at an intersection near another teen’s home.

Prior to the video shown here, the six girls allegedly beat Lindsay to the point that she lost consciousness. Once she awoke, the alleged attackers began the video taping and continued the beating.

Patrick Lindsay, Victoria Lindsay’s father, said during a news conference, “When I saw my daughter in the emergency room, I didn’t even recognize my own daughter.”

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said, “They lured her into the home for the express purpose of filming the attack and posting it on the Internet. This is outrageous behavior.”

It is being reported by the media that the motivation for the attack was retaliation for things Lindsay posted about the other girls on her MySpace page. However, the page had virtually nothing posted on it on 4/13/2008.

The attack and the video taping of the attack is taking cyber bullying to a new level.

The battery and false imprisonment charges could result in a 10 year sentence, while the kidnapping charge could add another 15 years in prison.