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So Cute it Can’t Be Legal


A baby and puppy that are so cute together it just cannot be legal. The baby’s name is Eisleigh and the puppy is known as Clyde. Together they give a whole new meaning to the term cuteness.

Their video has gone viral on YouTube, on AOL and all over the rest of the world. Somehow these two just naturally know how to pose for the camera.

And yes, the puppy is a pitbull. Let’s hope this pup keeps its gentle disposition on through to adulthood.

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Can these two possibly be any cuter? I just don’t think that’s possible.


Get fit with the Goose Step Master

This is an updating of a post previously published 7/16/2011.

Ah, mein herr! Remember all of those infomercials you have seen on late night and weekend TV coaxing you to buy this or that device to tone up your body? The ab this or that or the thigh buster, master or whatever?

Well, forget them all because The Goose Step Master has arrived on the scene just in the nick of time to help you hone your body so you can become the perfect you.

“As Seen in the War!”

Ever watch videos of World War II to see the German or Russian soldiers goose step down the promenade?

Eine, Zwei, Drei, Vier!—One, Two, Three, Four!

You must be in good shape to keep up with those Nazi soldiers or their Russian counterparts as they flawlessly goose step down the avenue. You won’t see any slackers doing the goose step, that’s for sure. Naturally you neither admire nor share the Nazi philosophy, but you certainly must respect the German soldiers’ physical ability to goose step down the promenade with nary a misstep.

You must be in excellent physical shape to march so vigorously for long uninterrupted periods.

“Be as Fit as the Nazi SS”

Now you can be as fit as the dreaded Nazi Waffen SS soldiers with our patented Goose Step Master. Order our Goose Step Master now and we will include a free workout video showing how those Nasty Nazis learned to master the goose step.

The Germans may not have won the war, but they certainly were losers who were in the best of shape. Perhaps they’ll do better in World War III?

Yes! You can get as fit as the Luftwaffe in the privacy of your own home. For a limited time, if you are one of the first 3.9  million to order, you will also receive a CD of the inspirational “Luftwaffe March.” If ever there was a song to go off to war to, it was the “Luftwaffe March.”

Our double action, calorie bursting, thigh thinning Goose Step Master can be used in the tranquil quietude  of your own peaceful abode. No more noisy athletic clubs with exorbitant monthly fees for you. No more hurrying to the gym after work. Use the butt busting Goose Step Master whenever and whereever you want.

Click the play button on the following podcast to listen to the inspirational Luftwaffe March as you read more about our Goosestep Master.


Free autographed photo of Sergeant Schultz

Now, for only the first 15.6 million responses, we will include a free autographed photo of the notorious but lovable Sergeant Schultz, as seen on the popular Hogan’s Heroes TV show.

“I know nothing!”

Sergeant Schultz was one of the most popular Nazis of all time, either before or after the war.

Have you ever noticed that Schultz’s initials were S.S. (Sergeant Schultz) as in Nazi Waffen SS? Coincidence? We don’t think so.

Not $599

Not $399

If you order our patented Goosestep Master now without delay you won’t pay $599…you won’t pay $399. Order right now and the patented Goosestep Master is yours for only 99 weekly payments of just $17.99, plus a modest shipping and handling fee of $99.98. 

You will also receive at no extra cost to you our very own Goosestep Master workout video, which displays workout secrets of Nazi Stormtroopers among many others.  Don’t forget that we will also include a CD of the inspirational “Luftwaffe March” for the first 3.9 million orders received.

If that isn’t enough remember that the first 15.6 million responses will also receive signed photos of the affable Sergeant Schultz from the Hogan’s Heroes TV series at no extra cost to you. That means it’s free ladies and gents.

Order now…order today…order quickly without delay…and we will send you our patented Goosestep Master via overnight delivery for a mere additional special handling fee of $49.99. That means you could be working out on you very own patented Goosestep Master in the quiet confines of your own home by this time tomorrow.

Now is the time to avoid buyer’s remorse before all of our 98 million patented Goosestep Masters are sold, so hurry and order today to prevent possible future disappointment!

Special One Time Offer!

Because we still have a few Goose Step Masters remaining in stock (specifically 97,999,998 of ’em as of January, 2014) we are now offering three Goose Step Masters for the price of two. That’s right ladies and gents, buy two Goose Step Masters for the regular price and get a third Goose Step Master FREE!

Wow! Be sure to order as soon as possible before the rest of our 97.999 million Goose Step Masters are gone. Order yours today!

Offer is void in Pierre, South Dakota, or wherever sales of Nazi memorabilia is prohibited.

Painfully Cute Joey Powling Jr

This ridiculously cute pic of Joey Powling Jr has gone viral, and you can understand why. Poor little Joey! I have the same scar from heart surgery so I can empathize with lil’ Joe. Hope he’s not in too much pain.

A real pic of New york from outer space on 911. Amazing!

Who Knew Riding a Bicycle Could be so Funny?

Even if you have been to over 100 airports, you have probably never seen anyone ride a bicycle inside one. Plus it is guaranteed that you have never seen anyone ride a bicycle there in such a funny fashion.

Check out how these creative folks take the boredom out of a long trip to the airport:

It seems that some clever Estonian folks thought of this while in the Prague airport. Unfortunately, if they did that in the United States they would be strip searched, arrested, and imprisoned for life for terroristic activities. It’s not the best of times in the US these days. Prague, on the other hand, is not so bad.

Funny Dogs and More Funny Dogs!

We ran into this older video on the web, but we just had to include it here because in our minds it is really funny–especially if you like animal videos. And we certainly do. Like we said, it is older, it is anything but hi-def, but it has some very funny scenes.

Give a Look:

Man Struck by Lightning Caught on Video

A man is struck by lightning and it is all caught on video. What part of the world this happened is unknown. The video is hosted on YouTube and the only words accompanying it are: “Vo cabeceia raio.”

Trying to translate that phrase on several translation sites got us no where, and that includes Google’s translator which translates from nearly 60 languages.

Google also provides a language detector, which stated it is Galician and means: “Ray nods vo.” The only other language that came close is Portuguese, and the translation is the same: “Ray nods vo.”

In Catalan it is translated to: “Vo pitch rayon.” In Galician it can also mean: “Lightning nods see you.”

However, since “raio” can mean “lightning” in Portuguese, I am going with that.

In any event this poor guy really got whopped but good, and it is amazing that he was even able to rise after suffering through such a thunderous bolt of lightning.

Prez Obama Makes Fun of Donald Trump – Video

President Barack Obama made fun of Donald Trump, the chief birther, and others, at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner. The president had prepared his “official birth video” mocking his early childhood in Africa, which the President jokingly explained to the FOX News table, “that was a joke.”

The video is quite long, but there are quite a few very good jokes done at the expense of the Donald and other politicians:

“Drunk” Baby Trashes Bar – Video

A baby who appears to have had too many margaritas trashes a make believe bar in Las Palmas. Behaving like so many other out of control drunks, the baby steals food and drink from another patron’s table and falls down drunk smashing a chair and a table in the process.

The “bar” is really a tiny size set for a movie, and the “patrons” are actually puppets on a string. Our video is really a trailer for an upcoming short film, Las Palmas.

The baby is real however, and the film is the brainstorm of Johannes Nyholm, who is a 37-year-old Swedish director with a lot of imagination. His other shorts can be found at

This imaginative video has quickly gone viral on YouTube with about 7 million views.


Baby Twins Talk in Funny, Animated Conversation – Viral Video

Two baby twins are caught in the act of conversing with each other in a pleasantly animated fashion. It is hard to believe that these two do not understand at least some of what they are saying to each other.

Make no mistake about it, each is intent upon conversing with the other twin. Their arm and foot gestures are so believable that this vid has gone viral in a very short amount of time with over 23 million views in less than three months.

Well, those two certainly convinced me. I am not sure what point they were trying to make, but I believe that they believe it.

Illegal Parking in Russia – Video

It is said that these cars were parked illegally in Russia, but I would hope there is more to it than that. If this video is legitimate, then someone somewhere has too much power to be able to do this.

But that is no surprise in our world today. Lots of folks have too much power and abuse it frequently.

This is certainly a waste of a couple of nice cars.

Longleat Jungle Monkeys Dismantle Mercedes – Video

Nearly 100 Macaque monkeys descend upon a Mercedes estate wagon and begin to dismantle and tear up as much of the vehicle as they are able. The Macaques are residents of Monkey Jungle in the Longleat Wildlife Park, Wiltshire County, in Southwest England.

Monkey Jungle has been closed to the public recently while the primates’ enclosure was redeveloped. The staff placed the Mercedes into the enclosure ahead of the grand re-opening this very weekend with a purpose of getting the monkey’s used to being around cars once again.

From the results of the experiment, it seems that the Macaques still have a long way to go before their behavior approaches anything resembling proper manners.

The simian imps rapidly removed wheel covers, rearview mirrors and comcletely tore apart any luggage they could get their hands on.

Have a look:

It seems that any park visitors may be in for some serious macaque trouble once the Monkey Enclosure re-opens, judging by the likes of this experiment.

Longleat safari park opened in 1966 and claims status as the first such attraction outside Africa.


Texting Girl at Mall Falls into Fountain

A young girl at the mall walks about oblivious to everything as she is texting that very important message, probably to her BFF. Unknown to her a water filled fountain lurks ahead, and, yes you are so right, she plops straight into the drink.

This vid is so very funny. You cannot miss it:

The good news for our young friend is that once she is old enough to drive, she will be texting in her car instead of at the mall. At least then she will not get wet when she texts; she will merely kill and maim others by ramming her car into them. (Only wish I was kidding)

Clearly the security guards at the mall have some of the best jobs out there when they get to watch some of us do some of the dumbest things.

Learn German While You’re Drunk

This ad practically grabbed me by my shirt collar when I first stumbled across it. “Learn German while you’re drunk!” What a unique idea!

A concept like this will change lives! Plus it is right up my alley because I am Irish after all. Everyone knows that the Irish possess an inveterate propensity for drinking to excess.

“Have you always wanted to learn another language but been too drunk to bother?” Well…Duh! Ja wohl mein herr. Why else would I be monolingual after all these years? It certainly wasn’t by choice. Being bilingual is almost mandatory to make it in the world today. I truly feel left out in my current condition.

“…absorb large amounts of new information quickly…by directly accessing your DRUNKEN MIND.” Finally, my drunken mind becomes an asset rather than a liability.

Eins, Zwei, Drei. One, two, three. “Du Kannst Deutsch speaken!” You can speaken German! It’s really that easy–as easy as one, two, three.

I have often longed to access my drunken mind to learn where I left my car keys, for example, where I left my car or even where and why I left my girl friend. So far my drunken mind has refused to cooperate, and my girl friend will be so mad.

Now this ad promises that I will be able to access my drunken mind to learn to speak German. Oh mein Gott im Himmel. If this is really true, it will truly change things for many of us including college students. Move over Harvard and Yale because the party colleges are movin’ on up.

The University of Georgia at Athens, Penn State and the University of Florida, which have been the nation’s top party colleges will become the new college meccas for both academic standings as well as the top party schools. Kids drink at all colleges, but it is well-known that party schools start bingeing on Thursday night and generally drink until Monday morning. Think of all the time when your drunken mind will be sopping up all that knowledge while you party non-stop.

Being a member of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) will become a badge of honor because AA members will soon be intellectuals as well. If your dad owns a liquor store, you will be Mr. Popularity in high school. The pecking order will change world-wide, and three martini lunches will become the norm.

I never thought I would live to see this day. Now if we could only do something about the hangover.

The Real Reason the TSA Uses New Scanners – Video

The TSA and the federal government has gone to great lengths to tell the American public why they had to switch from the old infrared scanners to the new high-tech scanners that can see through clothing. But that is all baloney.

If you want to learn the Real reason the TSA switched scanners, you must watch the old scanners in action. Watch this video and learn.

Can you imagine Hillary Clinton, John Boehner or Nancy Pelosi being caught in the act of passing gas and seeing the video posted on YouTube for all to see? It was an option that none of the power mongers in Washington wanted to see reach fruition.

Hillary will still be young enough to run for President when Barack Obama leaves office. She certainly doesn’t want a vid of her passing gas following her around during her campaign. Hence the new scanners are brought in.


Drunk Santa Like You’ve Never Seeen Him Before – Video

I know what you are going to say about this video. You are going to say it’s a fake, which is what I thought when I first saw Santa walking as though inebriated.

However, when ole Santa takes a header into the parked car, that made me wonder and at least appreciate the quality if it is a fake. There are not that many folks who can fake a header like that.

Plus the German Herald online newspaper states that the video is genuine.

In any event, the vid is entertaining and has already gone viral with well over 300,000 views in just a few days.

The vid was shot at a parking ramp in Berlin, Germany, where we all know the Santas like their beer. The staff at the ramp posted the inebriated Santa on the Internet according to the German Herald.

The German Herald states that the garage owner told the local media the man was later seen boarding a bus.

“The Santa left the building on foot after it was pointed out he should not be driving – and in any case he did not even seem to know if he had a car here,” the owner added.

“The cool air seemed to have revived him a bit and he was last seen boarding a bus.”

Anyone who takes public transportation knows how common drunks are on buses and trains this time of year the world over.

The flashing and Santa’s plumber’s butt at the end were quite special.

“Then I See His Penis Out” – Video

A loud, redheaded woman who is all New Yorker nabs a flasher on the subway with the help of a couple passengers.

The trash mouth redhead is not afraid to give the flasher a piece of her mind, and her language is not at all pretty, so you have been warned. The vid is safe for work if you have headphones, otherwise it’s NSFW.

The redhead recounts the deed, “I realize he has all this fucking space here.”

“Then I see his penis out! That’s it. Oh, you’re getting fucking arrested. I’m not leaving your side. My plans are done for the night. I’m escorting you to the police station. Okay? Oh yes! Oh, fucking yes. I know what I saw.”

“Where is the fuck is the conductor? Where is the conductor?”

Allegedly, the flasher exposes his johnson covered in a condom. Perhaps he thought that if he exposed little Pierre all covered up, he could not be arrested for indecent exposure?

The really strange thing is that the flasher appears to be a big strapping guy, yet he is meekly submitting to those around him. You would think he might try to fight his way out.