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I Don’t Like the TSA – Protest Song – Video

A protest song placed on YouTube and elsewhere by amateur singer Jonathan Mann has gone viral. The federal government agency TSA, the Transportation Security Administration, which has added xray machines that can see through clothing at security check points at the nation’s airports has been taking quite a bit of heat for those machines.

Also added to the mix is the alternative if a passenger refuses to go through the xray machine, which is a physical pat down by a TSA employee. Passengers truly do not like either alternative, and they are not being shy about voicing their displeasure.

Jonathan Mann is selling the song for $1 a download at

George David Weiss 1921-2010 “What a Wonderful World”

Prolific songwriter George David Weiss passed away Sunday at his home in Oldwick, New Jersey. Weiss co-wrote, among many other songs, What a Wonderful World with music producer Bob Thiele.

What a Wonderful World was originally made famous when it was recorded by Jazzman Louis Armstrong in 1968. The song was re-released in 1988 and included in Robins Williams’ movie Good Morning Vietnam.

What a Wonderful World from Good Morning Vietnam:

What a Wonderful World is featured here because it is probably my most favorite song in the whole wide world, and Satchmo did such a remarkable job performing it.

Weiss also co-wrote Can’t Help Falling in Love, which was recorded and made famous by Elvis Presley in 1961 and included in in the 1961 film, Blue Hawaii, which also starred Elvis.

In addition to that, Weiss co-wrote The Lion Sleeps Tonight recorded by the Tokens in 1961.

Mary Travers – Not Your Average Folk Singer

Mary Travers, singer, songwriter and unforgettable member of the folk singing group, Peter, Paul and Mary, died a few days ago on September 16, 2009 at the age of 72. Peter, Paul and Mary made their presence known on the international stage at a time when songs often carried a message along with a tune, and Mary and her cohorts, Peter Yarrow and Paul Stookey’s, songs carried more messages than most.

In the 1950s and the 1960s patriotism had not been hubristically claimed as the exclusionary property of any political party or philosophy, so the spirit of patriotism was shared by all Americans and hogged by none.

In that same spirit we present Peter, Paul and Mary singing “This Land is Your Landand performed live in Japan, no less:


Mary Travers understood that music and song did not work if they were not fun, so she and the group also popularized songs that had no real message but were most definitely fun. Some were thought to be children’s songs, but adults loved them every bit as much as the kids did.

Here are Peter, Paul and Mary singing “Puff the Magic Dragon:”

In one concert I attended the group jokingly ridiculed the concept that “Puff” was a veiled reference to marijuana because music critics had been attempting to draw parallels between the lyrics and drug use. Puff was merely a fun children’s song and nothing more.

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Britney Spears Bikini Shots – Looking Hot


Britney Spears must be very serious about changing her ways because she was spotted by the paparazzi recently in Las Vegas hanging around the pool of the Mirage in her bikini. This girl is looking very good.


Her body looks a lot more toned, and she has lost that matronly look that she had been sporting when her behavior was out of control.

If Britney keeps up this weight loss regimen and regains her old hot looks, there could be no stopping her quest to be back on top of the music world.

But celebrity news has been rather boring lately since our little bad girl turned over a new leaf. She is not out shaving her head or running over paparazzi feet.

And she hasn’t attacked anyone lately with her unbrella. It’s really b-o-r-i-n-g!

Now that Britney is behaving, Lindsay Lohan has quit drugs (?) and Nicole Richie is taking care of her baby, the only celebrity causing trouble is Amy Winehouse.

Thank God for ol’ Amy. What would we do without her?

Britney’s manager, Larry Rudolph said that “She’s in the middle of recording her next album, which is going amazingly well, and her focus remains on the studio.”

See? Boring.

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