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South African Cops Out Brutalize US Counterparts

The US media has been abuzz lately over the almost weekly incidents of police brutality caught on video by the general public. In New York City, on July 17, 2014, Eric Garner was killed by New York police, including officer Daniel Pantaleo who appeared in a video to be holding Garner in a choke hold.


Although the medical examiner ruled Garner’s death a homicide, a grand jury declined an indictment. Pantaleo was not charged.

And what terrible crime did Garner commit? He was charged with selling “loosies,” which are single cigarettes sold without the proper tax. (1) What does a single cigarette sans tax sell for? 20-25 cents?

For want of tax on a two-bit cigarette, Eric Garner, father of six, gave his life. Naahh! That doesn’t sound like police overkill to me. Clearly, it was justifiable homicide. We cannot have common criminals cheating the government out of 5 cents tax, now can we?

In South Carolina cops dispense with the choke holds and shoot unarmed motorists in the back, or at least that is what patrolman Michael Slager allegedly did last April 4, 2015.

Slager, who is white, pulled over African American motorist Walter Scott for a broken tail light, a capital crime if ever there was one. For some reason the confrontation escalated, Scott tried to flee, and Slager emptied eight rounds into Scott’s back.

It’s a good thing that Slager loaded up on hollow points the previous week. An officer needs all the fire power he can muster in these troubled times.

Here’s a pictorial showing the course of events:


The big question here is why did a simple traffic stop escalate into the death of a motorist? Slager said that Scott grabbed Slager’s taser at which point Slager “felt threatened.” Other pundits speculate that Scott was afraid of being arrested for an outstanding warrant for unpaid child support, making him behave in a threatening manner.

Perhaps Officer Slager simply woke up that day and decided to end someone. Slager appeared calm, cool and collected throughout the video, even nonchalant. Maybe he calmly looked Scott in the eye and said something like, “Run, (N-word) cuz I’m gonna kill ya.”

That would make me run. I’m handicapped and cannot run, but hearing those words from a crazed looking cop would make me run anyway.


In 1985 in Tennessee v. Garner, the U. S. Supreme Court ruled that the Fourth Amendment permits police to shoot at a fleeing suspect only when he “poses a threat of serious physical harm, either to the officer or to others.” (2) That, of course, or a broken brakelight. It’s a little known codicil to the Court’s decision that Police can shoot you if you have a broken brakelight.

Despite all of the hullabaloo about the violent behavior of U.S. police officers, the USA is no where near the worst in the world when you compare police violence.


Compare U.S. police escapades to that of their South African counterparts and the U.S. cops simply pale by comparison. Mido Macia would undoubtedly confirm that statement, if he were still alive that is.

Emidio Josias Macia, known as Mido, was a Mozambican immigrant to South Africa and a taxi driver who was killed near Johannesburg while in the custody of the South African Police Service (SAPS) on February 26, 2013. (3) The manner in which Mido came to be in police custody and part of the cause of his death were captured on video.

Watch the following video only if you have a strong stomach, cuz it ain’t pretty. NSFW:

The brazenness of the SAPS in this video is remarkable. They had to know that at least one person in the large crowd of onlookers would be filming their brutality, yet they deliberately tortured the man to death anyway.

Just how did the Police justify their behavior? They claimed that Macia had caused a traffic jam and then resisted arrest. (4) Well, that explains it then. Case closed.

Macia was found dead hours after his dragging in a police holding cell, lying half dressed in a pool of blood. (5) Half dressed means he was discovered sans trousers even though the video shows him wearing what appeared to be blue jeans at the time of his “arrest.”

A second autopsy that was ordered after the first autopsy, which was a typical whitewash, blamed Mido’s death on a jailhouse fight. The second autopsy stated that Macia died of hypoxia, which is a lack of oxygen, “but he also sustained deep cuts to his arms, possibly in an attempt to defend himself, and there were bruises over his body, his face and his genitals. Almost all of his internal organs were damaged, and he had suffered bleeding around his brain.” (6)

See how creative the SAPS are? They don’t rely on the old tried and true to eliminate their victims. Any number of Macia’s injuries might have eventually killed him, so the SAPS left nothing to chance. Very thorough, those SAPS lads.


Compare that to South Carolina’s Officer Slager, who dispatched Walter Scott with eight rounds to the back. No creativity there.

A British newspaper, The Guardian, reported that during a recent five year period a total of 11,880 criminal cases were opened with the South African Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID). This resulted in just 2,576 prosecutions and 129 convictions‚ meaning that only 1% of criminal cases opened against police officials ended in a conviction. (7)

That 1% probability of any penalty would explain the SAPS’ brazenness in the Macia case. Why not do the crime if you know you won’t do the time?

And what has happened in the two + years since Macia’s death? Nine SAPS have been charged, and the trial has been postponed and postponed again. The latest trial date is set for July 2015. What do you want to bet it will be delayed again?

U.S. cops have a long way to go to catch up with the vile violence of their South African counterparts, but don’t sell our boys and girls in blue short. Yankee ingenuity has won out in the past.

Now all of you American cops get busy and start offing the public.


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Body in Suitcase Dumped on NY Street – Caught on Video

In East Harlem New York at around 11pm Tuesday night a man is caught on video on a dimly lit street wheeling a suitcase behind him. Unknown to other people on the street the strangled, limp body of 28-year-old Betty Williams of the Bronx is crammed inside the suitcase.

The man apparently waits on the sidewalk until people who had gathered near Rao’s clear the area. Once he seems to believe no one is looking, the suspect casually drops the suitcase off near the trash waiting for collection at 435 East 114th Street, which is about four doors down from the well-known Rao’s restaurant. He then makes his escape by simply walking away.

The above photo shows the man who dumped the suitcase. The police are certain that the man in this photo and in the video is also the murderer. They are asking the public to keep an eye out for this man and call 911 if they see or know him.

The first video is short and to the point–just the vid itself:

The second video is a more in depth report by the Associated Press:

The suitcase was found by someone rummaging through the trash early the next morning. It is difficult to imagine one’s surprise upon discovering the body inside.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly told CBS 2′s reporter, Pablo Guzman, “Our investigative premise [is] that the body was brought there and left at that location, rather than the murder happening in the immediate vicinity.”

Residents also believe that the suspect is not be from around the neighborhood.

“My husband works at the restaurant. You have this, you know, very busy restaurant. No way that he was walking up here; I think he just got scared and dropped it,”said Shelby Kimber, a longtime resident of East Harlem.

Upon hearing about the murder, Frederic Larrieu, who had recently relocated to the neighborhood, said it was a complete shock to him.

“Yeah, you see it in the movies. A lady in a suitcase? You kidding me? What kind of guy can do that,” said Larrieu.

What kind indeed?

“Then I See His Penis Out” – Video

A loud, redheaded woman who is all New Yorker nabs a flasher on the subway with the help of a couple passengers.

The trash mouth redhead is not afraid to give the flasher a piece of her mind, and her language is not at all pretty, so you have been warned. The vid is safe for work if you have headphones, otherwise it’s NSFW.

The redhead recounts the deed, “I realize he has all this fucking space here.”

“Then I see his penis out! That’s it. Oh, you’re getting fucking arrested. I’m not leaving your side. My plans are done for the night. I’m escorting you to the police station. Okay? Oh yes! Oh, fucking yes. I know what I saw.”

“Where is the fuck is the conductor? Where is the conductor?”

Allegedly, the flasher exposes his johnson covered in a condom. Perhaps he thought that if he exposed little Pierre all covered up, he could not be arrested for indecent exposure?

The really strange thing is that the flasher appears to be a big strapping guy, yet he is meekly submitting to those around him. You would think he might try to fight his way out.

7 Mile Police Chase Welcomes Tourists to NYC

Five unsuspecting French tourists received an unexpected welcome to the Big Apple when, instead of a routine taxi ride, they became unwilling participants in a seven mile police chase through New York.

Esther-Ethy Mamane, 26, of Paris, her mother Claudie Mamane, 60, and three companions attempted to hail a taxi at New York’s John F Kennedy International Airport, but instead they were steered to an unlicensed van, which was possibly a gypsy cab.

Police saw the tourists enter the van and attempted to intervene. An officer reached through the van’s window trying to remove the vehicle’s keys, but the van’s driver sped off knocking the officer to the ground.

A chase ensued with the five French tourists in the van and with police in a close pursuit. Esther-Ethy told the New York Post that she and her fellow travelers “screamed and prayed” through it all.

“It was a miracle that we survived,” she said. “We were very frightened.”

Mamane said the ride was “like something from a film.”

The van, with tourists still along for the ride, sped for seven miles along a highway and residential streets with the vehicle hitting a gate and a truck along the way.

Eventually the suspects jumped out of the van while it was still moving. The police, with guns drawn, chased them and quickly arrested them.

Claudie Mamane suffered an arm injury from the ordeal.

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New Details and Videos on Hudson River Plane Crash – Video

NBC News is reporting new details and new films that have emerged about the US Airways Airbus that crash landed in the Hudson River in New York on Thursday. The video shows the plane’s landing from another vantage point plus it reveals the conversation that took place between the pilot and La Guardia Airport’s air traffic controller.

Cops Kill Suicidal Man Threatening No One – Video

New York City police tasered an unstable, naked man on a ledge in Brooklyn who was threatening suicide. The tasering resulted in the man, 35-year-old Inman Morales, falling about 10 feet to his death.

The medical examiners office stated that the autopsy was inconclusive and further investigation would be required to determine the exact cause of death.

However, it is clear in the video that Morales fell with his head hitting the pavement, and police have confirmed that he did suffer serious trauma to his head.

The police officer who performed the actual tasering of Morales has been placed on desk duty, which is customary in this type of situation. But the supervising lieutenant who ordered that Morales be Tasered has been stripped of his gun and his badge, which is not customary.

New York City police department guidelines require that a taser not be deployed when the tasering could result in significant injury to the subject upon falling, if he is high on a ledge, for example.

Chief department spokesman Paul Browne confirmed this when he said that police guidelines specifically state that the Tasers “should not be used … in situations where the subject may fall from an elevated surface.”

The police did have several other options in this case. They could have waited for an inflatable bag to arrive at the scene. Police confirmed that they had radioed for a bag to be brought to the scene, but it had not arrived yet at the time of the tasering.

If Morales had fallen onto the inflatable bag, he would probably still be alive. For some reason the police did not wait for the bag to arrive.

Or the officers could have attempted to break the man’s fall themselves. Spokesman Paul Browne said, “None of the … officers on the scene were positioned to break his fall, nor did they devise a plan in advance to do so.”

Witnesses said Morales became distraught threatening to kill himself, so his mother called 911. It was not until police arrived that he fled naked out the apartment window to the fire escape and eventually to the ledge you see in the video.

The first video is amateur raw footage of the incident taken with a cell phone by a bystander. The video portrays semi-graphic violence, so do not watch if you feel that it may offend you:

The second video is a report of the incident by a local TV station and also portrays graphic violence:

Thus far in 2008, NYC police have used stun guns 180 times, with no other resulting deaths until this incident. However, it is still difficult to understand why police were so intent on rushing to use their taser this time.

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Elderly Man Dies After Son Leaves Him in Hot Car

A 48-year-old bus driver has been charged with reckless endangerment after leaving his two elderly parents locked in his sweltering car with the windows closed for hours while he drove his bus route. The 85-year-old disabled father died while in the vehicle, apparently from heat stroke.

Theodore Pressman, of Beacon, New York, left his father, Joseph Pressman, and his mother, Joyce, inside a black Suzuki in an office complex parking lot in Peekskill, New York, for about three hours on Monday, June 7th.

The outdoor temperature was in the mid-80s, but WCBS-TV reported that the temperature inside the car rapidly rose past 110 degrees. 75-year-old Joyce left the car and entered a nearby restaurant because the car became too hot. Since both of the elderly Pressmans suffer from dementia, Joyce was unable to find her way back to the car to help her husband.

Detective Sgt. Eric Johansen of the Peekskill police department said, “it appears they did not have the physical or mental capacity to deal with the situation.” Aside from the dementia, the police would not discuss any of the couple’s other infirmities, although Joyce weighs only 80 pounds.

Johansen did say that there was no indication that the younger Pressman intended to harm his parents in any way.

Johansen also said that Theodore Pressman often left his parents “at restaurants, delis, McDonald’s” while driving a bus. “This was a frequent practice, but as far as we know he had not left them in a car before.”

Peekskill police Chief Eugene Tumolo said an autopsy indicated that Joseph Pressman’s death was a homicide and more charges may be added at a later date.

When Theodore Pressman returned to his car after his route his mother was outside the vehicle but the elder Pressman, who was still inside the car, was not responsive. The younger Pressman called 911 but it was too late, and Joseph Pressman was pronounced dead. Joyce Pressman was taken to a hospital, treated for heat exposure and released.

Rick Tocco, the owner of the nearby Atrium restaurant said that the younger Pressman often left his parents in the restaurant for hours at a time and that he often appeared overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for his parents.

At an appearance in Peekskill City Court when the judge ordered Theodore Pressman to stay away from his mother, Pressman argued with the judge saying “I know what she needs. … I have to make sure she has food.”

Patient Dies in ER waiting room while staff does nothing – Video
View Original Victoria Lindsay Beating Video
Victoria Lindsay Teen Beating Victim 2nd Video
Victoria Lindsay 911 Call Video
US Marine Throws Puppy off Cliff to its death – video
Police Deputy Dumps Quadriplegic from Wheelchair – video
15 Philadelphia Police Beat and Stomp 3 Suspects – Video

reddit_title=’Elderly Man Dies After Son Leaves him in Hot Car – Video’

Patient Dies in ER Waiting Room, Staff Does Nothing – Videos

It is 5:32 AM on Thursday, June 19, 2008, in the ER psychiatric waiting room of Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. 49-year-old Esmin Green is sitting and waiting. The hospital staff have made her wait here since she was admitted to the hospital early Wednesday morning, nearly 24 hours earlier.

Esmin is not here of her own choosing. Just the previous day her pastor had called 911 because she thought that Esmin needed professional help. After evaluation the hospital staff involuntarily committed Esmin for “agitation and psychosis.” But it is an emergency phone call that the pastor will soon regret.

As Esmin sits in the institutional type waiting room chair, her body slowly begins to lean to her left. Then the tilt of her body quickly accelerates and she tumbles off the rigid waiting room chair toward the floor below. In only an instant she is lying face down on the cold, hard tile floor.

She is dying.

Esmin lies on the unforgiving tile floor for 63 more minutes. In that time she will struggle to rise, but she will be frustrated in the attempt because when she toppled off of the waiting room chair, she slid underneath the metal frame that connects the waiting room chairs together. When she tries to rise, she bumps into the chair’s frame and can go no further.

Because she cannot rise she is forced to endure the hardness of the cold tile floor that is sucking the warmth from her dying body. Many times during her last 63 minutes of life her body will twist and shake as if in convulsions.

Anyone can plainly see that she is in trouble, and there are people nearby. Several other patients mill about the waiting room, but they are ignoring Esmin’s plight. Six to eight feet across from where she had been sitting sits another individual who is facing Esmin and is also waiting. That person too ignores Esmin as she thrashes about on the cold, hard floor.

She is lying only three to four feet from a large window behind which supposedly sits a hospital security guard. Surely the guard will see Esmin and summon help for the dying woman.

But no help arrives.

At 5:53 AM a security guard enters the waiting room to watch the television set that hangs from the wall directly above where Esmin is dying on the cold, hard tile floor. The guard clearly watches the TV set above Esmin, and he must notice Esmin lying face down on the floor. He cannot help but notice her.

But he eventually leaves, and, again, no help arrives for Esmin.

The first video is a CNN report of the incident:

Her official hospital records state that at 6:00 AM Esmin rose and went to the bathroom. They also state that at 6:20 AM she was “awake and sitting quietly in the waiting room.”

However, the hospital’s security cameras tell a different story. According to the cameras at 6:00 AM Esmin is still lying face down on the cold, hard tile floor where she had fallen at 5:32 AM. And when hospital records state that she was in the bathroom, Esmin was clearly convulsing face down in that same fateful spot on the floor.

At 6:07 AM Esmin endures what appear to be her final moments of life. She struggles, she convulses and she tries to get up. Finally, she lies motionless on the unforgiving cold, hard tile floor where her life ebbed away. She was so very near to medical help that might have prevented her death.

Yet no help ever came.

At 6:10 AM a security guard again checks the waiting room, wheeling in momentarily on an office chair on wheels. He looks in Esmin’s direction and then leaves. Again no one comes to help, although it is not clear if anything can be done for her at that point for she appeared lifeless on the tape.

At 6:35 AM a patient finally notifies staff members of her situation. But it is too late because Esmin is gone.

This video is footage of Esmin Green’s last minutes of life. It was released by the the New York Civil Liberties Union.

Esmin’s 31-year-old daughter, Tecia Harrison, cannot bring herself to watch the tape of her mother’s last minutes of life. “I haven’t seen it, and I don’t think I have the heart or mind to watch it because that’s my mother there. That’s the woman who gave birth to me 31 years ago. I cannot watch that.”

See A Psychiatrist Examines the Esmine Green Tragedy in the Chicago Tribune

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reddit_title=’Patient Dies in ER Waiting Room, Staff Does Nothing – Videos’

A Raft of Irish Drinking Stories, Blessings and Proverbs

It is our pleasure to present a raft of Irish drinking stories, Irish Blessings and Irish Proverbs. One of the special enjoyments of indulging in these Irish treasures is the absence of any hangover the morning after.

Doctor O’Dwyer, an Irish psychiatrist working at a New York mental asylum, planned to take some of his more well-adjusted patients to a New York Yankees baseball game. So, for a few weeks in advance, he coached them on their behavior and how they should respond to his commands while attending the game.

Once game day arrived, his patients appeared to be responding well to his orders. The national anthem began playing and the good doctor ordered, “Up Nuts,” and his patients all promptly stood up.

When the anthem had finished, he yelled, “Down Nuts,” and all of the patients immediately sat back down.

The home team hit a home run, so Doctor O’Dwyer yelled, “Cheer Nuts.” The patients obediently applauded and cheered.

Then the umpire made a close call against Derek Jeter, a Yankees star player. So the doctor yelled, “Boo Nuts!” and his patients began booing.

The doctor was very pleased about how well things were going, so he decided to go to the men’s room leaving his medical assistant in charge.

But upon returning, the doctor found a riot, and his patients were in fist fights with the nearby fans. The doctor pushed his way through the fighters, found his assistant and asked, “Good Lord, man! What on earth happened?”

His assistant replied, “Everything was going just fine until a vendor walked by and yelled, “Peanuts!”


An Irish blessing by E. Gary Brooks, a remarkable poet:

Take me home to Shamrock Hill
The glorious place of my birth
Where the glens are green and the heather grows,
‘Tis the prettiest place on earth.
The wind blows free and the air is fresh
And I still hear a rippling rill.
My heart is sad, but it could be glad.
Take me home to Shamrock Hill.


A true Irishman can argue either side of a question, often at the same time.


Paddy Harrington and Mick O’Shea were strolling home after a night of Guinness when a severed head suddenly rolled along the ground landing right at their feet.

Mick picked up the head and held it up to his face saying to Paddy, “Saints preserve us Paddy! But, doesn’t that look like Sean to you.”

Paddy replied, “No Mick, Sean was taller than that, he was.”


May joy and peace surround you,
Contentment latch your door,
And happiness be with you now
And bless you evermore.


It was teacher appreciation day at Saint Mary’s school in County Cork, and Miss O’Hara, a kindergarten teacher sat at her desk receiving gifts from her students.

Tommy Flanagan, the florist’s son, handed her his present. Miss O’Hara shook it and held it above her head saying, “I’ll bet I know what this is. It’s Flowers.”

“That’s right!” Tommy said. “How did you know?”

“It was just a wild guess,” said Miss O‘Hara.

Molly Kane, the candy store owner’s daughter, brought up her present next. Miss O’Hara held the gift aloft, shook it a bit and said, “I know what this is. It‘s a box of candy!”

“Wow! That’s right, Miss O‘Hara! But how did you know?” asked Molly.

“Just a lucky guess, Molly” Miss O’Hara said.

Next was Billy Kelly, the liquor store owner’s son. Billy presented a large box to Miss O’Hara, who, again, held the gift high over her head.

This gift was leaking, so Miss O’Hara dabbed a drop of the leakage on her finger and tasted it. “Is it wine?” she asked.

“No, Miss O’Hara,” Billy replied.

The teacher tasted another drop of the leakage with her tongue. “Perhaps it’s champagne?” she asked.

“No, Miss O‘Hara,” Billy again replied, smiling because the teacher could not guess his present.

Then Miss O’Hara said, “I give up, Billy. What is it?”

Billy answered, “It’s a puppy!”


May you be half an hour in Heaven Before the Devil knows you’re dead.


And Have you forgotten that U2 is from Ireland? Now there is an accomplished band. Here is Beautiful Day by U2.

More Irish Humor

More of the Funniest Elliot Spitzer Jokes – Videos – Cartoons

It’s more of the best of the Elliot Spitzer jokes. In case you live on Jupiter, Elliot Spitzer was the governor of New York until he was recently caught in an FBI prostitution sting.

Our only problem is that there are so many good jokes to choose from. We consider that a challenge, so here are a few more Elliot Spitzer gems.

Aah! The Pretty Woman! A less than classic tale of a prostitute and a money monger with hearts of gold, which is a highly unlikely scenario. As I recall, Richard Gere and Julia Roberts live happily ever after in the movie, which, unfortunately for our Mr. Spitzer, is less than likely.


This from Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert:

“I sat next to the guy three times and I didn’t pick up on any of this, and I usually have excellent whore-dar.”


From Comedy Central’s the Daily Show:


There is so much truth to this cartoon. How many jokes do you hear about OJ Simpson or Paris Hilton right now? Not too many. Elliot Spitzer will fade into obscurity just like so many others once a new public patsy comes along.


And you cannot have a proper representation of humor without the remarkably funny David Letterman. Here is a video of one of his recent monologues about the Elliot Spitzer affair:

More David Letterman
More Elliot Spitzer

The Funniest Elliot Spitzer Jokes – Videos – Cartoons – Funny Photos

New York’s former governor, Elliot Spitzer, is the butt of countless new jokes. Here are a few of the better ones:

Jay Leno:

“Eliot Spitzer admitted publicly that he was involved in a prostitution ring, which means Hillary Clinton is now only the second angriest wife in the state of New York.”

Speaking of angry wives, how about the body language on Silda Spitzer, the ex-governor’s wife of the moment, in the photo below. In this case, one picture is worth at least 10,000 words:


Here is more along the angry wife line of thought from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette:


From New York comedienne Lisa Landry:

“It’s just mind-blowing that he spent $4,300 on a hooker. It just shows how high the cost of living is in New York. That same hooker would cost $50 in Newark.”

David Letterman is probably my favorite comedian. Here is one of his recent monologues, which devotes almost the entire monologue to Elliot Spitzer:


From Conan O’Brien:

“Gov. Spitzer responded just a few hours ago. He said, ‘I violated my obligations to my family and I violated my sense of what is right and wrong.’ Spitzer also admitted violating someone named Amber.”


Here is another one about body language from Daryl Cagle at


From Comedy Central and the Daily Show:

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