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And Baby Makes…One Too Many?—Viral Video


In the original video on YouTube that went viral in one big hurry, this little man goes ballistic when mom tells him he will soon have a little brother or sister to help take care of.

It seems that there is no telling what some folks’ attitudes will be on any subject. “This is exasperating!” and “it doesn’t make no sense!”


Mother Throws Newborn Baby into Snowbank

21-year-old Ashley Couch allegedly threw her newborn baby into the snow in Minneapolis Saturday morning and then left her there in 12 degree temperatures. The baby was only 18 days old at the time and still had a newborn hospital tag on her toe.

Keith St. Pierre was getting off a bus Saturday morning when he saw a woman throw her baby into the snowbank and run away.

St. Pierre quickly crossed the street and picked up the newborn infant. The girl, whose skin was red, was cold to the touch and would not wake up, St. Pierre told police officers who responded to the scene. He rubbed her chest for about 10 seconds until she eventually responded. He then wrapped the baby in his jacket while calling 911.

St. Pierre was so excited when he dialed 911 that the police dispatcher hung up on him calling him hysterical. He again called 911 remaining calm enough to induce the dispatcher to send a squad car to his location.

At that time Ashley Couch, the baby’s mother, returned to claim her child. According to a police report, Couch was angry at her newborn’s father when she allegedly threw the baby.

‘I can’t believe you did that to my baby!’

Police stated that Couch allegedly chased her baby’s father down a street Saturday and, when she caught up to him, allegedly threw their newborn girl into a snowbank.

“I can’t believe you did that to my baby!” the child’s father repeatedly screamed at Couch as police arrived at the scene at about 8 a.m. Saturday.

Police stated that the child’s father was upset and crying. He reportedly told officers that Couch had “slammed” their baby into the snow bank, the police complaint said.

It is not clear from the police report why the father did not intervene to care for the baby after the incident.

Couch told police officers at the scene that the baby’s father took some money from her and fled their home. She told them that she grabbed the baby and a blanket, chasing him down the street.

She claimed that when she caught him, she pushed him and the baby fell out of her hands into the snow bank, according to the police complaint. However, Couch’s version of what happened differs markedly from what Keith St. Pierre said he saw and from what a second witness also saw.

The baby was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center for treatment. Doctors said she was lethargic with cool skin and a body temperature of 95.8 degrees. They placed the child in an incubator treating her for hypothermia, and she recovered.

The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office on Tuesday charged the mother, Ashley Renee Couch, with child endangerment and child neglect, which are both gross misdemeanors.

The Hennepin County Attorney also states the baby has no lasting problems and is now in protective foster care.

Newborn Baby Falls from Moving Train When Mother Faints

A pre-maturely born baby girl, just moments old, fell off a moving train after her mother lost consciousness after giving birth. Miraculously, the baby survived the ordeal after lying on the railroad tracks for two hours.

The incident occurred in Ahmedabad, India, where train bathrooms are merely a hole in the floor that drop to the tracks below.

The mother, known only as Bhuri, who is 33 years old, gave birth unexpectedly while going to the toilet. Baby Bhuri slipped through the toilet hole to the tracks below when mother Bhuri fell unconscious after giving birth.

Bhuri’s relatives found her in the toilet soaked in blood, but her baby was gone. The relatives immediately pulled the train’s emergency brake.

Workers from a nearby train station began a frantic search along the tracks in the middle of the night. The workers were able to locate the baby after searching in the dark for nearly two hours.

Baby Bhuri, who is yet unnamed, dropped onto the rocks between the tracks’ steel rails.

She was born 8-10 weeks premature and weighed only 3 pounds 4 ounces. However, Baby Bhuri is in stable condition and is expected to survive.

Mother Bhuri was enroute to Ahmedabad for a medical checkup when the incident occurred.