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Minneapolis Cops Again Caught Beating Suspect – Video

Minneapolis police are once again caught on film viciously beating a suspect, who in this case had already surrendered. Nicolas Kastner is the passenger in the getaway vehicle the police are chasing in the below video. When that car stops and the driver, Brian McCarthy, of the vehicle flees the scene, Kastner does not flee. Instead he lies on the pavement with his arms spread indicating that he is surrendering.

Instead of simply arresting him, however, the two officers beat him severely, kick him several times and tase him at least twice.

The following video is a news report of the incident:

Officer Sherry Appledorn, who has been a Minneapolis police officer for 16 years, is seen in the video standing over Kastner and then is seen stomping on his back with her foot. She stomps on him four times, then she proceeds to kick him nine times.

The police state that Appledorn believes at this point that her partner may have been killed from action that took place prior to what is shown in the video, although they do not say if Kastner is a suspect in that regard. Appledorn’s partner, however, is perfectly fine.

Officer Joe Will, who is also a long time veteran of the Minneapolis police with 14 years on the job, next sits on Kastner, after which Appledorn begins kicking him once again.

At this point Appledorn uses her taser on Kastner, tasing him twice.

In a video statement three days after the incident Appledorn states, “The passenger failed to get on the ground. I grabbed him and threw him on the ground face first. [He] started crawling under the squad in an attempt to get away. The suspect refused to place his arms behind his back.”

The video clearly shows that Appledorn’s statement is a blatant falsehood. Officers Appledorn and Will were not charged in the incident and both are on active duty on the Minneapolis police force at this time.

Kastner’s attorney states that he and Kastner have filed a federal lawsuit alleging police brutality, excessive force, and a cover-up – especially by Appledorn.

Minneapolis police chief Tim Dolan said that his department has referred this case to the St. Paul City Attorney for possible prosecution. St. Paul is directly across the Mississippi River from Minneapolis.

This is the second time in less than a month that Minneapolis police officers have been involved in a beating incident that was caught on tape. (1)

The Minneapolis Police department is also suffering criticism because seven of its officers were recently named for being under federal investigation for possible illegal activities while they were members of the multi-jurisdictional Metro Gang Strike Force.

The second video is the raw video of the incident:

The Strike Force was disbanded because of scores of criminal activities by members of the force, (2) including confiscation of cash and property from illegal immigrants and suspected drug dealers. Very little of the confiscated property was ever turned in, but instead became the personal property of the confiscating officers.

Confiscated property included cars, cash, jet skis, TVs, furniture, jewelry, computers, electronic equipment, among other items.

One Minneapolis police officer who is under federal investigation as part of the Metro Gang Strike Force has quit his job amid charges that he used confiscated electronics (3) to stalk his ex-girlfriend.

Plus a Minneapolis Police sergeant who is a former member of the strike force is suing the city of Minneapolis, claiming he was reassigned after trying to blow the whistle (4) on the Metro Gang Strike Force in 2007.

Minneapolis Police Caught Beating, Kicking Suspect – Video
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Minneapolis Police Caught Beating, Kicking Suspect – Video

Minneapolis police have been accused of beating a suspect while apprehending him. In the following video several Minneapolis officers are seen punching Derryl Jenkins of Brooklyn Center, MN, repeatedly and are also seen kicking him as well while he was being held face down in the snow during a traffic stop.

Arresting officer Richard Walker said Jenkins smelled of alcohol and was uncooperative. Since both Jenkins and Walker are both African American, race is not an issue in this incident.

This video is an abbreviated version of the original, and is embedded from the Associated Press:

Minneapolis police Chief Tim Dolan stated that he was concerned about the officers kicking the suspect. In fact the video, which was taken by police car dashcams, prompted Chief Dolan to ask the FBI to investigate the incident, which is a very unusual request for a Minneapolis police chief.

The second video is a report on the incident by a local reporter. About 54 seconds into the video a small box will appear on the screen highlighting one of the police officers kicking Jenkins:

The Minneapolis police Internal Affairs unit has determined that the police seen in this video did nothing wrong even though kicking a suspect is behavior that is not sanctioned by the police. Internal Affairs determined that the officers’ behavior was appropriate for the situation.

Despite the Minneapolis Police Department’s determination that the officers did nothing wrong, the Hennepin County Attorney’s office decided to dismiss all charges against Jenkins “in the interest of justice” and reinstated Jenkin’s drivers license.

Jenkins had been charged with fourth degree assault and refusal to take a breathalyzer test. In Minnesota refusal to take a breathalyzer test results in automatic suspension of your drivers license, which means that any police officer has the power to take away your license merely by saying you refused a breathalyzer test.

This next video is the complete unabridged version of the incident and was distributed by Derryl Jenkin’s lawyer Paul Edlund:

Some officers sent each other text messages after the incident, one of which called the incident “a good fight.”

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7 Mile Police Chase Welcomes Tourists to NYC

Five unsuspecting French tourists received an unexpected welcome to the Big Apple when, instead of a routine taxi ride, they became unwilling participants in a seven mile police chase through New York.

Esther-Ethy Mamane, 26, of Paris, her mother Claudie Mamane, 60, and three companions attempted to hail a taxi at New York’s John F Kennedy International Airport, but instead they were steered to an unlicensed van, which was possibly a gypsy cab.

Police saw the tourists enter the van and attempted to intervene. An officer reached through the van’s window trying to remove the vehicle’s keys, but the van’s driver sped off knocking the officer to the ground.

A chase ensued with the five French tourists in the van and with police in a close pursuit. Esther-Ethy told the New York Post that she and her fellow travelers “screamed and prayed” through it all.

“It was a miracle that we survived,” she said. “We were very frightened.”

Mamane said the ride was “like something from a film.”

The van, with tourists still along for the ride, sped for seven miles along a highway and residential streets with the vehicle hitting a gate and a truck along the way.

Eventually the suspects jumped out of the van while it was still moving. The police, with guns drawn, chased them and quickly arrested them.

Claudie Mamane suffered an arm injury from the ordeal.

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First Mortgage

A pit bull was sitting around the dog house one day and decided that his tattered home needed a make over. “I have to get a home improvement loan to fix this place up,” he thought. “This place is going to the dogs.”

So he trotted down to his local mortgage company to inquire about a mortgage and was greeted by Patricia Whack, a brand new loan officer starting her first day on the job.

Patricia was a bit unnerved that her very first customer would be a dog–and a pit bull at that. However, she took it in stride and began taking the loan application.

The pit bull was also concerned that he might not get the loan because, after all, he was just a dog. So he decided to embellish things a bit by mentioning that his father was none other than Mick Jagger.

“Really?“ said Patricia, looking a bit incredulous. The dog also produced a small, porcelain pink elephant to use as additional collateral.

After taking the loan application, Patricia took the papers into her boss’s office to get the loan approved. Naturally, she was somewhat anxious to complete her first transaction as a loan officer, and she remembered the pink elephant the pit bull had given her. As her manager studied the pit bull’s loan application she took out the small trinket and said, “he also gave me this as collateral. What is it?”

Looking up, her boss replied, “It’s a knick-knack, Patty Whack. Give the dog a loan. His old man’s a Rolling Stone.”

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