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Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron’s Fairy Tale Love Story

Early in 2008 Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron had a fairy tale love story that captured the hearts of teenagers and pre-teens worldwide.


They met when they both starred in High School Musical (HSM), which was a blockbuster movie on the Disney Channel. Vanessa played the starring role of Gabriella Montez and Zac played opposite her starring as Troy Bolton.

Gabriella and Troy shared a love interest in HSM similar to what Vanessa and Zac had in real life. Troy was the high school’s sports hero and Gabriella was a bright student who transferred to East High.


Although Vanessa and Zac were constantly seen together in Los Angeles, blogheads were continually speculating that their romance was over, but they were always been wrong until the couple finally did break up as Hollywood romances often do.

The blockbusters High School Musical 1 and 2 made stars of Vanessa and Zac, and they were among the most searched celebrities on the Internet. They were also followed everywhere by the paparazzi.


And it only promised to get bigger and better for the couple, for Disney had started production on High School Musical 3, which premiered in theaters rather than just the Disney Channel. The couple and HSM were so big that the number of views of their videos on Youtube reached into the tens of millions, which was off the charts even by today’s standards.

Many of the photos on this page were taken from Zac and Vanessa’s vacation in Hawaii in 2007. Zac said that a paparazzo caught him off guard because Zac had not yet realized that the couple was so high on the paparazzi radar.

“At that point it (his stardom) was inconceivable,” Zac said. “I had no idea that anyone could ever care. That happens to, like, big stars. I woke up and my dad told me that I was in a newspaper on the beach, (and) he made fun of me. He said I was ‘frolicking.’”

It appears that the paparazzo made a small fortune on the photos. Zac said that while they were still on vacation in Hawaii, “the photographer left me a note with a disc of all the pictures, and on the note it said, ‘Thanks for the Range Rover!’”

The following video stars Zac and Vanessa, is from High School Musical 2 and is entitled “You are the Music in Me.”


Maria Shriver Caught Talking on Cell while Driving

Maria Shriver, the celebrity wife of California celebrity Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, was captured on film by paparazzi while she was allegedly violating the law by allegedly talking on her cell phone while driving.

In fact, it happened not once, but twice.

In the photo above published by we see Maria happily chatting away while tooling down some LA roadway last Sunday, October 11, 2009.

If that were not bad enough, they caught her again in July, which is plain enough in the second photo. It would seem that Maria has chosen to carelessly violate the no cell phone use while driving law habitually, even though her husband Arnold supported the law and signed it into law just last year.

Arnold appears to be none too pleased about the matter because he tweeted the following message to TMZ’s Harvey Levin, “Thanks for bringing her violations to my attention, @harveylevintmz. There’s going to be swift action.”

What do you want to bet Maria gets grounded?


Kanye West Arrested in LA then Released on Bond

Rapper/producer Kanye West and his bodyguard were arrested at the Los Angeles airport for felony vandalism after they allegedly destroyed the cameras of two paparazzi who were trying to photograph him.

The man in the hooded grey sweats in the video is allegedly Kanye. The man in red is his bodyguard and road manager, Don Crowley. West and Crowley were changing planes at LAX while en route to Hawaii, when the altercation took place prior to 8 AM on Thursday, September 11, 2008

So far, the only people talking to the press are the paparazzi who filed charges against West and Crowley. It is said that the cameras destroyed during the incident each cost as much as $10,000.

West never showed his face in the video, however, the paparazzi, who reportedly worked for, claim that the hooded man is West.

The Associated Press is reporting that a witness, Charles Davis who works at the airport soliciting charity donations, saw the entire incident.

Davis claims that the 31-year-old West was “attacked” by the paparazzi and that West was merely “defending himself.”

Davis said, “I talk to him all the time. He’s a very nice gentleman. Very nice. He gives good donations to help children. He’s got a good, kind heart. I’ve gotten his autograph several times. I just don’t see why he was arrested. The man just put the camera too close to his face. I don’t blame him.”

Davis also said that he didn’t think the camera was totally destroyed. “It was just knocked out of the man’s hand,” said Davis.

West and Crowley were booked at a nearby Los Angeles police station and West was released on $20,000 bond.

Kanye West has won numerous Grammies and other awards during his career which hit the big time in 2004 with his album The College Dropout, which won Best Rap Album Grammy that year.

He also won Best Rap Album Grammy in 2005 for his album, Late Registration, and in 2007 for Graduation.

Despite his commercial success, West is also known for having a quick temper and speaking his mind on controversial topics. In 2005 during a telethon raising funds for hurricane Katrina victims, West said on the air that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”

Thursday’s arrest is the first time, however, that West has let his temper escalate above the verbal level.

The first video shows the actual altercation at the airport:

The second video is a CNN news report of the incident:

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Britney Spears Bikini Shots – Looking Hot


Britney Spears must be very serious about changing her ways because she was spotted by the paparazzi recently in Las Vegas hanging around the pool of the Mirage in her bikini. This girl is looking very good.


Her body looks a lot more toned, and she has lost that matronly look that she had been sporting when her behavior was out of control.

If Britney keeps up this weight loss regimen and regains her old hot looks, there could be no stopping her quest to be back on top of the music world.

But celebrity news has been rather boring lately since our little bad girl turned over a new leaf. She is not out shaving her head or running over paparazzi feet.

And she hasn’t attacked anyone lately with her unbrella. It’s really b-o-r-i-n-g!

Now that Britney is behaving, Lindsay Lohan has quit drugs (?) and Nicole Richie is taking care of her baby, the only celebrity causing trouble is Amy Winehouse.

Thank God for ol’ Amy. What would we do without her?

Britney’s manager, Larry Rudolph said that “She’s in the middle of recording her next album, which is going amazingly well, and her focus remains on the studio.”

See? Boring.

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Zac Efron Latest Photos

How do you know whether Zac Efron wears boxers or briefs? Well, many of you already know because if you are reading this you are probably a major Zac Efron fan.

You could ask his steady teddy, Vanessa Hudgens, but she is not likely to tell you much, if you can even get close enough to ask.

The only way to tell for sure is to watch the photos carefully. The shot on the right is Zac in the ocean, supposedly wearing only his underwear.

But that could be and probably is a plant. He might be wearing those specifically for a fee to advertise a manufacturer’s product.

Manufacturers will pay a celeb like Zac a small fortune just to be seen in public wearing its products. It’s even better than TV endorsements because the public thinks that Zac really wears those shorts himself.

But we have a few sneaky shots of the Zac-muffin outside Disney studios. Zac is unaware that he is being photographed and is just being himself, tha adorable stud-muffin that you have come to know and love.

He casually approaches his Porsche Cayenne S (nice choice in vehicles Zac), and begins his turn towards the driver’s side door.

We manage a close up of Zac’s tiny little butt and what do we see?


His jeans are at low rider height and you get a perfect shot of the real Zac Efron and his very own boxer shorts. No manufacturer’s plant this time, thank you.

Zac Efron throws up the peace sign after 8 hours in the studio

So there you have it. The truth about one of the hottest heart throbs in Hollywood today.

Zac is a boxer man. Who woulda thunk it?

He obviously likes his freedom because that is what boxers provide–total freedom to roam.

Think it wasn’t Zac? Here is one shot from the front to prove it’s our man.


Next we have shots of Zac Efron arriving at LAX airport after a short visit to the big apple as he makes his way through an enormous crush of paparazzi to search for his waiting honey, the one and only Vanessa Hudgens.

Zac Efron hides behind his board at LAX

Amidst the crush of all of the photographers, the 20-year-old star of Disney’s High School Musical I, II and III, remarked, “When did I get so popular?”

You’re kidding, right Zac?

Zac holds up his skateboard to block the shot of some of the photogs, but it is a futile gesture as you can plainly see. For every shot he blocks, at least another 15 photos are taken.

In the next photo Zac holds his cell phone up to his ear. You can just guess what he is saying, “C’mon, Vanessa, where are you? Get me out of this mad house! Gotta find that girl!”

Zac Efron hides behind his board at LAX

Doesn’t that sound like fun? Dragging your gear all over LAX looking for Vanessa Hudgens, who is naturally trying to remain incognito herself. Like there is ever a chance of that. And all of the while paparazzi are taking photo after photo. Snap! Snap! Flash! Snap!

But our favorite Zac in all of the wide, wide world finally connects with that remarkably beautiful Vanessa Hudgens.

She is waiting for him outside and, of course, she is surrounded by all of the paparazzi herself.

Zac is able to squeeze into the waiting getaway car, but their exit is blocked by, what else, all of the paparazzi. But eventually, they manage to nudge their way through the horde and are off.

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Brad Pitt Declares War Against Paparazzi After Two Invade His French Estate

The Associated Press is reporting that camouflaged paparazzi trespassed onto the grounds of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s French Riviera Chateau and fought with guards when they were discovered.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are staying at this chateau situated on about 1,200 acres in the South of France.

French police took two photographers in camouflaged clothing and also two of Pitt and Jolie’s guards in for questioning in the incident. French police captain Olivia Poupot said both sides filed legal complaints against each other for battery and causing injuries.

According to the police, the injuries were bruises and scratches, but “nothing nasty.”

Tony Webb, who is the leader of the group that is guarding the Chateau in Southern France where Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their six children are currently living, said that two men were discovered on the grounds.

When his guards attempted to escort the trespassers off of the estate, the men went “berserk.”

“We caught the two” on Thursday afternoon “and tried to escort them off the property,” Webb said. One “guy’s just gone berserk, thrashing out, kicking and actually biting one of the security people, breaking his finger, drawing blood and screaming that he had Hepatitis C.”

The two paparazzi, freelance photographer Luc Goursolas and Marianne Saint-Arroman, claim that they were on public property in a neighboring forest. The paparazzi confirmed that they were wearing camouflaged clothing to avoid being detected. Said Saint-Arroman, “We weren’t going to wear a red sweater.”

Goursolas said he broke a bodyguard’s finger and bit another but said he did so in self defense. “I threw myself at them, put blood all over them and told them I had HIV so they would stop hitting me,” he said.

Only days ago, Brad Pitt’s lawyer announced that the couple would sue anyone who published recently taken photographs of their family. has reported that someone recently took unauthorized photos of the family and has already sold them.

Pitt and Jolie are reportedly willing to sue any publication that publishes the photos because they feel that it would violate the couple’s right to privacy.

The New York Daily News reported that Brad Pitt was furious after Thursday’s scuffle and told the paparazzi: “I’m fed up with my private property being violated. If you want war, you will get it.”

Angelina Jolie gave birth to twins Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon by cesarean section on July 12th at the Lenval hospital in southern France. She left the hospital in Nice only last week, bringing the newborns home to the chateau.

News reports state that publications are offering from $15 – $20 million for photos of the babies, which is a powerful motivation for any papparazzo.

Webb said that the couple intend to take legal action against any photographer that intrudes into their private space. “The family are (sic) really fed up that these people are trespassing so we’re going to try to get restraining orders and use the law to do whatever we have to keep them off the property,” he said.

Other news reports are stating that Pitt and Jolie have already made a deal to sell the first photos of their twins to a US magazine for $11 million and they intend to donate the money to charity.

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Nicole Kidman Testimony Lays Bare Paparazzi Lifestyle

Nicole Kidman’s testimony this past week in an Australian defamation trial has exposed the life of the paparazzo as a financially rewarding occupation where the more unscrupulous you are the more successful you become.

The oscar winning, Australian born actress testified in court this week how she was reduced to tears after being chased through the streets of Sydney by Jamie Fawcett, a local paparazzo with a ruthless reputation for snapping whatever and whenever he is able. It is said that he will stop at very little to get his celebrity photo.

According to Frank Thorne, a British journalist working down under, a decent set of photos will bring the photographer around $50,000 Australian, or about $47,300 US. That much money can come from only a few hours work.

Thorne has also said that a killer set of photos will command $250,000 Australian, or about $219,000 US. One of the most desired photos in recent years was the first photo of Russell Crowe’s new baby. The paparazzo who finally snapped it is reported to have earned $300,000 Australian, or about $262,000 US.

The combination of those types of paydays and the easy entry into the field, means that just about anyone can become a paparazzo. It also means that the occupation will attract people of the lowest character, people who will lie, cheat, steal and more to obtain their lucrative payday.

The remaining paparazzi who still work under some moral code are embarrassed by the seedy reputation their chosen occupation is currently enduring. The accepted line of thinking is that the paparazzi chased Princess Diana to her death in Paris in 1997.

Who will be the next celebrity to fall victim to the paparazzi’s greed?

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Is It Really Britney Spears’ Fault or Are Paparazzi Out of Control?

High profile celebrities like Britney Spears are often criticized for their wild public antics that most of us blame solely on the celebrity. Many of Britney’s highly publicized incidents quickly come to mind.

She has driven her car over people’s feet three times in the last month, for example. Or do you remember when she kissed Madonna on stage?

But, how much of this is really the celebrity’s fault and how much blame belongs on the paparazzi that stalk her? Are the paparazzi failing to give her room to even maneuver her vehicle?

Paparazzi are true parasites in our society. They prey on the celebrity, following them wherever they go, making the celebrity’s life, at times, nearly impossible. Their contribution to society is only a photo of someone who would rather not be photographed.

Look at the following video and watch how the paparazzi literally mob Britney’s car, falling over its hood. It is amazing that she has not run over more than someone’s foot when she is forced to put up with this type of behavior from this parasitic version of the media.

Watch how Britney is so blinded by the photographer’s flashes that she has to raise her hand to shield her eyes just to see where she is going.

How sympathetic would you be toward the paparazzi if you were the one being treated like this and you had to put up with these pushy photographers 24/7?

In Australia, Nicole Kidman has been testifying in a defamation law suit about her problems with Jamie Fawcett, a paparazzo that the Sun-Herald newspaper stated was “Sydney’s most inventive and most disliked freelance photographer” who was determined to “wreak havoc on Kidman’s private life.”

One of the major disputes in the case is whether Fawcett’s car literally forced Kidman’s car off the road to avoid running into Fawcett‘s vehicle. His car and another vehicle chased Kidman through the Sydney traffic to the point where Kidman said, “I was frightened and I was worried there was going to be an accident.”

“I have been pursued many times,” said Kidman. “I have had this happen in relation to this particular man so many times.

“I employ people to protect me now. I employ people 24 hours to protect myself because I don’t feel equipped to handle things.”

When celebrities like Britney Spears and Nicole Kidman are forced into racing through the streets to avoid the paparazzi, it seems obvious that something needs to be done before another tragedy occurs.

Princess Diana was chased to her death by the paparazzi. If only Di were still alive, we could ask her opinion.

Lindsay Lohan’s Mercedes for Sale on Ebay

The charcoal grey Mercedes that Lindsay Lohan drove into a palm tree in July during one of her famous Hollywood meltdowns is for sale on Ebay. An enterprising Texas auto dealer has repaired the 2005 Benz where Lindsay smashed in the left front fender.

Initial asking price is $110,000, and there is one bid at that price. However, the seller has an undisclosed reserve that has not been met, so this car will not sell that cheaply. It sold new for $217,420.

The 12 cylinder vehicle features 604 horsepower, so it is not surprising how Lindsay let this one get away from her and wrapped it around an LA palm tree.

The dealer probably vacuumed up enough cocaine that LL spilled on the carpeting to make a tidy profit even before selling the car.

Perez Hilton is reporting that Lindsay showed up for lunch with the bunch at The Ivy restaurant in LA, which is one of her old hangouts from when she was still using.

It must have been a visit for old times sake, but, naturally, the paparazzi were all over her. Maybe she just wanted some attention?

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Britney Spears Runs over Paparazzo’s Foot

Britney Spears’ Mercedes ran over a paparazzo’s foot as she left a medical office building in Beverly Hills. It appeared that the photographer was uninjured, but the mishap does look serious in the video.

In all fairness to Britney, the photographer was entirely too close to her car. Is it possible that he may have even gotten himself run over deliberately in order to create an incident he might benefit from? That is difficult to tell.

The paparazzi literally swarm around Britney when she is out and about. They swarm so much that it is surprising that this has not happened before.

She was reportedly at the medical building to get injections to enlarge her lips. Well, that is something we all need, isn’t it?

Britney also lost her overnight visitation rights to see her children because she failed to follow up on her drug testing and because she also stood up her parenting coach for an appointment at her home. The coach showed up, but Britney must have had better things to do.

Since she blew off her court ordered obligations, the court is now punishing her by allowing fewer visitation rights to see her children.

Will Britney ever get her act together?

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Britney Spears Caught Pantyless Again October 2007

Well, believe it or don’t, Britney Spears has been caught pantyless again by the paparazzi. Here are a couple of photos of Britney exiting her car and, at the same time, exposing her virginia for all to see.

This is at least the third time this year that she has been caught bottomless by the paparazzi. It is one thing for celebrity singers to pose nude for magazine layouts, but to be so frequently photographed with the family jewels on display out in public for anyone to see is unusual even for Britney.

Of course, the issue would be easily solved by Britney wearing panties. That way, the paparazzi would only be getting photos of Britney’s underwear. But perhaps Britney has a need for the freedom that a bottomless lifestyle provides.

Since she continues to get caught au naturel, it would appear either that 1) she does not care, 2) she wants to photographed exposed, or 3) she is not bright enough to do what is necessary to keep from being caught pantyless.

It is also possible that her judgment is impaired from drug use or some mental disorder.

Her inability to rectify the situation has left her open to some of the worst ridicule. In fact, the patrons here at McCafferty’s Pub are no strangers to dishing out some razzing themselves. But Britney’s failure to adjust her bottomless lifestyle has made Britney, herself, her own worst enemy.

The common perception among the public is that drug impairment is the root of this evil, but it is hard to believe that Britney is high all of the time and still be able to function in society.

Could it be that Britney does not have the mental capacity to deal with this issue? Maybe she simply is not bright enough to handle the demands of being a celebrity?

So which is it Britney? Are you a Druggie or a dummy?

Something tells me she is not going to volunteer the answer.

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Britney Spears Update: Child Abuse, Gasless and Pantless

Here are the latest rumors on Britney Spears:

The Times of India, and are all reporting that Britney Spears is under investigation for possible child abuse by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. The allegations are poor dental hygiene and poor eating and sleeping habits.

The Times reported that “Spear’s lawyer Dennis Wasser appeared at an unscheduled hearing on Tuesday morning in LA County Superior Court’s dependency section, which handles child abuse claims.” also reported that Britney is earning over $737,000 per month, as reported in her child custody case with her ex-husband, Kevin Federline., along with other outlets reported that Britney ran out of gas in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, and the local police pushed her car to the gas station.

Britney was also recently pulled over by the local gendarme for speeding, but was let off with a warning.

And our Brit was caught once again by the paparazzi sans undies as shown here.

It seems that the stories are coming in so fast on Miss Brit that one can barely keep up with them. The no panties photo once again will do little to help her image during her custody battle with Kevin.

What self-respecting judge is not going to listen when the mother of two is photographed topless and bottomless so frequently. One would think that Britney is trying to lose custody of her children on the basis of her recent behavior.

Naturally, most proper mothers shave their heads, spend time in rehab, get filmed crashing their cars into Mercedes, and expose their private regions to the paparazzi on a regular basis.

Of course, the paparazzi are now going to follow Britney even more because she is their meal ticket. Get a photo of Britney involved in one of her public gaffes and you do not have to work for several months.

Britney’s behavior is so bizarre that one would think she wants to be caught behaving foolishly.

Perhaps she does.

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