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So Cute it Can’t Be Legal


A baby and puppy that are so cute together it just cannot be legal. The baby’s name is Eisleigh and the puppy is known as Clyde. Together they give a whole new meaning to the term cuteness.

Their video has gone viral on YouTube, on AOL and all over the rest of the world. Somehow these two just naturally know how to pose for the camera.

And yes, the puppy is a pitbull. Let’s hope this pup keeps its gentle disposition on through to adulthood.

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Can these two possibly be any cuter? I just don’t think that’s possible.


Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Beats and Kicks Pitbull Puppy to Death Before Game

A Pittsburgh Steelers fan was so upset at his pit bull puppy not behaving that he beat and kicked the poor animal to death right at the start of a Steelers game.

22-year-old William Woodson is being held in the Allegheny County Jail in lieu of $25,000 bail, pending a preliminary hearing on animal cruelty next Monday. Mr. Woodson and his live-in girl friend, Christine Gielarowski, who appears to have purchased the dog without consulting Woodson, have argued more than once recently about the dog.

It seems that Woodson did not particularly like the 13-week-old pitbull name Flip. When the dog caused problems for him before the Steelers-Kansas City Chiefs game last Sunday, Woodson allegedly picked the puppy up and threw it down quite hard on the pavement in the street.

A witness told Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, police they saw Woodson kicking Flip down the street shortly after 1 p.m., which is when the Steelers game began. Police said Woodson was supposed to be walking the dog, but apparently he was angry that he was missing the start of the Steelers game on TV.

The witness said that Woodson kicked the dog so hard that he launched Flip into the air and the dog skipped on the pavement. The witness tried to help Flip, but it died in his arms.

“It needs to be told that stuff like this will not be tolerated, whether it’s in Bridgeville or whatever community,” said Bridgeville police Officer James Lancia. “It’s not going to be put up with. You can’t just run around abusing animals.”

The maximum penalty for cruelty to animals is five years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

The following is an Associated Press report of the incident:

Perhaps the pit bull puppy was not enough of a Steelers fan for Woodson. If this is how angry Woodson gets before the game, imagine how he must get after a Steelers’ loss.

First Mortgage

A pit bull was sitting around the dog house one day and decided that his tattered home needed a make over. “I have to get a home improvement loan to fix this place up,” he thought. “This place is going to the dogs.”

So he trotted down to his local mortgage company to inquire about a mortgage and was greeted by Patricia Whack, a brand new loan officer starting her first day on the job.

Patricia was a bit unnerved that her very first customer would be a dog–and a pit bull at that. However, she took it in stride and began taking the loan application.

The pit bull was also concerned that he might not get the loan because, after all, he was just a dog. So he decided to embellish things a bit by mentioning that his father was none other than Mick Jagger.

“Really?“ said Patricia, looking a bit incredulous. The dog also produced a small, porcelain pink elephant to use as additional collateral.

After taking the loan application, Patricia took the papers into her boss’s office to get the loan approved. Naturally, she was somewhat anxious to complete her first transaction as a loan officer, and she remembered the pink elephant the pit bull had given her. As her manager studied the pit bull’s loan application she took out the small trinket and said, “he also gave me this as collateral. What is it?”

Looking up, her boss replied, “It’s a knick-knack, Patty Whack. Give the dog a loan. His old man’s a Rolling Stone.”

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