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The Shadow – The Deathhouse Rescue 1937

Shadow_Death_From_NowhereThe radio show drama, The Shadow – The Deathhouse Rescue, which premiered on September 26, 1937, starred Orson Welles as Lamont Cranston, better known as The Shadow, and Agnes Moorhead as Margot Lane, Cranston’s constant companion and sidekick. (2)

The 1930s was a time when people needed to escape from reality because of the devastating effects of the Great Depression and the brutal antics Hitler was implementing in Germany and Europe. Escapism was the rule in all of the media including dime novels like The Shadow – Death from Nowhere (1) above left, movies and radio shows like The Shadow.

The Shadow character was described as a man with a genius level intellect who was in peak physical condition. He was a master detective, skilled marksman, martial artist, and a master of disguise and stealth. (2)

In this episode Cranston is tasked with clearing Paul Gordon’s name and rescuing him from his date with the electric chair. Can the Shadow accomplish the near impossible? I’m sure you already know the answer, but it is still fun to listen to him while he does it.

The Shadow always begins with “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows.” Give a listen.

Editor’s note: If this media player is not visible in your browser, make sure that Javascript is enabled. If it is still not visible, please follow this link to listen to the show.

Naturally the good guy always wins. This is escapism after all, and the bad guys winning would be most depressing. The Shadow always ends with “The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Crime does not pay… The Shadow knows!” (2) Thank you, Shadow. I feel better already.

And remind me to order some Blue Coal anthracite for my furnace.

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Judge Frees Koua Fong Lee Due to New Evidence

A Minnesota judge Thursday freed Koua Fong Lee, a motorist jailed for vehicular homicide after a June 10, 2006, car crash that left one adult and two children dead. Lee claimed that he tried to stop his 1996 Toyota Camry but said his brakes failed to respond and his accelerator stuck.

Lee, 32, was sentenced to eight years in 2007 and has served two and one half  years of that sentence.

The judge ordered a new trial claiming new evidence put the verdict of Lee’s first trial in doubt. Plus, after the judge’s ruling, Ramsey County prosecutor Susan Gaertner said she would not request a new trial or pursue the case any further. That makes Lee a free man innocent of the original charges against him.

The new evidence consisted of the myriad of problems late model Toyotas have had with both breaking and acceleration. In addition the judge cited that Lee’s previous attorney made mistakes that may have influenced the outcome of the trial.

Despite the fact that most of the mechanical problems have been with newer Toyotas and that expert witnesses were not able to agree whether or not Lee’s 1996 Toyota had acceleration problems or braking problems, the judge ruled that the evidence was sufficient to warrant a new trial.

The following video is a local TV station report of Lee getting his freedom.

Upon his release Lee stated before cameras, “When I slept in the cell, sometime I’d dream and I’d wake up and still (be) in the little room, but now my dream come true.”

Just hours before the judge’s ruling the Ramsey County Attorney’s office offered Lee a deal under which he would go free, but would remain a convicted felon and would lose his driving privileges for 10 years. Lee declined the offer.

Part of the new evidence that the judge considered was that 11 witnesses had offered their testimony regarding rapid acceleration of 1996 Toyota Camrys. Mr. Lee was wise to pass up the prosecutor’s offer.

Victoria Lindsay Poll – 23% Favor Death Penalty for Teen Defendants

In a totally unscientific poll taken over the Internet, 23% of the respondents favored the death penalty for the defendants that allegedly beat up Victoria Lindsay for the now infamous reason of filming the beating to post it on MySpace and YouTube.

Another 22.5% of respondents favored a sentence from 15 years to life in prison, which means that 45.5% of the respondents felt that the offense was serious enough to warrant serious prison time and even death.

Victoria Lindsay is the 16-year-old cheerleader from Mulberry High School in Lakeland, Florida, who was lured to her then residence and allegedly beaten by six classmates and cheerleaders until she was unconscious. Then, once she regained consciousness, she was beaten some more.

Victoria suffered a concussion, vision and hearing loss, a chipped tooth and numerous abrasions from the incident.

The Polk County Sheriff’s office released two videos of the beating. The first video was released not long after the beating incident, which occurred March 31, 2008. The second video was released about May 22nd.

20% of the poll’s respondents favored a prison sentence of 5-15 years, while 23% favored 1-5 years behind bars.

9% thought that six months in jail was justified, and 3% favored probation.

Here are the exact results of the poll along with the wording used:
View Original Victoria Lindsay Beating Video
Second Victoria Lindsay Beating Video
Victoria Lindsay 911 Call Video
Victoria Lindsay MySpace Page Update
Middle School Copycat of Victoria Lindsay Beating – Video
US Marine Throws Puppy off Cliff to its death – video
Police Deputy Dumps Quadriplegic from Wheelchair – video
15 Philadelphia Police Beat and Stomp 3 Suspects – Video
New Born Baby Falls from Moving Train
US Tank Runs Over Iraqi Car but Doesn’t Stop – Video

MADD Goes after Kiefer Sutherland

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is asking Ford Canada to fire Kiefer Sutherland as its celebrity spokesperson.

Sutherland is currently in jail serving a 48 day sentence after his third DUI conviction. Like so many other celebrities who have been living life on the edge, Sutherland has been working extra hard at playing life for all that it is worth.

So it is not surprising that MADD does not want Sutherland rewarded with a lucrative deal endorsing Ford vehicles to Canadians. MADD Canada president Margaret Miller has been urging Ford to chose a different celebrity to sell their vehicles.

MADD’s objections to Sutherland are, of course, his three DUIs and his infamous video from last Christmas where he attacked a Christmas tree in a hotel. He was reportedly a bit inebriated at the time of the tree attack according to media sources.

Sutherland was pulled over by police on September 25th after exiting a Hollywood party. At the time, he was on probation from a DUI in 2004. Plus, he was convicted of alcohol-related reckless driving back in 1993.

Andrew Murie, CEO of Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada, said that “literally, there’s (sic) thousands of people out there that meet the moral standards of our society today that would love to have that kind of endorsement contract and they should be honored for their ethical behavior.”

The video showing the Canadian actor attacking the tree is below.

However, Ford Canada is having none of it. Ford Canada spokesperson Gina Gellert confirmed that Ford has no intention of removing Sutherland, although she admitted that Ford will continue to monitor Sutherland’s behavior.

As for Sutherland, he seems to have adjusted well to prison life and spent his first day in the slammer folding laundry. “He’s not happy to be here, but you can tell from his demeanor that he’s sorry and takes responsibility for what’s he’s done,” said Glendale City Jail spokesman John Balian.

Sutherland also received 60 months probation as part of his sentence, must pay a $510 fine, complete an 18-month alcohol-education class and attend weekly alcohol-therapy sessions for a six month period.

Paris Prison Release Tuesday

Paris Hilton is scheduled to be released from prison on Tuesday, June 26th, the early release will be her reward for her good behavior while incarcerated.

It was originally reported by “The New York Post” that Paris had landed a one million dollar payday for an NBC Today show interview after her release, however, NBC has denied this rumor. She was also rumored to be scheduled to be interviewed by Barbara Walters of ABC, but ABC has also denied that report.

It is certainly possible that the two networks were competing for the first post prison Paris Hilton interview but then backed off because of negative public reaction. ABC News and Reuters are reporting that all three major networks are denying that any one of them intended to interview our favorite Parisian; however, it is more likely that they were simply testing the waters to gauge public reaction to the concept.

When public reaction turned negative toward a celebration of her release from the cooler, the networks probably thought better of their plan to reward Paris and her Parasites (supporters) with even greater media attention. It is very likely, however, that Paris will be able to turn this jail time into a hefty payday. Her name is now a household word, and dollars usually follow celebrity in the good old USA. A smaller media entity will probably make the jump to touting Paris’ release with an interview or TV show of some sort. As long as the payoff is under a million dollars and they are discrete about the affair, the uproar might be kept to a minimum.

The Washington Post” reported on Saturday that “People” magazine confirmed that it has cut a deal with Getty Images for first photos of Paris’ release. “The New York Post” has reported that deal could be worth as much as $300,000.

In an issue related to Paris’ prison release, the international liquor consumption rankings were recently released. The USA wound up in 40th place internationally when it comes to liquor consumption. The US used to be in first place in past years, and for years drank in the kudos for being the king of consumption. However, it is rumored that the US might once again regain its old world ranking title once Paris Hilton is released from slammer and Lindsay Lohan finds her way out of rehab.

LA nightclubs have been hurting for business since the two celebrities were forced out of the nightclub scene. Layoffs and grumbling have been the mainstay at most joints. The duos’ release should add a bit to the morale of an industry that was recently ailing. Then, with those two at the helm of our ship, we should be able to again bring the USA to a position of prominence within the liquor consumption rankings.

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Is Paris Hilton Tough Enough for Jail?

Well, it is time we dumped a little more on poor Paris Hilton, the billionaire heiress who is scheduled to enter jail on June 5th to serve a 45 day sentence for driving her Bentley with a suspended license.

Of course, any young woman who is as pretty as Paris is had better be prepared for the rigors of the big house. She certainly wants to avoid a situation where she cannot take care of herself in a confrontation with one of the tougher inmates.

Along that line, we have been well assured that there is no truth to the rumor that Paris attempted to obtain shower fight tips from Martha Stewart, another well connected billionaire, who was forced to suffer the indignities of living among the more common folk on a federal government sponsored incarceration. Paris still has time to learn the basics of survival from a self-defense instructor before June 5th, but she better not dally.

If there is any truth to the rumors of what goes in one of those institutions, Paris could be in for a rough ride.

It has also been said that Paris sought permission to videotape her conjugal visits. Imagine what that would do to her bad girl image if those tapes surfaced on the Internet. Or imagine the price a couple of convicts could get if they taped having their way with Paris. That would draw a pretty penny on some of the tabloid shows. Something like that could bring in something in the six figure range, and it wouldn’t hurt Paris’ image much either. Headlines that scream “bad girl is treated In a very bad way by some ‘bad’ inmates.” It is even possible that Paris’s publicist dreamt this whole event up so that the bad Paris Hilton suddenly would seem like a victim at the hands of a more vicious group.

But, of course, Paris could be-friend one of the tougher guards in order to enlist the services of a protector of the weak. She could easily afford to change the lifestyle of someone who went out of his way to watch out for her. You can bet that some in the media have been trying to buy their way into getting some photos or videos of her life in the penitentiary. Paris will need guards on her side just to fight off the prison paparazzi, who may go to extraordinary lengths to get the photo shots that will sell for the big bucks.

Just think of the publicity that this situation might develop. On one side you have the photo hungry media that would devour and quickly blow out of proportion any photos that might emerge from Paris’ prison exploits. Paris’ publicity people must be prepared to spin anything that surfaces from this incarceration situation.

The next few weeks may be very interesting as each side prepares its lines of defense and offense.

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