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The Shadow – The Deathhouse Rescue 1937

Shadow_Death_From_NowhereThe radio show drama, The Shadow – The Deathhouse Rescue, which premiered on September 26, 1937, starred Orson Welles as Lamont Cranston, better known as The Shadow, and Agnes Moorhead as Margot Lane, Cranston’s constant companion and sidekick. (2)

The 1930s was a time when people needed to escape from reality because of the devastating effects of the Great Depression and the brutal antics Hitler was implementing in Germany and Europe. Escapism was the rule in all of the media including dime novels like The Shadow – Death from Nowhere (1) above left, movies and radio shows like The Shadow.

The Shadow character was described as a man with a genius level intellect who was in peak physical condition. He was a master detective, skilled marksman, martial artist, and a master of disguise and stealth. (2)

In this episode Cranston is tasked with clearing Paul Gordon’s name and rescuing him from his date with the electric chair. Can the Shadow accomplish the near impossible? I’m sure you already know the answer, but it is still fun to listen to him while he does it.

The Shadow always begins with “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows.” Give a listen.

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Naturally the good guy always wins. This is escapism after all, and the bad guys winning would be most depressing. The Shadow always ends with “The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Crime does not pay… The Shadow knows!” (2) Thank you, Shadow. I feel better already.

And remind me to order some Blue Coal anthracite for my furnace.

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Homeless Golden Voiced Radio Announcer Ted Williams Strikes Gold

Homeless radio announcer with a voice of gold, Ted Williams, was recently rediscovered begging for money on the streets of Columbus, Ohio, but the Internet sensation has literally struck gold since his video on YouTube and the Columbus went viral.

53-year-old Ted Williams was a panhandler one day who was under the influence of alcohol and drugs until two years ago, when he got sober. He was also “a sporadic resident of a camp behind an abandoned Hudson Street gas station” in Columbus.

But since Doral Chenoweth III, the videographer for the Columbus Dispatch made the video below of the golden throat announcer offering a sample of his voice on the street in exchange for small change, Williams’ fortune has risen immeasurably and has almost no limits.

Chenoweth discovered Williams begging on the streets of Columbus and recorded the following video which is embedded from

Williams has been offered more jobs than he can field, and he has already accepted an offer from Kraft Macaroni and Cheese as their spokesman. He is being paid $10,000 for performing voice-overs on four commercials.

His first commercial is already on the Internet, and like his original video, this one has gone viral. Check it out below:

Ted also has offers from the NFL and the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA basketball team. The Cav’s want Ted to be their official voice, and in addition to a salary, they are offering him the house that Lebron James used to live in.

Our third vid is NBC’s report on Ted’s good fortune:


Funny Midas Auto Repair Radio Scam

The following podcast touches home because we have all been there. The auto mechanic makes his pitch and we usually do not know enough about auto mechanics, so we don’t know whether to believe him or disbelieve him.

Podcast-It’s like watching a video with your eyes closed!

Give a listen:

You know you can never have too much headlight fluid on hand. You just run of out of that stuff so quickly.

The following is a transcript of the radio skit for those who like to read along:

MD: Hello?
A: Hi, is Michelle Depalma there please?
MD: this is her
MD: Hello?
A: Hi, is Michelle Depalma there please?
MD: this is her
A: Hi, Michelle, Alan here from Midas auto care.
MD: Hi, Alan
A: Hi, uh, looking at your car, you brought it in for an alignment and a tune up.
MD: Yes I did.
A: yeah, we found a few more problems here, just preventive maintenence, just wanna run ’em by you see what you think.
MD: okay.
A: Just making sure you want these done. First of all the headlights: the headlight fluid is a little low, we’re gonna need to top that off
MD: Alright.
A: and it’ll probably be, it depends: do you want the halogen fluid or the regular fluid.
MD: Umm….well how much do they run?
A: well, it’s about 10 bucks or 30 bucks…it’s a question of quality really; I really wouldn’t skip out, I’d go with the halogen.
MD: the halogen is better?
A: yeah.
MD: okay…and you said that was a bout $30
A: yeah. each headlight.
MD: each headlight? so…$60.
A: yeah.
MD: okay, we can go ahead and do that.
A: okay, I’ll mark that off, good call, Michelle. Okay, Tires…I don’t even know how this happened, this is weird. Somehow the left tires got on the right and the right tires got on the left, so you want us to switch those back around for you?
MD: Um, yeah, is that dangerous?
A: oh yeah. I mean, be thankful the front weren’t on the back and the back on the front. That could cause a real headache.
MD: Oh gosh!
A: well, sometimes the servicemen get confused if you’ve had it in for service recently.
MD Well how much is that gonna cost?
A: That’s gonna be about $50 per tire
MD: Per tire?
A: But we don’t need to do the spare, that we can leave alone.
MD: yeah, we don’t need to do the spare…so $100?
A: Yeah $200.
MD: Oh $200
A: yeah, $50 a tire and you’ll be thankful. Imagine you’re going down Southfield and whammo you hit a pothole? big problems. yeah
MD: okay, alright we can do that
A: And the biggest problem here, uh, my guy checked it out, I don’t know, last time you were in for service, how long do you think it’s been since you’ve had your car checked out.
MD: ummm, I don’t know, maybe a month ago?
A: yeah, I don’t know how this happened, maybe when you parked it in a mall or maybe in service, someone removed the transmission.
MD: the transmission?
A: yeah, it’s just gone.
MD: don’t you need that to…
A: well you …it improves gas mileage, but…you really probably need one. You want us to install one for ya?
MD: well, yeah, if I really need one, but how much is that gonna cost me?
A: well, it’s gonna be a bit, I’d actually get 2 for this kind of car
MD: okay, 2? how much is that gonna be.
A: How often do you drive in reverse?
MD: umm…I guess just when I back out of my driveway
A: okay, can you park in the street maybe?
MD: yeah, I could probably do that.
A: okay, because no reverse function that’ll save you a few hundred right there.
MD: oh it will?
A: yeah, especially if you’re getting 2 transmissions.
MD: ok.
A: so, there’s one last thing, and this is purely cosmetic, and I don’t know if it matters to you, we noticed in your car that the cigarette lighter was missing?
MD: yeah it is
A: we can throw that in no charge, we can throw that in
MD: oh really?
A: yeah, do you want that. That’ll just be $70 installation, but we won’t charge you for the cigarette lighter.
MD: oh …okay, well…how much is everything going to be together.
A: uuh…let me run up a total here …let’s see, we’ve got the tires, halogen fluid, lighter installation, 8, 3, 6, carry the 2..and add that in there, labor..okay, this is great, not too much damage in there, we’re talking $2443,
MD: Oh my god
A: and that’s great because the cigarette lighter you have in there is not a very expensive one.
MD: oh, well, I need to call my dad to see if I can borrow some of the money
A; sure
MD: …to help pay for it. Could I call you back?
A: yeah, actually we might have someone here who can help you when you call back
A’: yeah, when you call us back can you call us at the new Q95. This is Mojo in the morning and you’re the victim of a phone scam.