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Irina Shayk – Sports Illustrated Cover Model – Video

Russian born Irina Shayk is taking over the cover model world with her appearance on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

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Needless to say Irina is breathtaking in a bikini, plus she is a woman who lends a whole new meaning to the often tossed about term “beautiful people.”

We have also managed to provide you short video of this Russian beauty, so have a look:

We have to cut Irina some slack since English is a second language for her. Because of that she does not describe her emotions for being chosen the SI cover model as being thrilled, or overjoyed or even excited. Instead she is “super happy.”

She even describes her mother as being “super happy.” We will not begrudge this Russian lass for her lack of English vocabulary because, after all she is “super beautiful,” and how can anyone begrudge this girl anything?


    Trouble with Trains – Videos

    Today we present trouble with trains. In our first video, a couple of boys, Russian I believe from the sound of the vid, prove to themselves that they are man enough to do something totally crazy. Have a look:

    This is one daredevil type prank that I hope does not spread to the US. If I caught my kid doing this, I would ground him for a year. Having said that, I bet a stunt like that really gets the old adrenalin pumping.


    In this next video a group of kids are being kids at a train depot. Suddenly two of them try to push each other into the path of an oncoming train. They both end up on the tracks just as the train passes.

    It is a miracle that they did not get killed as the train passes over them missing them literally by inches.


    Our last video has been around for a couple of years, but it fit right in with our train theme for today so I added it anyway. If you have already seen it, watch again because it is very funny.

    It seems some Norwegian kids think of themselves as engineers and decide to alter the course of a high-speed train with rather amazing results. Take a look:

    That video was worth the wait IMO.


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    Berserk Worker Destroys Office – 2 Videos

    It seems like just another day at the office until something sets one guy off and he begins his meltdown. He suddenly begins to throw things and hit people. He tosses one computer monitor into one female worker, knocking her to the floor, and she is obviously hurt.

    Then it appears that he is starting to settle down, and he even begins picking up the papers he threw. But another worker says something to him, and he is off again. You can tell it will eventually take more than words to calm this fellow down. He is going insane right before your eyes.

    Both videos are about the same incident. The first video is in black and white with no sound, while the second video was filmed by another worker in the office on his or her cell phone. That video is from a different angle and has more distortion, but it also has sound, which adds a lot of drama to the crazy mix.

    Watch the second video toward the end when the security guard and the second office worker pull the misbehaving employee to the floor. The guard pulls some type of weapon from his pocket and uses it on the berserk man, and it shuts him down right away. A news report stated that it was a taser, but he didn’t react like other people I have seen hit with a taser. It almost appeared that the guard knifed him.

    But, maybe that’s just me. I am probably imagining things.

    Another remarkable sound effect in the second video is the woman who keeps screaming loudly. She will let out one large whoop after another. You couldn’t make a movie any better. In fact that is why some have said that the video is a fake and that these are all actors.

    But I seriously doubt that because the scene is done in one long take unlike the way a movie is done. You could not get actors to get it all together in one long scene like that.

    All in all I found it very entertaining. The language spoken sounds like Russian, which makes sense because there are a lot of Russian videos on YouTube of workers going ballistic. Why is a whole other matter.

    The nagging question is why this guy lost control. Maybe he missed his last cigarette break, and you know how a nicotine fit can nudge you over the edge. They do smoke a lot in Mother Russia.

    Perhaps someone borrowed his stapler and forgot to return it, or maybe he missed an important deadline. Now he has been put on double secret probation.

    But then again, maybe it is deeper than that. You know how office politics can sometimes make or break a career.

    Maybe one of the other workers is sleeping with the boss. That’s a tough obstacle to overcome in any office environment.

    It must really be a pleasure working in Russia. I think this is their version of going postal.

    Try Drunken Redneck Ukrainian Wedding Fight

    Redneck Ambulance Crews

    This first video should never happen, but it did. The incident took place in Ankara, Turkey, and the ambulance crew blamed the ambulance doors for not operating properly.

    The second video is absolutely shocking. How anyone could perform that way on a job where someone’s life is at risk is truly unbelievable. The incident was reported in France and here is the original French account followed by a loose translation:

    La vidéo se passe dans un tunnel de Moscou, au début une ambulance va perdre un patient. Une trentaine de voitures vont passer à côté de l’homme allongé sur la route sans s’arrêter.
    Ce n’est que quelques minutes plus tard que l’ambulance va faire demi tour en prenant le tunnel en contre sens pour récuperer le passager manquant.

    Translation: The video occurs in a tunnel from Moscow, at the beginning an ambulance will lose a patient. About thirty cars will pass without stopping near the man lying on the road. Then only a few minutes later the ambulance will turn around traveling through the tunnel against traffic to recover the missing passenger.

    I believe that the language being spoken in the video is Russian.

    The first two videos are included to put you in the proper frame of mind for the third video, which made me laugh out loud. It is absolutely hilarious.

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    Boeing 720 Gives Birth to Cessna 172

    News of Note:

    Dateline: Washington, D.C. The Washington Post reported today that a Boeing 720 has given birth to a Cessna 172 single prop aircraft. The proud papa is an Airbus 340, and this is the first successful mating in captivity of a Boeing with a French made Airbus according to the Post’s report.

    Prior to this the Boeing has been far too shy to mate while in captivity, whereas the French Airbus will mate pretty much anywhere. Said French President Nicolas Sarkozy, “But, of course, it eez a French aircraft. What else would you expect?”

    An unidentified source at Boeing was reported to have hinted that the Boeing company has begun to embrace the outlook that breeding new airplanes will prove far more cost effective than manufacturing them. The difficult part of the process will be rearing and training the young Cessna both to develop and behave like a Boeing.

    “This process is still in its infancy, if you will pardon the pun,” said the source. “A great deal more study is needed to produce the type of offspring we desire.”

    Last month a Russian made IL-78 Tanker gave birth to twins, while another tanker had triplets. Here is a photo of the tanker mother breast feeding her twin MIG-31s. Another photo of a an IL Tanker mother feeding her jet fighter triplets is below that.

    Although prolific, the Russian tankers have proven to be less than reliable. The problem with the IL Tanker is that it will mate with just about anything, and the fathers of both the twins and the triplets are unknown.

    An unidentified source at Boeing said that it is difficult to obtain a very high sales price for such mutt fighters. When the father is some unknown crazy Russian aircraft, there just is not much of a market for those type of planes.

    There was even one case of an IL-78 that had hooked up with an Italian sports car. “We believe that the suitor was a lead footed Ferrari, but we put stop to that relationship in a hurry,” said a Russian spokesman.

    “Imagine what the result of that mating might be,” said the spokesman. “The offspring would probably have to be sent directly to the scrap yard.”

    “These tankers simply have to begin staying away from the type of machine that is a bad influence,” the source said.

    We also show a photo of a Boeing and the Airbus just prior to the mating ritual. The photo depicts just how precarious aircraft mating can be.

    An Airbus spokesperson is reported to have stated that any premature disarticulation could prove catastrophic for both aircraft. “An error of that nature at that altitude could render both airplanes sterile,” the spokesperson said.

    “We certainly do not need an Airbus in our fleet that is incapable of procreation. Fatherhood is a trait the French people cherish highly. And that goes for our aircraft as well,” the spokesperson said.

    The final photo is that of a French Airbus 300 being prepared for surgery to reverse a vasectomy, which was previously a common procedure for the Airbus. The French wanted to prevent unwanted little airbuses suddenly appearing without notice.

    Now that parturition is becoming more common for these aircraft, reverse vasectomies are also increasingly popular.

    Ethnic Humor

    Ethnic humor can be some of the best humor as long as you don’t take it personally. Here are a couple gems:

    Irish humor:

    An Irishman found himself driving down a crowded street furiously searching back and forth because he was late for an important meeting and could not find a parking place.

    Finally frustrated, he Looked up to heaven and said, “Good Lord, please take pity on me. If you find me a parking place I will go to Mass every Sunday for the rest of me life and give up me favorite Irish Whiskey.”

    Like a Miracle, a parking place suddenly appeared. The Irishman looked up again and said,

    “Never mind, I found one!”

    Jewish Humor:

    An Israeli, a Russian, and an American are eating together at a table in a restaurant. Their waiter stops by the table saying, “Excuse me, but we have a shortage of meat.”

    The American asks: “What’s ‘shortage’?”

    The Russian asks: “What’s ‘meat’?”

    The Israeli asks: “What’s ‘excuse me’?”