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Shark Attacks Surfer Mick Fanning During Jennings Bay Open – Video

A shark attacked Australian surfer Mick Fanning during the Jennings Bay Open Sunday in South Africa while he was waiting his turn to surf. Three time world champion Fanning was sitting atop his board when suddenly the water around him started thrashing. According to Fanning the shark had grabbed his leg rope or leash and started pulling it downward, which certainly must have scared Fanning.

The second video adds two announcers describing the action as the shark attacks. Later in the video another announcer interviews Fanning after the attack.


Thread the Needle Base Jump Will Stop Your Heart-Extreme Video

Watch closely because base jumper extraordinaire Uli Emanuele is about to thread the needle so to speak through a hole in a rock formation somewhere in Switzerland. Uli measured the hole at 2 meters and 60-70 centimeters, which approximately equals 104 inches or 8 feet 8 inches.


We do not know at what speed Uli is traveling, but at an altitude of 600 metres, with a free-fall of at least 300 metres, a jumper is traveling at approximately 120 mph. (1) Therefore, Uli will hit the blue hole in the rock in the picture above at a speed of at least 80-100 mph. If he has an average sleeve length of 33-35 inches, Uli will have a wing span of 5’6″-5’10”. Subtracting that from the estimated hole width of 8’8″ leaves Uli with only 1.5 feet of clearance on either side of the hole, at a speed of 80-100 mph. That does not leave much room for error.

Uli must be spot on where he aims his body. If there is a slight downdraft or updraft when he flies through the hole, that may force him off course and he may hit one of his hands on the rock. That collision would probably push the rest of his body smack dab into the rock. Uli would then merely be a glob of primordial ooze inside the eye of the needle he must thread. I do not envy his chances.

We know that it is possible for Uli to lose his life if he misses the hole, his eye of the needle as we have said. Please remember that base jumping videos can be extremely exciting and stressful for the viewer, even unhealthy if the viewer has compromised health. If you have a heart condition, be sure to have your heart medication nearby along with your phone if you need to call for medical assistance. Remember, you have been warned.

Base jumping videos should all be watched in full screen mode to allow yourself to be caught up in the action and the thrill of the moment. Once you start the video, be sure to switch to full screen mode right away. NSFW.

Uli you studmuffin, you! You the man, dude! Wow, what a jump! Right through the eye of the needle!

If you, the viewer, got caught up in the action a bit too much and are now experiencing a heart attack, first and foremost, Calm Down! Number two take some of your heart medication. Three dial 9-1-1 in the U.S., 9-9-9 in Great Britain, 1-1-2 in most of Europe or whatever the digits are for a medical emergency in your part of the world.


Okay, I suppose we did exaggerate the thrill just a bit, but that is what makes it fun. If you want to learn more about our favorite stud in residence, Uli Emanuele, try his Facebook page.

BTW, I challenge you to read and watch the video in the Link below, a Letter Postmarked for Heaven. If you don’t get a lump in your throat after experiencing that, there is something wrong.

(1) Base Jumping. Via Wikipedia. Retrieved 7/8/2015.

Ski Heaven

unknown skier

An unknown skier, above, exhilarates in the joy of skiing.

Many sports occasionally provide moments that are so intense. so exciting, so exhilarating, yet so joyful that you wish they could go on forever. We have one of those moments here on film.

Cody Townsend, renowned professional skier extraordinaire, takes us along with him on one of those exhilarating moments so exciting that it makes us want to go skiing right now, even if we don’t know how to ski.

Cody skis through a tight mountain pass that narrows so dramatically that it reaches a confining width of just six feet at its slimmest point. Yet Cody whips past that thin point at speeds of 60-80 miles per hour.

Sound exciting? Enough talk. Let’s watch:

For an avid or a professional skier, perhaps this moment is what heaven is, a moment so thrilling that it continues on and on…forever into infinity.

This video was produced in conjunction with Red Bull and  MSP films to promote a new ski film. You can learn more at


Base Jumping Crash Caught on Video

Our video today shows Jeb Corliss, one of the world’s best base jumpers, crashing into a ridge on January 16th on Table Mountain in South Africa as his jump goes horribly wrong.

The video is embedded so that it will begin at 1 minute and four seconds into the vid, which is the beginning of Corliss’ ill-fated jump. We recommend that you click on the full screen icon in the lower right corner of the vid to enable the best shot of the crash.

Because it is YouTube technology that allows us to pop into the video at a specific time slot, it may not work properly on all web browsers. If that happens, then simply paste the link into your browser’s URL address and watch it on YouTube.

And yes, Corliss surprisingly survived the mishap suffering only a broken leg, a broken ankle, some broken toes and bumps and bruises while spending the last five weeks in a South Africa hospital.

Corliss’ injuries are minor compared with what might have occurred. The fact that he survived at all is quite amazing considering that he hit the ridge at 120 miles per hour. Of course, Corliss fully intends to continue jumping once his injuries heal.

“The only reason I’m getting better is so that I can jump again,” Corliss said describing his motivation for healing his injuries.  “That’s what I do.  There’s absolutely nothing in this world that’s going to stop me from jumping.”

HBO Sports with Bryant Gumbel filmed the crash, and Corliss has posted his version of the accident at Jeb Corliss – Grounded. ABC News’ Nightline has also presented the best version of the accident I have seen on its show. I will post that link when it becomes available.

Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca Start Fist Fight at CFL Luncheon

Joe Kapp Lands a Right to Angelo Mosca’s Jaw

Joe Kapp, 73, a former NFL quarterback with the Minnesota Vikings, and Angelo Mosca, 74, a former CFL defensive lineman and a former professional wrestler under the names of King Kong Mosca and the Mighty Hercules, got into a fist fight at a recent CFL Grey Cup luncheon in Vancouver, Canada.

Kapp and Mosca hold a grudge against each other for a hit Mosca landed on one of Kapp’s teammates 48 years ago. Talk about holding a grudge!

Here is a video of the actual fight as it occurred:

The two septuagenarians have held grudges against each other since the 1963 Grey Cup, which is the CFL’s version of a Canadian Super Bowl.  In the 1963 game, Mosca laid out Kapp’s teammate, Willie Fleming, with a controversial hit, knocking Fleming out of the game. Now, nearly 50 years later, the two still do not get along.

You would think two seventy somethings would have gotten all of the fist fighting out of their systems by now, but not these two.

The Grey Cup luncheon, where the fight occurred, had a goal of raising money for retired CFL players, so it is possible that the altercation might not have been entirely spontaneous. After all the incident did reach news outlets all across North America.

Comedian Ron James, the luncheon’s host, insists that the fight was not staged; however, it would be interesting to learn how much money the event raised for its cause.

Watch Minneapolis Metrodome Roof Collapse – Video

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome in the Twin Cities collapsed under the weight of snow from a blizzard that hit the Twin Cities Saturday. The storm left from 17 to 22 inches of snow throughout Minneapolis-St Paul area. The roof of the dome that covers Mall of America Field just could not handle the weight.

The Minnesota Vikings was to play the New York Giants under the dome at 12 o’clock Noon today, Sunday. That game has been rescheduled for Monday night at Ford Field in Detroit at 7:20 pm ET. General admission tickets at that games will be free to first comers.

The New York Giants’ plane diverted to Kansas City on Saturday because of the blizzard, but the team had planned to leave early Sunday morning and to arrive in Minnesota in time to play. But the roof collapsed overnight, the fourth time in the building’s nearly 30-year history that has happened.

Editor’s note: We only recently noticed that nine seconds into the first video on the far side of the football field you can see a worker on an electric cart scurrying for all he’s worth to get off the field before the collapse.

The first video is an interior view of the roof collapsing:

Metrodome officials informed the NFL that the roof would not be repaired in time to play on either Monday or Tuesday. The league considered Detroit, Indianapolis and the new University of Minnesota’s TCF Bank Stadium, which had shut down for winter, before finally deciding upon Ford Field.

Fox News reported that Vikings defensive end Brian Robison tweeted, “I think this is officially the craziest season ever; now the roof collapses at the Metrodome. Can’t wait to see what happens now. Let’s make it even crazier and just take the roof off and play outside.”

Fox News also reported that two triangle-shaped panels on the dome’s roof were damaged and officials were still sizing up the options early Sunday, according to Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission Executive Director Bill Lester.

The roof is approximately 10 acres of 580,000 pounds of Teflon-coated fiberglass which is supported by 20 fans rated at 90 horsepower each.

After the roof collapsed the first three times in the 1980’s Metrodome officials decided to increase the inside air pressure provided by the 20 fans. That had solved the collapsing problem until now. The dome even survived the Halloween blizzard in 1991 that dumped 36 inches of snow on the dome, which was twice the amount of snow that caused the collapse this time.

The second video is the Metrodome after the collapse:

ABC News reported that workers were kept out of the Metrodome for safety reasons Sunday morning, but by late morning workers were on top of the dome clearing snow.

All Star Ball Girl, Human Billboard and Sports Bloopers – Videos

We have some remarkable sporting feats and bloopers in both photos and videos today. Naturally some are obviously staged, but even the staged ones are exceptional. Now, most of these folks cannot be labeled as rednecks, but a handful can. See if you can guess which ones are the rednecks.

Imagine a human billboard with the participants playing either football or soccer, depending on what part of the world you live in. The location is somewhere in East Asia (who can tell Japanese writing from Chinese? Not I).

It’s not a new idea. Microsoft had a similar billboard for the opening of Microsoft Vista, and we even found a similar billboard in a movie musical from 1929. But believe that you need remarkable athletic ability to play soccer with your body parallel to the ground high above the streets below.

This type of stunt provides a mountain of publicity, as you can see from the crowds in the streets beneath the billboard. But this one qualifies as a “Don’t do this at home.” If you try it at home, we never heard of you.

No, no, no! You’re supposed to hit the ball with the bat, not with your face. Well, at least that is a good start to our bloopers, although that had to hurt. But the best bloopers are on video, so let’s take a look.


Our videos are all short, so try not to worry about your time commitment. The first one is a terrific example of an incredibly talented girl baseball player. Even Tori Hunter could not make this catch any better.

Hopefully, you caught on that the video is fake and is for an upcoming commercial. But real or fake, it was fun anyway.

The next video shows you a side of fatherhood that none of us aspire toward.

Oooh! Litle girl! If you only knew what you just did. I can really feel for that poor guy. You women will never know how incredibly painful that is.

Video No. 3 shows how juvenile delinquency can go so very wrong and never turns out the way you planned.

That kid was ever so lucky because he could have been burned so much worse. I remember doing some dumb things as a kid, but I was never that dumb.

Our final video proves that, despite the best of intentions, accidents do happen.

Now that is one understanding mother. How she ever learned to be that good natured is beyond belief.

Japanese Baseball Video Humor
Redneck Tennis…No, Redneck Baseball…No…Funny Video
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Are NBA Title Games Rigged? – Video

Is the fix in at the NBA? Are some title games rigged?

Ex-NBA official, Tim Donaghy says they are. The question is, do we believe him? Or is he merely making noise in hopes of getting a lighter prison sentence on July 14th, when he is scheduled to be sentenced?

Donaghy is the NBA referee that was arrested last summer by the FBI for gambling and conspiring with gamblers on NBA games. He was fired by the NBA, he subsequently pleaded guilty to lesser charges and he has been cooperating with the government in order to obtain a lighter sentence.

According to a just released letter from his attorney to the court, Donaghy said NBA executives instructed certain referees “to manipulate games” to “boost ticket sales and television ratings.”

Donaghy gave specific examples but withheld team names. Donaghy mentioned Game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference finals as one example. That game was between the LA Lakers and the Sacramento Kings. One flagrant foul that was never called stands out from the rest.

Laker Kobe Bryant clearly elbowed Sacramento’s Mike Bibby, sending Bibby to the floor bleeding. Yet no foul was called, which caused King fans to claim the fix was in. Now Donaghy is saying the fans were right.

In that game, the Lakers shot a total of 40 free throws, but 27 were in the final quarter. The Lakers won that game 106-102 and went on to win game 7 and, eventually, the NBA championship title.

If a referee wants to favor one team over another, all he has to do is call a few extra fouls against the unfavored team and fewer fouls against the favored team. That gives his favored team extra free throws and extra points and the exact opposite for the unfavored team.

The following is a Sacramento area newscast regarding Donaghy’s allegations.

That is what Donaghy claims happened in game six between the Lakers and the Kings in 2002, and the media and fans wanted the referees’ heads after that game. Many Kings fans claimed then that the fix was in, and even today, six years later, some still cite that game as the smoking gun proving that officials manipulate key NBA games.

Donaghy also stated that it has happened in other games too. During the 2005 playoff series between the Dallas Mavericks and the Houston Rockets, Jeff Van Gundy, who was then the Rockets’ coach, stated publicly that an NBA official had privately told him that his star 7′ 6″ center, Yao Ming, would be singled out by referees for illegal screens during the series. The NBA fined Van Gundy $100,000 for that remark.

But Donaghy’s letter states “the referees followed the league instructions and Team 3 came back from behind to win the series. The N.B.A. benefited from this, because it prolonged the series, resulting in more tickets sold and more televised games.”

What is the NBA’s reply to these accusations?

NBA Commissioner David Stern has refused to give any credibility to Donaghy’s charges.

Stern dismissed Donaghy’s allegations as baseless and said that the accusations come from the mouth of an admitted felon.

“He turned on basically all of his colleagues in an attempt to demonstrate that he is not the only one who engaged in criminal activity,” Stern said. “The US attorney’s office, the FBI have fully investigated it, and Mr. Donaghy is the only one who is guilty of a crime. And he’s going to be sentenced for that crime, regardless of these desperate attempts to implicate as many people as he can.”

And so far, he is correct. No other charges have yet been filed by the FBI, despite their investigations.

But when officiating decides the outcome of games instead of plays, you cannot fault the public for holding their noses from the stink. Claims of NBA game rigging have been floating around for years.

Donaghy’s latest statements will certainly do nothing but stir up the pot on this controversy.

Barry Bonds Indicted for Perjury

Barry Bonds, the former San Francisco Giant who broke Hank Aaron’s 755 home run record last year and hitting a career total 762 home runs, was indicted on Thursday on four counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice.

Bonds is accused of lying under oath before a federal grand jury in 2003 when he denied using banned drugs. The indictment states that Bonds lied when he stated under oath that he never used steroids, testosterone, human growth hormone and tetrahydrogestrinone, a drug nick named “the clear,” which was a steroid that was undetectable at that time and was developed by the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative (BALCO).

The indictment also stated that Bonds lied when he testified before the grand jury that his personal trainer, Greg Anderson, never injected him with drugs. Anderson was released from prison Thursday night after having been jailed over a year for contempt of court for his refusal to testify against Bonds.

Bonds earned $17 million last year playing with the Giants, but the team declined signing him for another season. Bonds was named the National League’s Most Valuable Player seven times, five of them as a Giant and twice when he played for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

On August 7, 2007, Bonds hit his 756th home run, surpassing Aaron’s record and making him baseball’s new home run king.

The 43-year-old outfielder will be arraigned December 7th and could face as much as 30 months in jail if convicted.

OJ Simpson Denied Bail While Partners Released

OJ Simpson was charged today with 10 felony counts and one gross misdemeanor count in connection with his recent escapade in the sports memorabilia un-robbery that took place in the Palace Station Hotel-Casino. Simpson was also denied bail, while two of his alleged accomplices have already made bail.

This has raised questions about reverse favoritism because one of Simpson’s compatriots, Walter Alexander, allegedly brandished a gun during the event, yet was able to cut a deal and is now free and back home in LA.

“This is way over the top,” attorney Chris Rasmussen told as he explained that he has represented hundreds of defendants charged with more serious crimes yet who still make bail. “If this was a regular case, this would be a gross misdemeanor with probation, maybe five years’ supervision. We have guys who shoot up 7-11s and they get out the next day.”

Amy Chelini, a former Clark County prosecutor, was also surprised by the denial of bail. “I can’t recall the last time that someone was denied bail,” she explained. “Even the most serious charges, except for capital murder, get bail. I have a lot of clients who are from out of state and get bail. After all, a lot of people who come to this town get in trouble,” she said.

Reporters have been questioning Clark County authorities and OJ, himself, about the possible discrimination against OJ because he was once on trial for capital murder.

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Fuzzy Zoeller Gets Incredible Hole in One

This video shows an incredible hole in one by golfer, Fuzzy Zoeller, at the Des Moines, Iowa, Allianz Championship in June, 2006. When you first see it, you begin to think that it is a phony video, but that is not the case according to the official Fuzzy Zoeller web site at

The suspect part of the video is when the ball lands right on the fringe of the green and just sits there for about 10 seconds. Just when you think the shot is over, the ball starts rolling, and the rest is history.

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Redneck Tennis…No…Redneck Baseball…No…

Is it tennis or is it baseball? Let’s see…let’s call it redneck tennis ball. Maybe you could call it redneck tenball or redneck basis? How about tennis-baseball. No matter what you call it, this is not your usual version of bat and ball. These guys are very good with a bat–a whole lot better than I was when I was a kid.

This could be a whole new version of bat and ball, but only the really hot jocks need apply. This ain’t no beginner ball, because you have to be a pretty good ball player to compete in this league.

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Redneck Parachute and Hang Glider Bloopers

For centuries man has been fascinated with the thought of soaring through the air…of flying. Now that flight has been a reality for some time, it is time to look at the redneck side of flight, specifically, parachuting and hang gliding. Here are a few bloopers of rednecks who almost flew.

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