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Thread the Needle Base Jump Will Stop Your Heart-Extreme Video

Watch closely because base jumper extraordinaire Uli Emanuele is about to thread the needle so to speak through a hole in a rock formation somewhere in Switzerland. Uli measured the hole at 2 meters and 60-70 centimeters, which approximately equals 104 inches or 8 feet 8 inches.


We do not know at what speed Uli is traveling, but at an altitude of 600 metres, with a free-fall of at least 300 metres, a jumper is traveling at approximately 120 mph. (1) Therefore, Uli will hit the blue hole in the rock in the picture above at a speed of at least 80-100 mph. If he has an average sleeve length of 33-35 inches, Uli will have a wing span of 5’6″-5’10”. Subtracting that from the estimated hole width of 8’8″ leaves Uli with only 1.5 feet of clearance on either side of the hole, at a speed of 80-100 mph. That does not leave much room for error.

Uli must be spot on where he aims his body. If there is a slight downdraft or updraft when he flies through the hole, that may force him off course and he may hit one of his hands on the rock. That collision would probably push the rest of his body smack dab into the rock. Uli would then merely be a glob of primordial ooze inside the eye of the needle he must thread. I do not envy his chances.

We know that it is possible for Uli to lose his life if he misses the hole, his eye of the needle as we have said. Please remember that base jumping videos can be extremely exciting and stressful for the viewer, even unhealthy if the viewer has compromised health. If you have a heart condition, be sure to have your heart medication nearby along with your phone if you need to call for medical assistance. Remember, you have been warned.

Base jumping videos should all be watched in full screen mode to allow yourself to be caught up in the action and the thrill of the moment. Once you start the video, be sure to switch to full screen mode right away. NSFW.

Uli you studmuffin, you! You the man, dude! Wow, what a jump! Right through the eye of the needle!

If you, the viewer, got caught up in the action a bit too much and are now experiencing a heart attack, first and foremost, Calm Down! Number two take some of your heart medication. Three dial 9-1-1 in the U.S., 9-9-9 in Great Britain, 1-1-2 in most of Europe or whatever the digits are for a medical emergency in your part of the world.


Okay, I suppose we did exaggerate the thrill just a bit, but that is what makes it fun. If you want to learn more about our favorite stud in residence, Uli Emanuele, try his Facebook page.

BTW, I challenge you to read and watch the video in the Link below, a Letter Postmarked for Heaven. If you don’t get a lump in your throat after experiencing that, there is something wrong.

(1) Base Jumping. Via Wikipedia. Retrieved 7/8/2015.

Weird Redneck Fish and Sexy Girl – Videos

While traveling the Net, I ran into a very funny guy by the name of Larry Graves over at Larry is a clever fellow who likes to bill himself as the Canadian Studmuffin.

I readily admit that I did not research the studmuffin component of Larry’s character and, frankly, I sense no burning desire to do so. For those of you who are so inclined, head on over to Larry Graves and knock yourself out.

What I did explore though is Larry’s humor, and I learned that he is a very clever guy who is capable of doing strange things with fish tanks. I thought I would present a portion of Larry’s wit, which oftentimes manifests a Redneck bite to it. In fact, our first vid is Larry’s creation and is called Weird Fish.

Have a Look at Weird Fish by Larry Graves:

Well, that is truly one ugly fish. There is no doubt about that.


Our second vid is also a product of the imagination of Larry Graves, who, in this video, abandoned his fish tank for a sojourn into the real world. The video is entitled Sexy Girl, and the female lead is played by Taylor Amelia, an actress who has absolutely no difficulty convincing anyone that she is, indeed, a sexy girl, a very sexy girl in fact.

Please give a look at Sexy Girl:

I don’t believe that Phil made a decision there that most other men would agree with.


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