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Toddler Left Stranded Alone at Train Station by Broken Train Door

A 3-year-old boy was left stranded all alone on a commuter train platform when a door on a train malfunctioned, separating the toddler from his dad, who was already on the train.

At that point the train promptly left the station leaving the bewildered child on the platform and what most probably was a frantic father stuck on the train with no way to get back quickly to his son.

Fortunately for the child, a good Samaritan stayed right with the boy waiting until the father found his way back to the platform.

A story that might have had a tragic ending turned out well for all involved.

Drunk Woman Falls in Front of Train, Narrowly Escapes Death – Video

An apparently inebriated 26-year-old woman narrowly escaped death Friday in the Boston MBTA subway as she fell into the path of an oncoming train. The heroic train driver somehow managed to stop the train just as the very tip of the front of the first car passed over the woman who by this time was lying on the tracks and possibly fearing the worst.

The woman had attempted to stomp out her cigarette and watch for the train at the same time as the train approached, and that is when she stumbled and fell directly onto the tracks. During the whole process she also somehow managed not to touch the electrified third rail, which also might have meant death for the woman.

After the woman fell onto the tracks, other commuters frantically attempted to alert the train driver that someone was on the tracks by waving their arms at the train’s driver.

MBTA train operator Charice Lewis saw the passengers at North Station flailing their arms as the train approached the station. At approximately the same time, she heard her radio frantically warn her to pull the emergency brake because someone had fallen onto the tracks.

“It was so close, I thought it was not good,’’ said the 27-year-old Lewis, a train operator from Mattapan. “Afterward she came up with a big smile on her face and I’m like ‘Oh my God, you really scared me,’ ’’ Lewis said. “The most exciting part for me is she crawled out from under (the train).’’

Lewis received a called from the governor after the incident and also was honored as a hero yesterday by Secretary of Transportation Jeffrey Mullan.

The woman on the tracks has not been identified; however, she had scraped her knees but was otherwise was reported to be okay. According  to police she had been drinking for several hours before the event. The woman was treated and evaluated at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Baby in Stroller Falls under Moving Train – Survives – Video

An extremely fortunate six-month old baby boy strapped into his stroller rolled off a train platform into the path of an oncoming train on Thursday in Melbourne, Australia. Despite being pushed along the train track for 131 feet, the baby ended up with only a small bump and cut on the forehead.

John Rees, a spokesman for train operator Connex, said “It’s a miracle this baby wasn’t killed. The baby managed to escape with just a cut to the forehead, I’m told. It’s a complete miracle.”

The entire incident was captured on closed circuit TV at Ashburton railway station in Melbourne, Victoria. The footage shows the baby’s mother momentarily releasing her grasp on the stroller to adjust her clothing, after which the stroller rolls over the edge of the platform just as a train pulls into the station.

One can see in the video that the baby’s mother was so distraught that she almost went off the platform after the baby. She probably would have had the train not arrived immediately after the stroller slipped onto the tracks.

The miracle baby was treated at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital and then released to his mother.

The following video is an Associated Press report of the incident:


Trouble with Trains – Videos

Today we present trouble with trains. In our first video, a couple of boys, Russian I believe from the sound of the vid, prove to themselves that they are man enough to do something totally crazy. Have a look:

This is one daredevil type prank that I hope does not spread to the US. If I caught my kid doing this, I would ground him for a year. Having said that, I bet a stunt like that really gets the old adrenalin pumping.


In this next video a group of kids are being kids at a train depot. Suddenly two of them try to push each other into the path of an oncoming train. They both end up on the tracks just as the train passes.

It is a miracle that they did not get killed as the train passes over them missing them literally by inches.


Our last video has been around for a couple of years, but it fit right in with our train theme for today so I added it anyway. If you have already seen it, watch again because it is very funny.

It seems some Norwegian kids think of themselves as engineers and decide to alter the course of a high-speed train with rather amazing results. Take a look:

That video was worth the wait IMO.


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Redneck Hand Grenade

We are in a sort of redneck state of mind today, and what could be more redneck than hand grenades?

Ever wonder what might happen if rednecks were allowed to carry hand grenades? Surely they would carry grenades while hunting, which means that Vice Presidents could do so too.

Eventually we would see a news report that Vice President Dick Cheney blew up a lawyer while quail hunting. Naturally, the lawyer would insist that the explosion was his fault, not the Vice President’s.

“It was imprudent of that attorney to have been standing so near that quail when the Vice President was hunting with hand grenades,” said the white house spokesman.

At least, if you hunted quail with hand grenades, all of the bird’s feathers would be plucked automatically. But so would most of the rest of the bird. Not much bird left to eat at all, actually.

But it’s the thrill of the hunt that we really seek. Food gathering qualifies as a mere secondary goal and is not even remotely significant.

And, strangely enough, that is also the mind set of the lads in our first video, which covers this issue quite thoroughly, thank you. Have a look.


One need not be an adult to wear the redneck label. The young lad on the bike in this next video is well on his way to becoming a full blown redneck, if he has not already arrived there.

But the kid was obviously talked into this stunt. He apparently has several accomplices in the remarkably “intelligent” video. There are two photographers on screen right plus the motorcyclist who helped the teen pick up enough speed to enable the loud smack when the biker and the sign violently meet.

You can also hear the muffled snickering in the background after the biker crouches below the sign in a daze.

Gather one highly impressionable teenager with two or three young men who are only slightly older, and, voila!, you suddenly have a teen willing to do just about anything to fit in with the older guys.


It clearly must be James Bond behind the wheel in our last video because this driver is one cool customer as he waits on the train tracks until the last possible moment to accelerate his vehicle out of the train’s path. There was not even one second to spare.

If you were able to time the gap between the car leaving the tracks and the train arriving at the intersection, it must be only a fraction of a second. But that is clearly what the videographer wanted.

The near miss is what makes the video worth watching. No one gets worked up about a three second near miss. But a near miss of less than one second will make the video popular all over the Internet.

My guess is the driver is another teenager, and he is probably driving the folks’ car. If this kid lives long enough, he may make a terrific movie stunt man. However, if he continues taking chances like this, the kid may well be history before he has an opportunity to grow into any kind of man.

Newborn Baby Falls from Moving Train When Mother Faints

A pre-maturely born baby girl, just moments old, fell off a moving train after her mother lost consciousness after giving birth. Miraculously, the baby survived the ordeal after lying on the railroad tracks for two hours.

The incident occurred in Ahmedabad, India, where train bathrooms are merely a hole in the floor that drop to the tracks below.

The mother, known only as Bhuri, who is 33 years old, gave birth unexpectedly while going to the toilet. Baby Bhuri slipped through the toilet hole to the tracks below when mother Bhuri fell unconscious after giving birth.

Bhuri’s relatives found her in the toilet soaked in blood, but her baby was gone. The relatives immediately pulled the train’s emergency brake.

Workers from a nearby train station began a frantic search along the tracks in the middle of the night. The workers were able to locate the baby after searching in the dark for nearly two hours.

Baby Bhuri, who is yet unnamed, dropped onto the rocks between the tracks’ steel rails.

She was born 8-10 weeks premature and weighed only 3 pounds 4 ounces. However, Baby Bhuri is in stable condition and is expected to survive.

Mother Bhuri was enroute to Ahmedabad for a medical checkup when the incident occurred.

Redneck and Australian Aborigine Love

Two Australian Aborigine guides were walking in the outback with a vacationing American redneck, when, suddenly, one of the Aborigines ran up a hill toward the mouth of a small cave. “Wooooo! Wooooo! Wooooo!” the Aborigine yelled into the cave. Then he carefully listened, hoping for a special answer.

“Wooooo! Wooooo! Wooooo!” he heard from the cave.

Tearing off his clothes, he ran into the cave. The redneck, looking puzzled, asked the other Aborigine what that was all about. Had the other Aborigine gone crazy?

“Oh no,” replied the Aborigine. “It is a mating ritual custom. When Aborigine men see a cave, they holler, ‘Wooooo! Wooooo! Wooooo!’ into the opening. If they get an answer from inside the cave, it means there is a girl in there waiting to mate.”

Just then they saw another cave. The second Aborigine ran up to the opening of the cave, stopped, and hollered, “Wooooo! Wooooo! Wooooo!” Immediately, there was the answer of “Wooooo! Wooooo! Wooooo!” from far inside the cave.

Aborigine number 2 tore off his clothes and darted into the cave.

After that, the redneck wandered around the outback alone until he came upon a great big cave. As he looked in amazement at the size of the huge opening, he was thinking, “Whoa, doggies! Look at the size of this cave! It is much bigger than the ones the Aborigines found. There must be a very fine woman waiting in this cave!”

As he stood in front of the opening, he hollered with all his might “Wooooo! Wooooo! Wooooo!”

Eyes closed and grinning in anticipation, he soon heard the resounding answer he had hoped for, “WOOOOOOOOO! WOOOOOOOOO! WOOOOOOOOO!”

With a glint in his eyes and a huge smile on his face, he sped into the cave, ripping off his clothes while he ran.

The next day, the headline of the local newspaper read, “Naked Redneck Run Over By Freight Train.”

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