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Are US Marines Caught Urinating on Dead Taliban? – or Not? – Video

A video that just recently hit YouTube and the Internet purportedly shows four US Marines urinating on three dead Taliban in Afghanistan. The question is whether or not the video is real or a hoax. Watch the vid and see for yourself:

As of the writing of this post, there are about half a dozen postings of this video on YouTube including one supposedly from Once these vids turn viral, which is very likely, YouTube will probably remove them from its site because of the inflammatory nature of the video. That is usually how YouTube operates, although Russia Today and do have more clout than the ordinary YouTube video poster and that may prevent the vids from being removed by YouTube management.

In any event, the real question is whether or not the vid is a hoax or real? My guess is it’s a hoax. After watching the video on a 42 inch TV screen, I was not able to see a urine stream coming from any of the four Marines. That suggests a hoax.

In addition, the Marine on the right appears to be toting around at least a 12 inch penis. And we all know there are not too many of those around. That too suggests hoax. It is possible that the Marine’s manhood is genuine, which may indicate his motivation is to broadcast the size of his johnson rather than to defile any Taliban.

The US Marine Corp. has announced that it will investigate the incident because this is not the image the Corp. wants for itself.

What do you think?

Save Water – Pee in the Shower – Video

It’s a slogan that began in Brazil. Save Water! “Save the Atlantic rainforest! Pee in the Shower!” Suddenly, what all mothers taught their sons and daughters not to do is now chic and considered the right thing to do.

The video below is the work of a Brazilian environmental group, SOS Mata Atlantica, whose goal is to save the Brazilian rainforest. I do not know why saving water will help save the rainforest, but I will take their word for it.

The logic behind taking a leak in the shower is simply a numbers game. One person urinating in the shower instead of the toilet once a day will save about 1,100 gallons of water a year. If every person on the planet joined in, the resultant savings would be over 6.5 trillion gallons of water saved every year.

That is some serious conservation folks.

The following video is in Portuguese so most will not be able to understand it, but the message is that people from all walks of life, from a trapeze artist to a basketball player to even an alien, are all urinating in the shower to save water.

Have a look:

This water saving campaign has legs and may go viral worldwide. Just remember, next time you shower, urinate for mother nature.

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