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Story of Fictitious Dog “Leao” still Draws Admirers

A story in 2011 about a Brazilian dog stirred the emotions of millions worldwide with sentiment so raw the anecdote went viral immediately. The tale spun a fictitious yarn about a pup named “Leao” who was so loyal to her former owner that the dog sat vigil for days at graveside after the owner’s funeral.

At the time everyone thought the story was real, with Leao’s chronicle revealed to be a hoax only a few weeks later. Despite that, Leao’s folktale still tugs at the heartstrings of net surfers today, 4 1/2 years later.

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People stumble across the narrative to this day and are touched by the loyalty of such an admirable dog. In fact, folks still often ask about her, remarking “Whatever became of that incredible Brazilian dog Leao?”

Leao’s reported owner was Cristina Maria Cesario Santana, who supposedly died in Brazil’s 2011 catastrophic landslides caused by severe flooding. It is not even known if Santana was a real person or simply the figment of someone’s deceptive imagination.

Leao’s narration was carried by numerous media outlets including McCafferty Himself, and even CNN. The hoax revelation was first carried by the Malaysia Sun, but far fewer news organizations bothered to report the hoax.They were far more interested in the emotionalism of the original article. That is probably why so many folks still believe the story today.

Most of us want to believe that such a tale is true because it reaffirms the landmark loyalty that dogs have for their owners. Unconditional love even after death–now that really is a tale worth telling.


The dog in the photo actually belonged to Rodolfo Júnior, a grave digger who worked at a cemetery in Teresopolis, Brazil. Júnior stated that his dog often accompanied him to work, and he did not know who took the photo of his dog at the newly dug, unmarked grave.

There were so many dead from the mudslides in Brazil that year that they resorted to burying people in an assembly line fashion, which is why they are so many fresh graves in the photos. It was reported that 655 died in Teresopolis alone.

Perceiving human like emotions in animals is not new. There are many videos on the Net of such things. Look at a video we have of a cat that appears to be trying to revive its mate by massaging its chest.

These type of tales seem to give us that warm fuzzy feeling inside, even if it’s 4 1/2 years after the fact.


Baby Twins Talk in Funny, Animated Conversation – Viral Video

Two baby twins are caught in the act of conversing with each other in a pleasantly animated fashion. It is hard to believe that these two do not understand at least some of what they are saying to each other.

Make no mistake about it, each is intent upon conversing with the other twin. Their arm and foot gestures are so believable that this vid has gone viral in a very short amount of time with over 23 million views in less than three months.

Well, those two certainly convinced me. I am not sure what point they were trying to make, but I believe that they believe it.

Drunk Santa Like You’ve Never Seeen Him Before – Video

I know what you are going to say about this video. You are going to say it’s a fake, which is what I thought when I first saw Santa walking as though inebriated.

However, when ole Santa takes a header into the parked car, that made me wonder and at least appreciate the quality if it is a fake. There are not that many folks who can fake a header like that.

Plus the German Herald online newspaper states that the video is genuine.

In any event, the vid is entertaining and has already gone viral with well over 300,000 views in just a few days.

The vid was shot at a parking ramp in Berlin, Germany, where we all know the Santas like their beer. The staff at the ramp posted the inebriated Santa on the Internet according to the German Herald.

The German Herald states that the garage owner told the local media the man was later seen boarding a bus.

“The Santa left the building on foot after it was pointed out he should not be driving – and in any case he did not even seem to know if he had a car here,” the owner added.

“The cool air seemed to have revived him a bit and he was last seen boarding a bus.”

Anyone who takes public transportation knows how common drunks are on buses and trains this time of year the world over.

The flashing and Santa’s plumber’s butt at the end were quite special.

I Don’t Like the TSA – Protest Song – Video

A protest song placed on YouTube and elsewhere by amateur singer Jonathan Mann has gone viral. The federal government agency TSA, the Transportation Security Administration, which has added xray machines that can see through clothing at security check points at the nation’s airports has been taking quite a bit of heat for those machines.

Also added to the mix is the alternative if a passenger refuses to go through the xray machine, which is a physical pat down by a TSA employee. Passengers truly do not like either alternative, and they are not being shy about voicing their displeasure.

Jonathan Mann is selling the song for $1 a download at

Drunkest Drunk Ever Goes On Beer Run – Viral Video

The following video is such an Internet hit that it has gone viral almost instantly, and it is no wonder because it qualifies as some of the best drunk humor available.

This incident occurred only nine days ago at 10:45 AM no less on a Tuesday morning. Our inebriated hero has set forth upon a Lordly quest to sate his quench of thirst. In other words, he is on a beer run.

Such a valiant effort in search of liquid sustenance is restrained by his obvious inability to resist the law of gravity. As you will see in the video, our hero continually succumbs to Sir Isaac Newton’s law regardless of his endeavors to thwart it.

As in most such thirst motivated missions, the humor is in the journey itself, rather than our hero’s ultimate destination.

Let’s watch:

The scary part is that all of the other drunks at the party chose this guy as the one sober enough to go on a beer run. Since we all know that the Internet is forever, just wait until our hero applies for a new job and his prospective employer shows him this video. He will not be a happy camper.