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‘Chandeliering Ice’ Caught on Video


After living my entire life in Minnesota, which is one of the coldest states in the US, I encountered a winter phenomenon I had never even heard of, let alone witnessed. It’s called “ice chandeliering,” which is the strange effect created when strong winds push a melting layer of ice across the surface of a lake into the opposite shoreline with tremendous force.

When the ice hits the shore it has no where to go, so the extreme force rapidly shears the ice off into thousands of fine needles. It is a phenomenon few people will ever witness because of the rare circumstances that are necessary to create the effect.

Have a look at “Ice Chandeliering”:

Now isn’t that just totally cool?

Giant Phoenix Dust Storm Caught on Videos

It’s the monsoon season in the Arizona desert, and the following video displays a rarely experienced haboob, or giant dust storm, as it overtakes the city of Phoenix. The enormous storm appears to swallow the city and looks like the CGI special effects that Hollywood often dreams up for movies.

The storm rises a mile high, stretches 100 miles wide and is all too real as the residents of Phoenix will attest to. The vid is embedded with permission from the website of Mike Olbinski, a professional photographer and Phoenix resident fortunate enough to be on the scene just as the giant dust cloud begins engulfing the city.

The video is shot in time lapse photography:

We also have the haboob shot from another angle and from within the dust cloud itself:

Storm Chaser Films EF-4 Tornado from 30 Yards Away

Storm chaser, Andy Gabrielson, filmed an EF-4 tornado from a distance of only 30 yards away in Wilkin County, Minnesota. Because the photographer was able to get so near to this powerful twister, the detail of the film’s closeups is quite enlightening.

The first video is an abridged version of the film clip:

Gabrielson, who has logged more than 60,000 miles chasing storms this year alone, said “it’s one of those things where I felt comfortable and I felt safe because I knew exactly what I needed to do if the situation turned worse for me.”

EF-4 twisters carry winds from 166-200 miles per hour and will often completely level buildings it hits.

This second video is an uncut version of the video:

Gabrielson’s web site is

Wacky Weather: Rare Red Tornado, Narrow Escape from Flooded Car

Some wacky weather provided some unusual videos last week.

This rare red Colorado tornado is one of four tornadoes that touched down near Denver at the start of the Democratic National Convention. This one was captured on film near Parker, Colorado.

The geological nature of the Rocky Mountains inhibit the formation of many tornadoes, although other parts of Colorado frequently receive their fair share of twisters.

The red twister arrived a day after a rare tornado touched down in the mountains west of Denver. That tornado tossed campers around and slightly injured four people at Witcher Cove Campground, The Denver Post reported.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Park County Coroner Sharon Morris told the newspaper. “And I’ve been here 25 years.”

The red Colorado soil plus the length of time the twister remained in the same area made for an unusual video:

In Apache Junction, Arizona, flood waters tripped up the motorist in the next video and almost dragged her and the child with her under water.

For some unexplained reason, this woman drove her car right into the flood waters, endangering a small child in the process. A couple good Samaritans aided in their dramatic rescue.

The woman and child were very, very lucky. That car almost completely submerged just before it hit the bridge. The weight of the engine was pulling the vehicle down into the water, but the back end was held up, perhaps because it was lighter than the front. This might well have ended tragically.

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Proof Irish Hate Englishmen, Shocking Antarctic Weather and the Cat that Loves a Spanking

Many of the Irish really do hate the English, and this video is living proof. The pilot is Irish and the journalist is English, from the BBC.

The language is a little raw, so you have been warned.

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Reading about how cold it gets in Antarctica does not do justice to the way conditions really are way down south. So, here is an up-close look at Antarctic weather.

I live in Minnesota, which is probably the second coldest state in the US after Alaska, and this video scares me too even though I have experienced -34 degrees Fahrenheit (about -37 degrees Celsius) (actual temperature, not wind chill).


I feel colder just watching the vid. Does anyone have an extra blanket?


This kitty just loves a spanking. I guess that makes this video puddy tat S&M?


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