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South African Cops Out Brutalize US Counterparts

The US media has been abuzz lately over the almost weekly incidents of police brutality caught on video by the general public. In New York City, on July 17, 2014, Eric Garner was killed by New York police, including officer Daniel Pantaleo who appeared in a video to be holding Garner in a choke hold.


Although the medical examiner ruled Garner’s death a homicide, a grand jury declined an indictment. Pantaleo was not charged.

And what terrible crime did Garner commit? He was charged with selling “loosies,” which are single cigarettes sold without the proper tax. (1) What does a single cigarette sans tax sell for? 20-25 cents?

For want of tax on a two-bit cigarette, Eric Garner, father of six, gave his life. Naahh! That doesn’t sound like police overkill to me. Clearly, it was justifiable homicide. We cannot have common criminals cheating the government out of 5 cents tax, now can we?

In South Carolina cops dispense with the choke holds and shoot unarmed motorists in the back, or at least that is what patrolman Michael Slager allegedly did last April 4, 2015.

Slager, who is white, pulled over African American motorist Walter Scott for a broken tail light, a capital crime if ever there was one. For some reason the confrontation escalated, Scott tried to flee, and Slager emptied eight rounds into Scott’s back.

It’s a good thing that Slager loaded up on hollow points the previous week. An officer needs all the fire power he can muster in these troubled times.

Here’s a pictorial showing the course of events:


The big question here is why did a simple traffic stop escalate into the death of a motorist? Slager said that Scott grabbed Slager’s taser at which point Slager “felt threatened.” Other pundits speculate that Scott was afraid of being arrested for an outstanding warrant for unpaid child support, making him behave in a threatening manner.

Perhaps Officer Slager simply woke up that day and decided to end someone. Slager appeared calm, cool and collected throughout the video, even nonchalant. Maybe he calmly looked Scott in the eye and said something like, “Run, (N-word) cuz I’m gonna kill ya.”

That would make me run. I’m handicapped and cannot run, but hearing those words from a crazed looking cop would make me run anyway.


In 1985 in Tennessee v. Garner, the U. S. Supreme Court ruled that the Fourth Amendment permits police to shoot at a fleeing suspect only when he “poses a threat of serious physical harm, either to the officer or to others.” (2) That, of course, or a broken brakelight. It’s a little known codicil to the Court’s decision that Police can shoot you if you have a broken brakelight.

Despite all of the hullabaloo about the violent behavior of U.S. police officers, the USA is no where near the worst in the world when you compare police violence.


Compare U.S. police escapades to that of their South African counterparts and the U.S. cops simply pale by comparison. Mido Macia would undoubtedly confirm that statement, if he were still alive that is.

Emidio Josias Macia, known as Mido, was a Mozambican immigrant to South Africa and a taxi driver who was killed near Johannesburg while in the custody of the South African Police Service (SAPS) on February 26, 2013. (3) The manner in which Mido came to be in police custody and part of the cause of his death were captured on video.

Watch the following video only if you have a strong stomach, cuz it ain’t pretty. NSFW:

The brazenness of the SAPS in this video is remarkable. They had to know that at least one person in the large crowd of onlookers would be filming their brutality, yet they deliberately tortured the man to death anyway.

Just how did the Police justify their behavior? They claimed that Macia had caused a traffic jam and then resisted arrest. (4) Well, that explains it then. Case closed.

Macia was found dead hours after his dragging in a police holding cell, lying half dressed in a pool of blood. (5) Half dressed means he was discovered sans trousers even though the video shows him wearing what appeared to be blue jeans at the time of his “arrest.”

A second autopsy that was ordered after the first autopsy, which was a typical whitewash, blamed Mido’s death on a jailhouse fight. The second autopsy stated that Macia died of hypoxia, which is a lack of oxygen, “but he also sustained deep cuts to his arms, possibly in an attempt to defend himself, and there were bruises over his body, his face and his genitals. Almost all of his internal organs were damaged, and he had suffered bleeding around his brain.” (6)

See how creative the SAPS are? They don’t rely on the old tried and true to eliminate their victims. Any number of Macia’s injuries might have eventually killed him, so the SAPS left nothing to chance. Very thorough, those SAPS lads.


Compare that to South Carolina’s Officer Slager, who dispatched Walter Scott with eight rounds to the back. No creativity there.

A British newspaper, The Guardian, reported that during a recent five year period a total of 11,880 criminal cases were opened with the South African Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID). This resulted in just 2,576 prosecutions and 129 convictions‚ meaning that only 1% of criminal cases opened against police officials ended in a conviction. (7)

That 1% probability of any penalty would explain the SAPS’ brazenness in the Macia case. Why not do the crime if you know you won’t do the time?

And what has happened in the two + years since Macia’s death? Nine SAPS have been charged, and the trial has been postponed and postponed again. The latest trial date is set for July 2015. What do you want to bet it will be delayed again?

U.S. cops have a long way to go to catch up with the vile violence of their South African counterparts, but don’t sell our boys and girls in blue short. Yankee ingenuity has won out in the past.

Now all of you American cops get busy and start offing the public.


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World’s Shortest Man 2011

The Guinness Book of World Records now officially recognizes Junrey Balawing, an 18-year-old Filipino man, as the shortest man in the world.

Balawing is the son of a poor Filipino man and stands 23.5 inches tall. He breaks the previous record of 26.4 inches held by Khagendra Thapa Magar of Nepal.

Balawing lives in Sindangan township of the remote Zamboanga del Norte province on the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines.

His height was officially determined by measuring him both standing (just above 23 inches) and lying down (24 inches).

“Officially he is the world’s shortest man,” said Craig Glenday, editor-in-chief of the Guinness Book of World Records who measured Balawing in front of cheering relatives and villagers.

“Thank you to all of you for supporting my son, the world’s shortest man,” said Junrey’s father, Reynaldo.

Reynaldo also said Junrey had been a sickly child and stopped growing when he was two years old. However, local doctors who examined him were not able to diagnose the problem.

Concepcion, Junrey’s mother, said that he has difficulty standing for long periods and needs assistance when walking.

Uncle, Paulino Empag, who is the local village chief, said “he is a very special boy. He has trouble speaking and standing up, but he is God’s blessing to his family and to the community.”

Junrey’s family had to pull him out of regular school because of fear for his safety — children would crowd around him and on one occasion nearly crushed him in their curiosity.


World’s Smallest Man – Almost

Khagendra Thapa Magar is a 17-year-old boy who lives in Nepal, who stands 2 feet tall and who weighs only 10 pounds. He is in the process of applying to the Guinness world record people to be proclaimed as the world’s smallest man once he turns 18 in October.

The current world record holder for the smallest man is 2ft 5in He Ping Ping of China. Khagendra is smaller, but he must be 18 to claim the title of shortest and lightest man in the world.

Khagendra’s mother, Dhana Maya Thapa Magar, said “He was born weighing only 600 grams (1 lb, 5 oz).

“It was like watching a newly hatched chick fresh from a shell.

“I admit that at first I was ashamed of him and would not leave the house, but now I only feel pride and am desperate for him to be named as the tiniest man in the world.”

He was born in the remote Baglung District, which is 125 miles from the capital city of Kathmandu. Khagendra has become a minor celebrity in Nepal and some politicians are helping him become listed by Guinness as the world’s smallest man.

His goal is some day to travel to the United States once he officially becomes the Guinness Book of Records’ smallest man in the world. In the US he hopes to show the world what the smallest man looks like and perhaps also show the world a few dance moves.

Times must a a bit harsh in Nepal if all one can aspire for is to be a curiosity in a traveling freak show. Although anything is possible with notoriety. Perhaps he could even apply to become Paris Hilton’s personal human lap dog.

That would not be a bad lap to sit in now would it, Khagendra?

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Worst Laugh and Smartest Monkey on Earth – Videos

The Worst Laugh on Earth

Today’s first video brings you the absolute worst laugh on the planet Earth. The young man saddled with the burden of the world’s worst laugh resides in France, which is hardly an achievement that many French would brag about.

A co-worker tells our hero a joke in French, of course, to get him laughing for the camera, and that is enough to induce our man to produce his remarkable laugh. So without further ado, please get a load of the world’s worst laugh:


The Smartest Monkey You Will Ever See

The monkey credited as being the world’s smartest is really an orangutan, which is close enough to monkey for us. The only parts of the world where orangutans still live naturally in the wild are the forests of the Southeast Asian islands of Sumatra and Borneo,* which indicates that they are truly an endangered species.

Our orange little buddy was clever enough to short wire the electric fence keeping him inside his compound. How the fellow figured out how to short wire an electrical circuit is anybody’s guess, but it is quite impressive that he did.

He also was smart enough to build up a mound of debris to assist in his escape. Take a look at our clever little monkey:

*Source: Smithsonian National Zoological Park


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"They Told Me to Kill, to Rape Children" – Video

While the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, Netherlands, issued a landmark arrest warrant against Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir for ordering war crimes to be committed in Darfur, a CNN reporter, Nic Robertson, interviewed a former Sudanese soldier who was ordered to rape and kill children by his superior officers.

The use of rape as a weapon of war is common in the Darfur area of Sudan and inside the huge displacement camps serving as home to the several million Darfuri refugees, who have been uprooted by the war. In many camps rape victims are giving birth to as many as 20 babies per month–babies who are then subsequently abandoned by their mothers.

The soldier is called Adam, but that is not his real name. Adam was forcibly conscripted into the Sudanese army and trained to kill by shooting targets, after which his officers told him “we will be taken to a patrol and then soon after that we were asked to join other people to go and burn and kill people.”

It was then that he realized that he was being forced into a war against his will and against his own people. He was told that if he resisted his superior officers’ orders, he would be killed. “The order is that the soldiers at the front, and there are some people who are watching you from behind, if you try to escape or do anything you will get shot. The order is that we go to the village, burn it and kill the people,” said Adam.

“I had no choice,” he said “but I will say that I didn’t kill anybody, but the raping of the small children, it was bad.” The children, “they cry out,” said Adam. “Two persons will capture her while she is crying and another raping her, then they leave her there.”

Adam said that the soldiers raped girls as young as 12, and the officers ordered them to so because it will make people flee their villages–make them run away and never come back.

Adam tried to desert the army as soon as possible, but he was caught and subsequently tortured. The soldiers tied him down under a tree, and then the officers would set fire to tires above him. The burning rubber would drip onto his body burning his skin. He showed the scars left on his skin by the burning rubber.

Was he forced to rape children? “Yes I did, they were government orders,” replied Adam.

“It didn’t feel like raping, I was feeling very bad but as I was ordered, I had to do something. What I did was take off my trousers and lay myself on top of the girl but I didn’t feel like raping, so I lay there for about 15 minutes.”

“So you didn’t actually penetrate the girls?” he was asked. No, he said, “because I had no feeling for it, my penis didn’t actually wake up, so there was no actual penetration,” Adam answered.

Adam said that he has trouble sleeping at night. But he is not alone. Aid workers in Darfur say that millions of women in Darfur also have trouble sleeping at night. But, more importantly, they also live in constant fear of rape day and night.

The following video is a CNN report about the interview of the soldier:

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Redneck Sets Himself on Fire

The following video is of a redneck who actually sets himself on fire with the help of his so called “friends,” a word used loosely in this context.

When you are still at that immature age where you continue to make questionable decisions, it is probably a wise idea not to listen to your friends who are trying to convince you to set yourself on fire so they can video tape it.

If you get a phone call something like this, stop hanging out with this “friend:”

“Hello, Billy Bob? Yeah, this is Jimbo here. Say, Billy Bob! We’re gonna have a little barbeque tomorra night, so why don’t you come by wearing some heavy clothes and bring some barbeque starter fluid with ya.”

“Why? Wall, cuz’ we want to impress the girls by settin’ you onfar and then video tapin’ it.”

“What? Ahh, no! There’s no danger. We’ll take good care o you, Billy Bob. You know thet. Okay? See ya then.”

You should know that they use the “f” word a couple of times in this one, so you have been warned.

In the next video a couple of racing Porsches bite the dust, which is truly a waste of some fine vehicles.

Our final video shows yet another redneck who is a motorcycle enthusiast who lays waste to his bike through his own poor planning. How do these rednecks get by in a world where they make such huge blunders anyway?

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