Animal Humor

Animal humor is some of the funniest. Dogs, Cats, puppies, kittens, alligators and more. We have lots and lots of funny animals.

Funny Dogs and More Funny Dogs

We ran into this older, low-tech video on the web, but we just had to include it here because in our minds it is really funny–especially if you like animal videos. And we certainly do. Like we said, it is older, it is anything but hi-def, but it has some very funny scenes.

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Pandas Live the Good Life – Video

It really doesn’t matter where these pandas are at. What matters is that they are living the good life–just lying around, having a ball and looking good while doing it. See More…

Longleat Jungle Monkeys Dismantle Mercedes – Video

Nearly 100 Macaque monkeys descend upon a Mercedes estate wagon and begin to dismantle and tear up as much of the vehicle as they are able.

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Cat Adopts Baby Squirrel, Teaches it to Purr – Video

Emme, a nursing mother cat took in and adopted a homeless baby squirrel that Emme’s owner placed in with the rest of her litter.

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Slap Happy Cat, Stuck Cat, One Cool Cat – Videos

We boldly begin our first video with one kool kat, Joe Cool in fact. Joe is the Cat in the Hat and is so cool that he seems to assume that others share his rather high opinion of his coolness. Cuteness is the main theme with this post.

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Redneck Playground or Your Kid is Elephant PoopyRedneck Playground or Your Kid is Elephant Poopy

Our redneck playground designer must have skipped school the day his professor discussed appropriateness of theme, because something is wrong when your kids return home from the playground crying and telling you the other kids teased them and called them elephant poopy.

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The Cat and the ipad

Barely on the market for merely days, Apple’s ipads are creating unexpected phenomenons with house cats of all things. Because the ipads can go just about anywhere, your favorite kitty cat can get very up close and personal.

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Alcoholic Monkeys in the Caribbean – Video

A small alcoholic vervet monkey appears out of nowhere, and, after absconding with your drink, he disappears even faster than he appeared.

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