Chilled News II

Chilled News II focuses on more news articles, photos, and videos worth placing on ice because they are so memorable.

Redneck Wrecking Ball and Profile in Courage – Videos

Who would be so careless that he would allow a wrecking ball to swing out into the street right into the afternoon traffic? And what twenty something is so successful at motivational speeches that his videos have become ubiquitous on YouTube and other video hosting sites around the world? See More…

Man Struck by Lightning Caught on Video

A man walking on the street is struck by lightning and it is all caught on video. The man has grey hair meaning he is obviously a bit older which makes it even doubly difficult to withstand being struck by a bolt of lightning.

See More…

Air France Jumbo Jet Clips Delta Jet in New York – Video

An Air France Super Jumbo Jet, an Airbus A380, clipped the tail of a much smaller Delta jet on the taxiway at New York’s JFK airport on Monday night. The collision spun the Delta jet, which was stopped at the time, around 90 degrees on the tarmac.

See More…

 Car Crashes into Grocery Store Hitting Baby Carriage – Video

This action packed video shows a car smashing into a Publix grocery store and mowing down five adults and a baby carriage in the process. Most of the action takes place within the first six seconds of the vid. About 50-60 seconds into the video you will be able to see the car cruising through the store still taking out store displays along the way. At 1:45 into the video several shoppers and store employees lift up one side of the car to free an 83-year-old man who was pinned under the vehicle.   See More…

Runaway Truck Crashes through Saloon Wall Pinning Patrons to Bar – Video

In a freak accident near Saint Paul, MN, a runaway pickup truck clipped a utility pole and then crashed through the wall of Gordie’s Place, a local saloon, pinning patrons against the bar. The 51-year-old driver suffered some sort of health condition which caused her to lose control of her vehicle.   See More…

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