The Fun Theory – Changing Stairs into a Piano

This is the Fun Theory video in which Volkswagen changed a simple flight of stairs into a flight of stairs made up of a piano keyboard with each step becoming one key on the keyboard.

What was once a mere stairway is now a piano that can be played by stepping on keys. The change was accomplished overnight by a work crew on steps leading to and from the Odenplan subway in Stockholm, Sweden. Applying pressure on each step results in playing a musical note.

Suddenly climbing the stairs is no longer drudgery. Now it is fun.

The folks at Volkswagen postulated that one can change human behavior by making a dreary experience into one that is fun. They clearly succeeded tremendously getting a 66% increase in the use of the stairs as opposed to the escalator.

Watch for yourself:

Julie Andrews accomplished the same thing in the film, The Sound of Music, when she taught the children that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down “in a most delightful way.”

Maybe musical stairs will soon be coming to a stairway near you?

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