Our Funniest Videos of 2007

Here are links to some of my favorite videos from 2007. Regardless of your taste, there is not a loser in the bunch:

Bathroom Break – by Jamie Kennedy, who is often an incredibly funny comedian. This video is one of the very best.

Sneak Thief Caught in the Act – A remarkably resourceful and clever gull actually figured out how to steal food from a convenience store.

Greatest Breasts in the World – Although this is a guy thing, this video can be hypnotic. It is definitely one of the best.

Redneck Slingshot – This video is typical of the redneck mentality. Not many mothers would want their daughter doing anything remotely close to this. But that is why it is funny.

Wedding Fight – If you like a good fight, this one of a Ukranian wedding is hilarious. With enough vodka in them these Russians will even beat up women.

Hot Dumb Blonde – Why is it that attractive blondes are often shortchanged intellectually? Perhaps it is God’s way of evening things up. In any case, this vid is really classic.

Paul Potts – Paul Potts was a diamond in the rough when he entered Britain’s Got Talent TV show contest. The video is remarkably heartwarming.

Redneck Mercedes – A German homeowner becomes fed up with the speeding traffic whizzing by his home and comes up with a redneck solution. Very entertaining.

Redneck Restroom – A remarkably clever idea. The video creator replaced a German rest room mirror with glass and substituted actors for what should be the reflection in the mirror. The result is very funny.

Redneck Dance King – A middle aged employee in a store with rock background music lets it all hang out, but he is not the best dancer you have seen. Remarkably funny.

Remarkable Dancing Parrot – This parrot actually dances to the beat of the music. Funny!

Redneck Hotel Maid – A short video with a very funny ending. Never trust your hotel maid again.

Lethal Snake Bite? – Poisonous snakes in the Middle East can be killers. Watch what happens when one sneaks up on these gentlemen.

This is Redneck Woman – A video compilation of many redneck women set to music. Very, very good.

Watch this Building Fall Down – A building in Serat, India, falls down all by itself and it is caught on video. Remarkable video!

Evolution of Dance – Chances are good that you have already seen this one, but the dancing is remarkable. Worth watching.

Redneck Heaven
– Another video compilation set to music (Dueling Banjos). Very entertaining.

Drunk Humor – A police officer is trying to administer a a sobriety test to an inebriated driver, but the driver flunks big time. Very funny.

Saudi Road Skating – This video brought the concept of road surfing to the world, but the Saudis did it first. Hard to believe video, but it’s real.

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