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Two Great White Sharks Gang Attack Surfer – Video

Two Sharks Gang Attack Surfer - Video

Imagine you are surfing the waves at the famous Nahoon Reef on the East coast of South Africa near East London. The surf at Nahoon Reef is legendary as is the swimming at Nahoon Beach, which is merely a stone’s throw away. The uncrowded pristine sands of Nahoon Beach stretch on for kilometer after kilometer, and the sea at Nahoon is clear and unpolluted. This is an ocean paradise for both swimmer and surfer alike, and the remarkable waves at Nahoon Reef are so exhilarating and challenging that top surfers flock here to ride the waves.

Suddenly, two great white sharks attack you simultaneously. The attacks are so coordinated that you are convinced that the sharks are working together because how could such an attack be just coincidence?

You believe that the sharks are attracted to the shiny dark color of your wet suit, which may make you appear like a seal to the sharks. Great whites often come to Nahoon Reef to dine on sardines and seals, so today you are merely one more meal for the sharks.


The first shark knocks you off your surfboard and into the air. As you splash back into the surf, the same shark bites into your right hand pulling you under the surf toward the bottom of the ocean floor. Ocean predators, such as great whites and killer whales, often use this tactic on seals to drown them.

Meanwhile the second shark makes a move for your head and shoulders. The sharks’ movements appear so choreographed that you cannot believe that this attack is really two separate independent assaults rather than a planned gang attack. Only the sharks know for sure and, naturally, they aren’t talking.

Of course this attack never happened to you, but it did happen to Shannon Ainslie, who often surfs Nahoon Reef with his brother Brandon.

Watch the video to learn how Shannon survived this remarkable exploit:


Lethal Snake Bite?

Ah! Life in the Middle East. You never know when a killer snake may make an unannounced visit. Notice how quickly everyone moves when confronted with the possibility of almost certain death.

Of course, there is always one guy who behaves unpredictably. Is fainting an effective defense against a lethal snake bite? Unfortunately, the video ends before we know whether this guy survived.

Perhaps it was a cell phone video and the photographer ran out of memory in his camera. The snake appeared to be making its own quick exit when the video ended.

On a related note, the snake video incident might have been worse. One could have been bitten by a similar snake with two heads, which could mean twice the venom.

I know what you are thinking–that the photos are merely touched up to make it appear that it is a two-headed snake. The fact that there are two photos of the two-headed snake minimizes the possibility that the pics have merely been photoshopped. Doctoring two photos is almost twice as much work.

Plus, there are documented incidents of such reptiles in existence.

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