US Marine Throws Puppy Off Cliff – Video

David Mortari, a US Marine from Monroe, Washington, was a nobody until Tuesday, March 4th, 2008, but he is finally getting his 15 minutes of fame, which is really infamy in this case.

The marine in question is shown, in a video that was posted on, allegedly tossing a cute little puppy off of a cliff to its death. That’s right, this US soldier tosses a dog, only weeks old, off of a cliff to its death onto the rocks below.

The puppy could be heard yelping as it flew through the air until it crashed onto the rocks below and bounced, then hitting even more rocks.

Youtube quickly removed the video from its site as soon as the disturbing nature of the video was learned. However, thousands of Youtube surfers viewed the video before it was removed.

Since then, other Youtube members have reposted the video, and Youtube has apparently decided that a video of a US soldier tossing a dog off of a cliff to its death is okay remaining on its site.

Editor’s note 6/19/2015: Since the original posting I have had to repost the uncut vid on many different video hosting sites, but none of them will keep the uncut version online. Because of that I have decided to post the censored version because a censored version is better than no version at all.

The original real question was whether the video was real or whether it was a hoax. The puppy is shown being held by the marine by the scruff of its neck and does not appear to move, which could mean that the puppy may have already been dead before it was thrown off the cliff.

But the puppy may also have been alive before being cruelly tossed to its death. Since the incident occurred, the United State Marine Corps. has determined that the video is, in fact, legitimate.

A US Marine Corps spokesman stated that an investigation has been initiated into the incident and hinted that the marine in question will be punished.

The incident was believed to have been filmed while the marine was stationed in Iraq, but he is now stationed in Hawaii. Although his name is not being released by the Marine Corps., many bloggers have identified him as Mortari.

The first video is the disturbing video in question. Do not watch it if you are at all squeamish.

The second video was CNN’s report of the incident and showed only portions of the video with the more disturbing sections deleted. However, CNN also chickened out in showing even a limited version of the video, so there is now no 2nd video.

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17 thoughts on “US Marine Throws Puppy Off Cliff – Video”

  1. this is sickning, how can he live know that the fact he threw a little innocent puupy to his death?it didnt even have a chance in life.. im soo pissed right now, i HATE animale cruelity.. RIP little puppy

  2. well i can honestly say, i cant believe our soldiers in iraq are doin this and this guy is just sick and doesnt desereve 2 serve my country i dont want people to think my country is like this he dosent deserve to be a marine i thought soliders tried 2 make things better he is just a sick F****. i dnt even know him and i hate him… he needs 2 b thrown under a jail or maybe off a cliff……sick F***

  3. the puppy couldnt have already been dead if you could hear it yelping as it went over the cliff! this video is just of a twisted sick minded man wanting to hear a newborn puppy cry and fall to its death!and if you listen to the first video i wonder who the dog barking in the background was…hmmm…it may have been the mother dog if i were the mother dog i would bite his rear or we could throw his kid off a cliff and make him watch now that is a fair punishment or we could throw him off a cliff and make his mom and dad watch telling them "LOOK WHAT YOU DID…..YOU RAISED A SICK CHILD"

  4. apparently no one here is a soldier. war messes with ppls minds but dont worry u all get to keep your hands clean and win the war on terror without a bead of sweat

  5. is this what were sending our troops over to do?!?!?!?! abuse inoccent animals? this was utterly disturbing…. if this is how our marienes act why pay money to support them!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Personally…I find this cruel towards animals.! What did that puppy do to them?….Nothing at all and it gets thrown off the cliff… My god….seriously those two guys shouldn't even be out there anymore….they should be in jail for the internity for animal cruelty! Thats what I think!~

  7. I read most of the comments, and i just want to say get over it… yeah what he did was wrong, never the less he is a marine. These men must be heartless..They fight and kill as a living.. You think when we drooped the bombs on japan that all the cute little puppy's were safe.Hell no. I rather have men like him fighting for us then some push over, animal rights, flower picking person..

  8. oh god! i hope those stupid moron would be thrown in the longer cliff, put to jail,tortured and killed. i hope he can experience what the puppy felt! stupid dumb a** f*** you !

  9. What ever war does to the mind, doesnt excuse this behavior. As a representative of the UNITED STATES. He SHOULD be punished. This is not the example we should be setting for the rest of the world to see. Animal Abuse in any form is just a short step from abusing people. This is sickening, especially for someone from a military family. RIP little helpless puppy.

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