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So Cute it Can’t Be Legal


A baby and puppy that are so cute together it just cannot be legal. The baby’s name is Eisleigh and the puppy is known as Clyde. Together they give a whole new meaning to the term cuteness.

Their video has gone viral on YouTube, on AOL and all over the rest of the world. Somehow these two just naturally know how to pose for the camera.

And yes, the puppy is a pitbull. Let’s hope this pup keeps its gentle disposition on through to adulthood.

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Can these two possibly be any cuter? I just don’t think that’s possible.


Puppy Throwing Girl Identified?

The girl in the red hoodie who shocked and angered the entire planet by throwing six puppies only days old into a river to drown has been tentatively identified as Katja Puschnik from the town of Bugojno, Bosnia. However, her identity has not been absolutely confirmed.

Members of the web site managed to track her by tracking down the owner of the YouTube account that originally uploaded the now infamous video to YouTube. If you have not seen the video watch it here.

A second video was uploaded to YouTube, purportedly by Ms. Puschnik, apologizing for the incident. However YouTube quickly removed the video. Below is a photo from the video taken before its removal from YouTube:

It is unknown if the apology is real or merely a hoax.

Both PETA and Rescue Ink have separately each offered $2,000 rewards for information to the perpetrator’s capture. Film director Michael Bay, who directed Transformers, has reportedly offered a $50,000 reward.

Some web sites are reporting that the camera man was the girl’s brother, who also reportedly uploaded the video to YouTube.


Puppy Throwing Monster of a Girl Drowns Puppies – Caught on Video

This is the original video of the incident.

Puppy Throwing Monster of a Girl Drowns Puppies – Caught on Video

A puppy throwing monster of a girl is caught on video in the act of drowning a bucketful of puppies that appear to be only days old. One by one this young unknown girl tosses the puppies into a rushing river with a current that is clearly too fast for the puppies to survive.

That appears to be the point of the exercise for the girl obviously intends to drown the puppies.

A few of the puppies yelp as she picks them out of the bucket because she is not too gentle while picking them up. The tiny little pups are not much bigger than the girl’s hand.

The girl even callously says “whee” as she tosses one pup to its death. She appears not to care one ounce for the lives of the young doggies she is killing because her body language is quite normal while she tosses the cute little devils.

You can be sure you will hear more about this incident, and it is unlikely that the identity of the girl and her accomplice camera handler will remain unknown for long.


Puppy Throwing Girl Identified?

The girl in the red hoodie who shocked and angered the entire planet by throwing six puppies only days old into a river to drown has been tentatively identified as Katja Puschnik from the town of Bugojno, Bosnia.

Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Beats and Kicks Pitbull Puppy to Death Before Game

A Pittsburgh Steelers fan was so upset at his pit bull puppy not behaving that he beat and kicked the poor animal to death right at the start of a Steelers game.

22-year-old William Woodson is being held in the Allegheny County Jail in lieu of $25,000 bail, pending a preliminary hearing on animal cruelty next Monday. Mr. Woodson and his live-in girl friend, Christine Gielarowski, who appears to have purchased the dog without consulting Woodson, have argued more than once recently about the dog.

It seems that Woodson did not particularly like the 13-week-old pitbull name Flip. When the dog caused problems for him before the Steelers-Kansas City Chiefs game last Sunday, Woodson allegedly picked the puppy up and threw it down quite hard on the pavement in the street.

A witness told Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, police they saw Woodson kicking Flip down the street shortly after 1 p.m., which is when the Steelers game began. Police said Woodson was supposed to be walking the dog, but apparently he was angry that he was missing the start of the Steelers game on TV.

The witness said that Woodson kicked the dog so hard that he launched Flip into the air and the dog skipped on the pavement. The witness tried to help Flip, but it died in his arms.

“It needs to be told that stuff like this will not be tolerated, whether it’s in Bridgeville or whatever community,” said Bridgeville police Officer James Lancia. “It’s not going to be put up with. You can’t just run around abusing animals.”

The maximum penalty for cruelty to animals is five years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

The following is an Associated Press report of the incident:

Perhaps the pit bull puppy was not enough of a Steelers fan for Woodson. If this is how angry Woodson gets before the game, imagine how he must get after a Steelers’ loss.

Gang of Children Caught Roasting Live Puppies Over Bonfire – Video

A gang of children from age 10 to early teens were caught slowly roasting two live young puppies over an open bonfire along a canal bank near Manchester, England. The two adorable puppies were clearly shocked and had huddled together for each other’s protection.

They were yelping loudly in both panic and distress while their fur began to burn, and the pair was desperately struggling to escape from their tormentors.

Fortunately for the young pups 32-year-old Melanie Johnson was walking nearby and heard the commotion. When she came upon the scene the woman ordered the gang to release the puppies immediately, which they did.

Said Johnson, “I just could not believe the cruelty being shown by these kids. If I hadn’t turned up, I think they would have burned the dogs alive.”

“I was ripping mad and still am to think that anyone, least of all children, could do this.”

Johnson first took the puppies home, wrapped them in a towel and then brought them to an animal shelter to be examined by a veterinarian. Surprisingly, the cross-bred puppies were found to be in relatively good condition considering their plight.

Jean Spencer, the shelter manager, said, “the puppies are only seven weeks old and still smelled of smoke from the bonfire when they arrived.”

“The fur on one of them was singed and the other has a small hernia. Fortunately, they are going to be fine.”

“To think that children could be so cruel is really disgusting,” she added. “The puppies are absolutely gorgeous. Everyone here has fallen in love with them.”

The male puppy was named Guy, while his sister was named Cinders, apt names for a duo who were rescued from certain death just in the nick of time.

The police have not arrested any suspects at present.

The following video is an account of the poor puppies’ misadventure presented by the Manchester Evening News:

Note: Because the nature of this story is so provocative, we sourced the story from several newspapers, including The Advertiser and the Mail Online to insure its accuracy.

Pilot Lands on Only One Wing
US Marine Throws Puppy Off Cliff
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More Videos of Abuse by US Soldiers in Iraq

The David Mortari video showing a US Marine in Iraq callously throwing a puppy off of a cliff to its death has shone a bright light on the poor state of US public relations in the war zone of Iraq.

Below is a video of three separate incidents involving US soldiers in Iraq and their interactions with Iraqi civilians. In each incident, the way the US soldiers handled the situation was far from diplomatic.

Some Blogger and Youtube videos have been slow to start lately even on a high speed connection. Sometimes you muct click the start button twice. Please be patient; the video will begin eventually.

In the first incident in which a soldier shoots an Iraqi dog, the shooting was probably unnecessary, but an occupying army can do pretty much whatever it wants. Who is going to tell it otherwise? Certainly not the civilian who was the victim in the incident.

Perhaps soldiers have standing orders to shoot dogs because the fear is that the dog may be booby trapped with some type of bomb. That is a very strong possibility.

The IED (improvised explosive device) is the most feared weapon by US personnel in Iraq because Al Qaida has used it extensively with considerable creativity.

In the second incident in which the car is crushed, the US patrol of vehicles does not stop. This again is probably the result of fear of a suicide bomber.

But what if the tank had crushed the occupants of the car? Would it stop then?

Did you notice that the traffic seemed to automatically yield for the American vehicles? Give the Americans the right of way is probably the rule of law in Iraq.

In the third incident the US motivation is conclusive. At first it appears that the soldiers killed a few sheep for the fun of it (if you can call that fun). However, a military man informs us that the soldiers tossed a flash-bang rather than a real grenade. A flash-bang is a non-lethal explosive device designed to momentarily shock those around it.

Assuming that the soldiers tossed a flash-bang and not a real grenade, the incident is really more of a prank than anything else. However, the Iraqi sheperd will likely remember the incident with strong negative feelings. Wouldn’t you?

In every incident the Iraqis accepted the results without complaint, and that is probably because they feared that a complaint might elicit a more severe reprisal.

How do you think each incident will be remembered by the civilians involved? I know how I would feel. They will most likely hate the Americans, if they don’t already.

Soldiers like David Mortari are eliminating what little respect Americans have left in that part of the world, and they are replacing it with hatred.

Thatta boy, Mortari.

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More Abusive reports

US Marine Throws Puppy Off Cliff – Video

David Mortari, a US Marine from Monroe, Washington, was a nobody until Tuesday, March 4th, 2008, but he is finally getting his 15 minutes of fame, which is really infamy in this case.

The marine in question is shown, in a video that was posted on, allegedly tossing a cute little puppy off of a cliff to its death. That’s right, this US soldier tosses a dog, only weeks old, off of a cliff to its death onto the rocks below.

The puppy could be heard yelping as it flew through the air until it crashed onto the rocks below and bounced, then hitting even more rocks.

Youtube quickly removed the video from its site as soon as the disturbing nature of the video was learned. However, thousands of Youtube surfers viewed the video before it was removed.

Since then, other Youtube members have reposted the video, and Youtube has apparently decided that a video of a US soldier tossing a dog off of a cliff to its death is okay remaining on its site.

Editor’s note 6/19/2015: Since the original posting I have had to repost the uncut vid on many different video hosting sites, but none of them will keep the uncut version online. Because of that I have decided to post the censored version because a censored version is better than no version at all.

The original real question was whether the video was real or whether it was a hoax. The puppy is shown being held by the marine by the scruff of its neck and does not appear to move, which could mean that the puppy may have already been dead before it was thrown off the cliff.

But the puppy may also have been alive before being cruelly tossed to its death. Since the incident occurred, the United State Marine Corps. has determined that the video is, in fact, legitimate.

A US Marine Corps spokesman stated that an investigation has been initiated into the incident and hinted that the marine in question will be punished.

The incident was believed to have been filmed while the marine was stationed in Iraq, but he is now stationed in Hawaii. Although his name is not being released by the Marine Corps., many bloggers have identified him as Mortari.

The first video is the disturbing video in question. Do not watch it if you are at all squeamish.

The second video was CNN’s report of the incident and showed only portions of the video with the more disturbing sections deleted. However, CNN also chickened out in showing even a limited version of the video, so there is now no 2nd video.

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These Redneck Dogs Ain’t Man’s Best Friend

Aah! Redneck puppy dogs can be very unpredictable, which can make for a great video. In this clip you will find man’s best friend is up to no good on many an occasion. This one is rather short, sweet and worthwhile.

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